How to Make Baked Ham – The Basics on QVC

Baking a ham for the holidays is a great way
to feed a crowd and with a few simple tips, you can make it the best ham they’ve ever
had. So first up first, we’re gonna cross hatch the skin of the ham. We’re gonna simply
take our knife and make incisions in that skin without going too far into the flesh.
All the way around in one direction. Then turn that ham 90 degrees and we’re gonna
go in the other direction. This should make nice little diamond patterns on the ham and
the reason we do it is to help the skin and the fat in the skin render the fat out and
of course it makes a really pretty design. So another way to keep the ham moist and to
give it that little bit of extra flavor, we’re gonna make a glaze to go on top of it. So
simple to do. We’re gonna start with madeira wine. Now madeira is a fortified wine. You
can use port or sherry in its place if you want to or if you don’t want to cook with
a wine, just use more juice or apple cider. Some orange juice. We’re gonna add some
brown sugar. A little maple syrup. Some Dijon mustard. And we’re gonna put a little orange
zest in as well. Just about a tablespoon. Stir this all together and turn the heat on.
Bring it to a boil. And then as soon as it comes to a boil, we’re gonna turn the heat
off. I’m transferring this now to a baking dish. Any dish that can go into the oven is
good to use for this ham. We’re gonna pour the glaze over the top. Take an orange, slice
it into nice thin slices. We’re gonna nail the orange slices onto the ham using the cloves
as our little nails. So doing this helps to hold some of the moisture into the ham and
also flavors it with a bit of the orange too. You can use apricots. You can use pineapple.
Any type of fruit glaze on top of a ham is delicioius. Okay now it’s ready to go into
the oven. We’ve preheated our oven to 350 degrees. So that ham’s gonna cook in the
oven for about 10-13 minutes per pound, but you’re gonna want to baste it about twice
during the duration of the cooking. So 45 minutes in maybe, give it a little baste of
all the juices. So when you think your ham is done, you’re gonna take it out of the
oven and check the temperature. So take a temperature by inserting that thermometer
into the ham but don’t hit the bone. You want the temperature to be as close to 140
degrees without going over. So remove these orange slices. They are a little bit delicious
so save them. Don’t throw them out. Make sure all the cloves are removed. Pull out
any stragglers. And now we’re gonna turn the ham onto its flat side. Now the bone runs
through the ham just like this over here. We’re gonna slice down one side of it. And
it’s just a bit of hit and miss. We’re gonna try and feel for the bone and slice
along the bone all the way down to that flat side. Now what we’ve ended up with is a
nice piece of ham here that we can start our first slices with. Just cut nice thin slices
down the ham. So transfer those slices to a serving platter. Take the remainder of the
glaze, put it into a little gravy boat, serve it at the table and just watch everybody’s
faces light up. Thanks for watching. If you’d like to see more of The Basics, click over
here. If you’d like to learn about the tools I used for this recipe, click over here. And
if you have any comments or suggestions for more basics, put them in the comments section
right below.

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