How to Make a S’mores Roaster!

How to Make a S’mores Roaster!

Gooey melted marshmallows dripping with chocolate,
and sandwiched between two graham crackers. They taste so good, it makes you want s’more.
But if you’ve ever tried roasting marshmallows on an open fire, they may have ended up a
bit more crispy than you ever intended. In this project let’s avoid the charred carbon
coating, by turning your empty drink cans, into a simple and effective, s’mores roaster. We’re all familiar with the term “lifehacks”, but this summer, the guys at mike’s hard
lemonade asked me to help put a refreshing twist on it with what they’re calling “mikehacks”
/ˈmīkˌhak/ noun: mikehack; plural noun: mikehacks; noun:
mike hack; plural noun: mike hacks 1. basically a lifehack that makes any social
occasion, more awesome. This little contraption will help melt your
marshmallows and chocolate, to s’mores perfection, making for a delicious ending to your summer socials. To start this project, we’re gonna need a 16 oz aluminum drink can, as well
as a pair of scissors, and a marker. Now, if we turn the can upside down on a flat surface,
holding the marker a quarter of the way up from the bottom, we can easily mark a line
around the can just by giving it one complete turn. Let’s go ahead and cut the top off the
can, making sure we stay about an inch above the line, because this initial cut is gonna
come out pretty jagged. Now we can go ahead and cut along the line, making sure we’re
cutting counter clock-wise, so we end up with a nice clean edge all around the top. Alright,
next we need to find something the same shape and size as a box of toothpicks or matches.
And the size is important. You can see it’s gonna take a bit of manipulation, but the
end of the box should just barely fit inside the can. Now if we set the can upright, and
push the box all the way to the bottom, we’ll be able to use it as a form to crease the
edges, and mold the can to the shape of the box. At this point, let’s gently pull the
box back out of the can, and you can see our little roaster oven is halfway done. Now this container shape is perfect for accommodating a couple of graham crackers, but the problem
is that everything keeps falling over forward. Let’s solve that challenge By adding some
feet. We’ll need to snip each of the 4 corners, about half an inch deep, then crease the sides
over flat against the can. If we bend them back and forth a few times you can see they
make a clean break, and I like to trim the corners off the can just to clean them up
a bit. If you did the same, the tabs on your can should look something like this. Now,
if you look closely, you can see where I poked two holes in the upper tab as well, and when
this is folded inside the can, and the bottom feet are bent down like this, our s’mores
roaster is completely finished. All we need to do now is load our crackers with some chocolate
and marshmallows, then tuck them inside the can so we can get them roasting. Now if we
set this near the edge of a campfire with the open end facing the flames, it should
only take a few minutes to get our marshmallows toasting, to golden brown perfection. A quick
peek inside, and you can see everything is soft and gooey, and looking delicious. Now
there are all kinds of other ways this can be used as well. For a more adventurous approach,
I tried bending a coat hanger to form a make-shift roasting stick, and slipped the forked end
inside the tab holes we made earlier. The cool thing about this method is you can get
closer to the heat, and the flames don’t actually touch the marshmallows. So they shouldn’t
catch on fire. Instead, everything gets melted into a soft and gooey goodness that’s completely
irresistible. Another idea you can try is fitting the roaster between the gaps on your
cooking grill. The leftover heat from bbq’ing should be just enough to make one of these
sweet and tasty treats. Well now you know how to turn your empty aluminum drink cans,
into a flame resistant s’mores roaster, so you’ll never have to worry about carbon encrusted
marshmallows again. By the way, if you’re at home and don’t feel like getting a fire
going, try setting a hairdryer to medium or high heat, then aiming it inside the can.
In 2 minutes or less, you’ll have the great same results, without even having to strike
a match. Well that’s it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like some of
my others. Check them out at

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  1. One time I went to my friends house and we made s'mores and my friends marshmallow caught on fire and mine was always a perfect brown

  2. One time I had a smore with a peanut butter cup instead of chocolate and two triple chocolate cookies instead of graham crackers😂

  3. Would you call this s’mores? Just a expired off brand of a off brand roasted marshmallow over no flame just a little bit of heat so the skin falls right of into a mess

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