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– We’re roasting chicken. Nothing beats a perfect roast chicken. Our recipe is really easy and it’s full of great techniques to make
sure your meat is juicy and your skin is super crispy. Before we start I will note to en chicken. In order for chicken’s
skin to be really crispy you want as little moisture as possible. So if you can, take your
chicken out of its packaging the night before, pat it dry and put it in
your fridge, uncovered. That way the skin will dry out and when you bake it, it
will turn out super crispy, which is exactly what we want. When you go in the grocery store you’ll probably see a lot
of different information on your packaging for your chicken. You should look for, I wrote it in my notebook. You should buy it air chilled, rather than water chilled. That refers to how the chicken is cooled after it’s slaughtered. I know, it’s kinda gross. This chicken has been
hanging out in the fridge for a couple hours. I’m gonna just give it one more pat down, just to make sure it’s completely dry. It’s time for the seasoning. We’ve got salts. And we want to get this salt
in every nook and cranny of this bird, even the cavity. The best way to do this
is just to hold the bird with one of your hands, and salt with the other, that way you don’t contaminate your salts. A lot of people think you
need to wash your chicken before you bake it. That is not true. All that bacteria is
gonna die in the oven. So you don’t have to worry about it contaminating your food and actually if you’re washing
your chicken in your sink you run the risk of moving
that bacteria around, mixing it with the water. It’s gonna hit your counter, it’s gonna hit your sink. It’s just gonna make everything worse. So I promise it will taste just as good if not better, because the
skin’s gonna be crispier, if you don’t wash it. So don’t do it. Don’t wash your chicken, okay. Please, do it for me. Thank you. A little pepper. We are going to stuff the cavity. A lot of herbs, citrus, garlic. I really like to just pop a whole lemon in the cavity. The reason I don’t cut
the lemon is because as the chicken bakes, the
juice from the lemon’s gonna evaporate and it might
kind of steam the chicken. It might affect the
crispiness of your skin so I like to leave it whole. It adds like a really nice
really subtle lemon flavor. And then in terms of herbs,
I just got some thyme here. Rosemary or tarragon would be delicious. Don’t be shy. Popping some thyme in here. And the lemon. In order for the chicken to
cook properly in all parts we need to truss the
bird so it’s all compact and nothing is burnt,
nothing is under done. So we’re gonna use some butcher’s twine. About like two feet ish. I’m five feet, yeah, that’s about two feet, I’d say. So we’re gonna come through at the bottom of the drumsticks and cross over. And then we’re gonna go
under each drumstick like so. Then we’re gonna come around to the back between the wings, and at this point I’m
gonna flip the bird over. We’re just gonna loop
around the neck bone, pulling somewhat tightly. And we’ll just give it a quick tie. Give it a bow. It is a gift after all. Flipping back over. Chicken’s nice and compact. And then you can just tuck the wing tips right under that string. That way they won’t burn. How about that? Cute little chicken. This next step isn’t totally necessary but it’s a great way to make this into more of a meal. We’ve got some delicious
veggies that I’m going to line the bottom of
our roasting pan with that will catch all that
insanely good chicken fat while the chicken is roasting. It’s almost as good as
the chicken honestly. You can use whatever vegetables you like. I am using rainbow carrots, some onion, and fennel, but baby potatoes would be delicious, turnips would be great and then I just got a head
of garlic that I’ve halved. Nestle it in with the rest of my veg. I happen to have some thyme left over so might as well throw that in too. A little salt couldn’t hurt. And maybe a little pepper as well. Now I’m just gonna fit our
roasting pan with a rack. This will help the heat
from the oven circulate and make sure that your chicken is being cooked evenly throughout. If you put it just flat on the baking dish then there’s not gonna be any
air coming from the bottom so it’s better to have a little rack or if you don’t have
a rack, just really go hard on the vegetables and make kind of a natural rack for your chicken. Just as a final step, also
not totally necessary, but very delicious, we’re gonna brush it in butter. This will just help with the browning and just adds a good flavor. There is my opinion nothing that butter doesn’t improve. So we’re just gonna stick with it. Make sure I get every bit. You know if a little butter drips down onto the veggies, you know, it’s all for the best. All right, beautiful. I have an oven preheated to 425, and we’re gonna pop this guy in. Our chicken was a little small so it might be done a little faster than your average chicken, but usually it will take
between 50 minutes to an hour. But I’ll keep checking. I was just smiling at the chicken. So it’s been one hour and I wanna check and see
if our chicken is done. Whoo. A chicken needs to be
165 degrees on the inside for it to be safe to eat. I’m gonna stick my
instant read thermometer in between the breast and the drumstick. At the thickest part of the meat. Yea. I’m gonna let this rest for 10 minutes and then we can cut into it. (“Chicken Dance”) All righty, so my chicken has rested. And it’s time to cut it open. To start I took off the twine. And now we can start
getting into the cutting. I’m gonna start with the legs. It’s juicy in there. We’re just gonna go
straight through that joint and that will give us our
drumstick and thigh meat. So we’re just twisting off the wing because the chicken’s really tender, so you don’t even really
need a knife for it. Ta da, cute little wing. And then last step is cutting the breast meat off the bone. So this area right here is called the keel so there’s one like bone right here that we need to try to avoid. And we’re gonna cut as
close to the keel as we can. And then we’re just gonna
slowly start cutting away from that bone so we
can get as much of that breast meat in one piece as possible. Some people might worry that if they let their chicken rest it’s gonna get cold. But this has been resting
for like 15 minutes now and it’s still super hot, so you really don’t have
to worry about that. And as for any excess
meat that you might not have gotten completely, either you can pick it off, super easy, super delicious, and just serve it with
the rest of your meat or if you wanna make a stock with it it’s nice to leave a little bit of it on you should not throw this carcass away. It makes the best chicken stock ever. And flip it over. And just to show you, here, right here, these two bits of meat right here are called the oyster. And they’re some of the
most tender bits of chicken on the entire bird. It looks like this. (“Chicken Dance”) I just gotta make sure it tastes as good as it looks, you know. Moment of truth. You get this really slight hint of lemon that’s so good. You can also taste the thyme and I think we have to try a veg, too. Chicken fat, is truly a miracle. That is what you want. Look, can you kind of show, juicy. What kind of seasoning do you
like to add to your chicken? Let me know in the comments below.

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