How to Make a Celery Root Remoulade Salad

How to Make a Celery Root Remoulade Salad

[Intro music] Celery remoulade is a classical and popular Parisian bistro dish made of grated celery root and remoulade sauce. Remoulade is a cold sauce made by adding mustard to mayonnaise. To make a celery remoulade salad, you will need a nice and fresh celery root, some mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, chopped parsley, white pepper, sea salt and lemon. Cut the lemon in half and extract the juices. Strain to catch the seeds. And reserve. The skin of the lemons, cut them in half and we are going to use them when we clean our celery root. To prevent the celery root from discolouring, you will have to work quickly. Have some lemon handy and a bowl of cold water. So I am going to start by cutting all the skin. Peeling it. And as I am doing this, I will add a little bit of lemon just to make sure it doesn’t brown. So always cut away from yourself. So that you don’t want to do this. So always cut away from yourself for safety. When you are on the root side, we will make the cuts a little bit deeper. So on that side. Let’s clean that. So remove all the root. At the end, the celery should be pretty white. It shouldn’t have any traces of the skin or the roots. And if you have some green spot like that, pick it up a little bit more. Good. Then again, touch it with lemon. Cut it in large quarter as it will be easier to handle. And then keep them in water. Celery root is pretty delicious. It’s a very nice vegetable. And mainly people don’t know how to use it so after you taste it, you will love it, you will see. If you don’t have a food processor at home, you may use a regular grater to grate the celery. It will just take a little bit longer. I have a machine, we are going to use it. So because the celery won’t fit the funnel, you have to cut it first. So … If you are using the machine, you want to have the finer grater. Clean under the disk. The benefit of using a food processor is it goes fast. And the celery root will discolour quickly. So you want to do it quickly. Place the celery root when it has been grated in a large bowl. So it looks like a large, but when we are going to put the mayonnaise, it’s going to shrink, you will see. Add the lemon juice. The Dijon mustard. This is what we make the sauce remoulade. And the mayonnaise. Wash your hands because it is better to use your fingers to mix it up. So mix. Take the celery in your hand like this and press. That will take the sauce out and season every piece of celery. So see. Season with salt and white pepper. And mix. If you want you may use your hand again. Taste. Lots of flavours. The acidity from the lemon juice, the flavour of the celery, the mayonnaise and the crunch. The crunch of the cruditée, the crunch of the root. Beautiful. So serve in a saladier or something fancy. And garnish with little bit of chopped parsley if you want. Black olive and I have some watercress here. So you may put a little bit. Fresh herbs. Keep your celery wrapped tightly until you use it. And most important, because there is mayonnaise, you must keep it refrigerated. Bon appétit!

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  1. How much of the outside of the celery root shall I cut away to avoid the fibrous and tough part ? I have cooked with celery root before and there were too much of the inedible fiber left behind and I was very disappointed.

  2. I made this for my St. Patrick's Day dinner party. Everyone loved it. Alas I do not have a food processor so I had to matchstick the celery root by hand. Which did add to the appreciation of the dish. I did add some thinly sliced green apple. I also had some Cotswold Double Gloucester cheese with chives on the side, it matched perfectly. I used a huge green olive on top because it was St. Pat's Day.

  3. Cher Eric,je fait ma remoulade comme la votre,mais par occasion j'ajoute de la carrote pour donner de la couleur, bravo,Rene

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