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  1. i cant wait to see how you do your roasts, i personally think my recipe is the best in the world. ill happily give it to you if you wanna try it 🙂

  2. I didn't realized people made such a big deal about roasts, I make a roast all the time and it's just a normal dinner for me something I grew up with in the US lmao.

  3. Canadian here – I fell in love with Yorkshire puddings the first time I had one. Love them, and roast dinners are the best! Looking forward to the chicken and pork videos!

  4. I shed a tear everytime i have to cook a nice piece of beef or lamb to more than a medium, My mum refuses to even entertain eating beef or lamb if there's even a shred of pink inside because "It's still got blood in it so it's not cooked"

  5. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PLAYLIST FOR SO LONG. Please do a side dishes video as well! I would love to see it!!!

  6. It is such a shame to leave out the yummy gooey onions! When the gravy is done, I pour the whole tray-content into a blender and whiz it into a smooth gravy.
    But everybody has their own way of doing these classic dishes, just as Barry say. I am looking forward to more yummy roast dinner videos!!
    Thank you for a great video and an amazing channel!!!

  7. I'm watching this and i think my sis decided on roast beef for dinner today! haha
    for gravy i think mom used cornflour not normal flour …

  8. I've been an honorary brit since i was born – my parents were enjoying homemade beef roast with Yorkshire pudding before I was born in the 80s! It was astounding to me when I was young that other families didn't know the joy of patiently watching the carving and giving puppy eyes for the best crust parts before going to the table. The aroma in the house was so inviting. We made popovers from the Yorkshire recipe just to have a taste on Sunday brunch if we weren't having a roast dinner (our family's tradition, too!). I haven't had a proper roast since my mom passed in 2016 and I've been too fearful that I would remember her recipe flavors and how mine wouldn't stack up. I have the tendency to make something, it tastes great but not exactly as I remember, and get bummed.

    However, with your enthusiasm and openness for me to try my hand at it (and maybe make a rub inspired by my mom's), I will definitely have to roast some beef soon!

  9. A tip for those forced to eat leathery overcooked beef – cook it rare or medium rare slice portions for those who want well done and cook those portions further until suitably cremated/dry/tasteless. Joking aside this is exactly what happens in most restaurants that do carvery style service. I remember one Christmas most of the family being at in laws that year my mum opted for Chateaubriand instead of turkey and had to be talked into cooking it medium. If you are going to overcook it, it is a complete waste of money buying expensive cuts.

  10. I made a roast and made a gravy how you did in this video and my 3 year old daughter who is an extremely picky eater ate everything. So thank you for the awesome recipe. 😁

  11. Making this right now…ran into a problem…the butcher (at the grocery store didnt know what cut of meat you were using…so i dont know if it will turn out the same. I think he told me to get bottom round…i will take pics and share once its done.

  12. I live in the South in the US and Roast dinners are something that most of us grew up with. So excited for this series and getting some great ideas! Thanks so much. God Bless!😁

  13. It's the same here in Louisiana with gumbo. Everyone believes their gumbo is the best gumbo. And, they are all correct. 🙂

    Thank you for doing this. I love roasted meals!

  14. After watching the chicken dinner Video I had to rewatch this to see you eat the string 😂 how could you not see that 😂 all though I did miss it first time around

  15. In the US you can find grated horseradish in jars at most supermarkets. I mix mine about half and half with sour cream and maybe some chopped parsley for color.

  16. Thank you so much for doing these videos! My grandmother came to the states from england when she met my grandfather and was a fabulous cook! She never wrote down her recipes and didnt measure just did it by eye. Sadly she was diagnosed with alzheimer's and her cooking secrets were lost forever. I've always wanted to make yorkshire pudding and gravy, now im going to make it and share some with my mom. Hopefully its reminds her of when she was little and granny would be cooking away in the kitchen. ❤❤

  17. This video inspired me to make a roast for the first time in a long while, and I decided to try making Yorkshire pudding! I'm American so I've never had it before or even seen it cooked before this video, so it was a fun little experiment, but they didn't rise as nice as yours, and they were fairly dense. Are they supposed to taste egg-y?

    I did, however, make an amazing tray of roast veggies that I honestly tore into more than the roast, though my family thought the roast was fantastic. I roasted some sliced carrots, whole mushrooms, whole baby potatoes, and a quartered and broken apart onion. We had snow the day after I'd watched this video so it was perfect for it.

  18. I’ve heard about “Sunday Roasts” so many times & have always wanted to try making Yorkshire Puddings as well. You’ve given me the courage to give it a go myself! Thanks Barry! Fingers crossed!

  19. I'm so glad you made a home made horse radish sauce even though here in the states yes we have it I rather make it myself and put my own touches on it so thanks Barry that is very helpful and much appreciated. That all looks absolutely mouth watering amazing deliriousness shove that in my mouth yum food!

  20. Barry, you gave me mouth orgasms when you stuck the roast into the pudding and added horseradish and gravy. Good lord, take me to flavor town!

  21. Oh man I need this in my life 😍. I made my own cranberry sauce at Christmas it’s nicer making your own sauces. Stunning video.

  22. My dads teaching me his way of roast dinners and I’m so excited to put your tips and tricks together with my dads tips as well

  23. When making the Yorkshire pud batter you said “Some milk” how much milk is that, I know it’s easy to find out but helping out the people here

  24. My sister and I hosted a roast beef dinner with friends this past Saturday. It was just going to be the meat and veg (cauliflower – steamed, and mashed potatoes) as sides, but our aunt brought over eggs to make Yorkshire puddings with. I couldn't say no to her request. I made them from scratch for the first time ever and they were glorious.

  25. As a chef you're pretty good but I think your side job ought to be comedy. In the US we have horseradish sauce at most supermarkets by the good old American hot dogs

  26. Tried this tonight, and I can't tell if it was an inferior cut of meat or what, but it came out so dry, and I was going for rare. Probably going to stick with the slow cooker and onion soup mix next time

  27. Not that we are a bit tight in Yorkshire but you get a less claggy pudding using 1 egg, flour and water. They rise like buggery in a gas oven but not so good in a fan oven.

    Also use a bit of cooking water from your veggies for the gravy for extra flavour.

  28. In Romania we have horseradish sauce, but it is more like a horseradish puré with a little bit of water, salt and sugar. Recently I have also seen horseradish sauce with cream, but I'll stick to the classic.

  29. my mom was italian raised in british colony in africa…so there was tea time, curry, roast, and all that….pasta, lasagna…etc…only thing i hated was corn beef and rice…BLAH..

  30. Your beefs so over cooked it looks like pork…..try sous vide at 129 degrees for 24 hours…dedication and love is what you need.

  31. Don't worry about most of northern Europe, Barry! Horseradish is a staple in Swedish cuisine. In fact, my home town used to be famous for its horseradish farms ^ ^

  32. Nice video but the cooking times & temps for the beef are way off, I followed your guide for 'medium' precisely, but it ended up beyond well done… super tough… shame

  33. My family actually hates store-bought horseradish sauce. We typically buy "prepared horseradish"(basically just a jar of ground horseradish) and mix with sour cream. So good!

  34. Just made a roast this afternoon with inspiration from this and the chicken vid. Great channel found it about 2 weeks ago and must have watched 40hrs of vids so far. Will also try to do some of your recipe in the outdoors bushcraft style as well.

  35. Omg that looks so good I would love a bite. I’m so glad that I finally found your channel . I have been watching the videos to catch up with the last 3 or 4 years 😂😂

  36. Dad used to grow horseradish. It is near impossible to kill, as well.

    We used mayo as the base, a thick grate of horseradish, and a tiny bit of sugar. Dad and I liked our horseradish to clear the sinuses as well as taste good. 😉

  37. After you get the crust on your beef roast, if you wrap one half in tin foil and leave the other alone, you can have your half rare and the rest of the family can have there's well done.

  38. I'm from America, and my boyfriend's family is English. So, for his birthday we make a roast dinner, and it's my favorite.

  39. Hi Barry, moved to Belgium in 1976, but still, 43 years later we eat a roast diner on sunday's with yorkshire puds and stuffin… Love it and so do my kids and grandkids

  40. Everybody’s talking about how he ate a string at 15:45 but nobody’s talking about how he also said “that’s a food-gasam” …

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