HOW TO MAKE A MINI BAKERY, How To Cook That Ann Reardon

HOW TO MAKE A MINI BAKERY, How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and I’ve always loved miniatures so today we are making a mini patisserie. We’ve got mini cupcakes, wrapped treats,
brownies with sprinkles on top, macarons, tarts and a couple of larger cakes on their
stands. And I’ll even show you how to make the a hutch and a counter to display them
on. To start with for the cupcakes you’ll need
mini cases. To make them just flatten out normal cupcake cases and then cut out a smaller
circle. Push it around a lid that is about the right size to help you shape it and then
to bake them I am using metal lids just make sure if they’ve got any plastic inside them
that you remove that first. For the cake batter you’ll need eggs, vanilla,
milk, butter, cocoa powder, glucose syrup or corn syrup, sugar, flour and baking powder. And I’ll put all the recipe quantities on
the website in gram and ounces and cups for you. Add the butter and the milk to the cocoa powder
and melt that in the microwave. Then whip together your eggs and sugar until
they are thick that will take a few minutes. Then add in some of that mixture intto the
cocoa mixture just to thin it to make it easier to combine them together. Fold the cocoa mixture through the eggs until
it is fairly well combined. Then sift the flour and baking powder on the top. Sifting
it just adds extra air into the mixture. And then fold that through too making sure you
can’t see any more flour. Then use a plastic bag with just a tiny bit
of the corner cut off pipe some of that mixture into each of your cupcake cases. Now if you don’t have the patience to make
your own mini patisserie you can check out the World Chef game to make a virtual one
instead. They have sponsored this quick commercial. And in the World Chef game you design your
own restaurant, then inside there are chefs from all around the world, you make the food
and you serve the customers and design your own restaurant.
And, yes, there is even a baker, my favourite one! I’ve been spending hours playing this
game and that’s what inspired me to make this mini patisserie. Now we need to bake our cupcakes in the oven
for just a few minutes because they’re so tiny and they’ll be done. Pour the remaining batter into a small brownie
tin lined with non-stick baking paper and spread it out. And you want to bake that until
it is just done. Allow it to cool and then cut out circles,
these are for the larger cakes. Then cut a thin strip for brownies and they’re even too
big so I’m going to cut it in half this way as well so that they’re thinner. For the frosting, mix together some icing
or powdered sugar with some butter. Mix that really well together until it’s smooth. Place that into a piping bag fitted with a
small star tip and pipe that onto of half of your cupcakes. Pipe a circle of frosting onto the centre
of the big cakes, they are not really that big but you know what I mean, they’re bigger
than the cupcakes. Cover the outside of one of them in frosting
and then roll it in some coloured sugar, I’ve got the silvery coloured sugar here. Then place that onto a cake stand and I’ll
show you how to make those later. And pipe little stars around the base and around the
top of the cake. And then add a sugar pearl on top for a cherry. Take the remaining frosting and mix in some
cocoa powder to make it chocolate frosting and pipe that on the other mini cupcakes. Spread some chocolate frosting along the strip
for the chocolate brownie. Then flip it over and press it into the sprinkles. Then slice those into even pieces. Add them carefully to your cake stand, they’re
so cute, and put the dome on top. Heat up some of the frosting and pour it over
the other of the large cakes to give it a nice even coating. Putting it on top of something
like this means it won’t all pool at the bottom of the cake. And then you can just neaten
off the base using a knife. Use a peeler to shave curls of white chocolate.
And then add them to the top of the cake, I am just holding a circle cutter just above
the cake to try and guide them all on the top of the cake so it doesn’t fall down the
sides. For the mini tarts you need butter, flour
and a little sugar. Rub the butter and the flour together until it looks like this, a
bit like crumbs. Then mix through the sugar. Add a tiny bit of water at a time until it
starts to come together and form a ball. Roll that out and just use some extra flour
on your rolling pin so that it doesn’t stick. And then cut out circles of pastry.
Add them to a greased mini muffin tin. And bake them until they are golden and they should
come out of the tin easily like this. And what you like to the inside of your tarts.
I am going to add some warm jam for some fruit tarts, some lemon curd to one and some melted
chocolate for a chocolate one. And then add them into your cabinet next to
your little bags of candy and these bags are really just bags of sprinkles. To make mini macarons just follow my macaron
recipe, I have several videos on how to make macarons already and I’ll link you to the
playlist for those below. Pipe some tiny little ones and then bake them as normal. Pair the lids with similar sized bases and
fill each of them with ganache, each one just uses the tiniest amount. Add the lids into
place. And then put those on a mini tray, and I just
made this tray out of thin metal like the metal you’d find on a drink can. And add the
tray into the cabinet. For our blocks of chocolate, spread out some
tempered chocolate or you could use compound chocolate to the thickness that you want your
blocks to be. Then allow that to set. And then cut it into evenly sized pieces. Wrap each block in foil, neatly folding over
each end just like it’s a real block of chocolate. Then print out a label there on the template
and use some glue to put it into place around the block. Using some scraps of balsa wood
make a little tray and add the chocolate into place on the shelf. For the furniture, dolls house furniture is
really expensive here so I decided to design and show you how to make it instead. To make
the furniture I am using balsa wood which is really light and easy to cut. Place the
template over the top and cut around it using a Stanley knife. You can get the template
on the website. And if you want to use thicker wood you of
course can but then you’d need to use a jig-saw to cut it so it will be a bit harder.
Once you’ve cut out all the pieces for the counter use the hot glue gun to join the front
pretty part along the edge of the base. Then flip that over and put it on two match boxes
to hold it up to the right height. And glue the two side pieces into place. The good thing
about hot glue is it dries so quickly. In that front corner there add some more glue
to reinforce it and do the same the whole way along those joins, now this is under the
cabinet so you’re not going to see it. Again using matchboxes to hold up the shelf
and use glue to put it at each end and make sure it’s straight. Run some glue across the top of each side
and quickly put the top into place. Then glue a strip across the top, this will
help hold the clear plastic in place when we add that later. And do the same with another
strip across the base there. Taking the off cut from the scrolled part,
cut the edge off it to make a piece to decorate the top of the cabinet. But don’t glue that
into place just yet. Use some sand paper to round off the corners
on the top so it looks all nice. Now to make it look pretty, take some white
paint and cover the whole thing including that loose piece and leave that to dry. Once it is all dried you can add glue around
the front and put a piece of acetate or thin plastic across the front of the display cabinet. And then glue that loose decorative strip
across the front to make it all look neat. For the hutch, you want to follow the same
steps. Cut out all the pieces and paint them and we are also for this one a box. So paint
the box and we’re using some matchboxes, for those just paint around the front edge because
that’s all you’re going to see. And then I am painting some of this hutch white and some
in a pale teal, you can use pink or whatever you like to give it a bit of contrast there.
Glue it all together. And then add a bead for the handle on each of the matchboxes and
this will make them like little drawers that we can open and close. And then just put those
into place. For the top of the hutch, put some glue on
the top of the box and then add the balsa wood. I’ve cut mine out of two strips because
the balsa wood wasn’t quite wide enough to cut it out of one. Add some teal balsa wood to the back of the
lid of the box and then put the shelf into place just using some glue. Put some glue
along the top edge and add that ornate piece across the top and then put another one across
the shelf and that just really finishes it off. Glue that whole thing into place on top of
your base. Now for the cake stands I just used a doll’s
plate upside down and hot glued it to a toothpick with beads on it and used a coin for the base. And this one is just part of a cake push pop
stuck onto a coin and you could of course paint these bases too if you wanted. And this one is very similar and I am using
the lid of the push pop as the dome cover for it. The other mini bags and books I found online
I’ll link you to where you can print those out from the blog post. And then all you need to do is invite a friend
over to enjoy it. A cake! Don’t forget to download the World Chef game,
you can get it free from the app store or on Google Play and I’ll link to both of those
below and once you’ve got it you can connect it to Facebook to play with friends. Subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts; click here to see last week’s video, here for the recipe and
here for my YouTube channel. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on

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