How To Make A Tender Beef Stir-fry Korean-style

How To Make A Tender Beef Stir-fry Korean-style

This is not your average beef stir-fry, this is super tender and glossy! Just check that out! And beautiful spicy
Korean flavours too. What more could you ask for? There can be so many things wrong with a beef stir-fry. The beef is tough, the beef is dry, the beef is unappealing, not tasty. All those things. But we’re going to fix all of those problems for you with a few little tips and tricks. Let’s have a look at the beef first. I’m using ribeye. I love this cut because it has a mixture of both fat and meat. Fat means flavour, my friends, which I love.but you could use striploin as well. Rump steak is really good for stir frying as well. Umm… What else? Scotch fillet is good. Scotch fillet is the same as ribeye depending on where you are. But anyway, all those things but what I like to do with any cut of steak that it is…is slice it
on the diagonal. So doing that thins out your strip of beef and it also means
that your pieces of beef will go a little bit further. So we can get a few more
strips out of them. Now the thin slice is also crucial for
maintaining a really beautiful tender piece of beef at the end as well. Now the
other really crucial part for this beef stir-fry is the marinade. It’s not only
going to add flavor but this is what I’m going to use to tenderize the beef as
well. So I’m going to start off with some Korean gochujang chili paste. This is a
fermented chili paste, it has loads of umami flavors and saltiness and a
little bit of heat as well. And to that I’m going to add some soy sauce and some finely chopped spring onions. So that’s the flavor part, now we’re into the
texture ingredients. So first of all some cornflour. It’s also known as corn
starch in the US in case you guys are a bit confused. This will help to thicken
up the marinade and create like a really glossy film on the outside of the beef.
So it gives you that beautiful soft silky texture. Now this next ingredient
is baking soda and this one is all about the browning and the tenderization. So
this will lower the pH of the sauce or marinade which then will encourage
faster browning which means our beef cooks quicker in the wok and stays nice
and juicy. And now we’re going to add our beef. Now you’re really got to get in here with your hands guys. I want to make sure
that every little strip of beef is coated in that beautiful marinade and
your fingers are the best utensil for that. So now the stir-fry sauce. Really
simple, just some oyster sauce, soy sauce, a little bit of beef stock here. You
could just use some water to thin it out but the beef stock is going to add a little
bit of extra flavor as well. And a little dash of dark soy sauce just for a bit of
color. And then some rice vinegar and some sugar. Okay so now we’re at the
sizzling part, always my favorite bit. We want a really nice hot wok or a very large
frying pan and add in some oil, garlic, some onion. Now spread that beef out
because I want the maximum amount of heat on the surface area of as much beef as possible. Leave that for about a minute or so and then toss it through.
Straightaway you can see we’ve already got some beautiful color on that beef.
And another 30 seconds to get a little bit of color. Now when your beef looks
almost cooked, you want to add in some strips of carrot. And then some kimchi. I love this, it adds
tangy funkiness to the stir-fry. And now the sauce. And now you can see everything has
turned magically glossy. Shiny. I’m just going to toss through some spring onions. And now I’m going to turn the heat off because I always like to add my sesame oil at the
end. So saving that until the end means we’re going to get a really bright fresh
sesame flavor. A lot fo the time you can lose some of that flavor if you add it
at the beginning. Now while that’s piping hot you want to get it straight
out to eat. And then a final little sprinkling of
sesame seeds and if that doesn’t look good enough to eat. Look at that shiny beef. Wow. The first thing that hits you is that
beautiful spicy funky kind of kimchi sauce and that beef just melts. It
literally just melts. Mmm it’s really yum.

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