How to make a Chinese sour bean pickle? 吃不完的豆角晾足日头,做成干豇豆炖肉喷香|Liziqi channel

How to make a Chinese sour bean pickle? 吃不完的豆角晾足日头,做成干豇豆炖肉喷香|Liziqi channel

Soak in water in an old earthen jar to pickle for a week Rock sugar Pickled long beans Braised pig’s trotters with dried long beans

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  12. seeing all of liziqi's videos makes me missed my grandmother's village sooooooo much. enjoy the weather there, no pollutions, garden full of vegetables and fruits, etc..and right, it refreshing.

  13. I am just into the journey of watching your videos past 3 days…. Wow! Amazing…. So much positive energy, in the surrounding and in Liziqi…. and truly the spirit of working, chance less, you are the best example. Keep doing the good work. We are your fan followers. Indirectly you are taking us to a natural lifestyle. Thank you. And sure your videos seems to be a stress buster by being with Mother Nature and being with Liziqi natural cooking. So glad for you you. God bless you. The real inspiration. Thank you. And my humble thanks to the videographer. You do a great job. Cheers.

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    Today in our dhinamalar news paper about you and your channel from Tamil Nadu in India
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