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  1. One word. Don't. It's a myth that the beer will steam. It will never reach the boiling point. You know those sleeves meant to help keep your beer cool? That's exactly what the chicken does. It insulates the can and keeps it cool. Very dangerous cooking methods that is scientifically proven to not work.

  2. Beer cans are lined with BPA. That in itself poses serious risk to beer drinking dudes who don't want bitch tits or shrunken balls. I'd imagine bringing it to a boil and feeding it to your family is considerably worse.

  3. Hey Meathead, we did this beer can chicken the other day and it was awesome. We built a little fire in the can to cook from the inside out. Give it a try. Cheers AJ

  4. At this time, its time to have 1 of the 5 beers you have left. So, every 15 mins is about a beer or so. That's how I'm picking up what you're putting down. Good advice, my timer works better that way.
    Good, easy, simple directions.
    Thanks for sharing!👍🏻

  5. Still watching, a guy that was drinkin was pissed off he couldn't catch that there yard bird. So, up tight, he said I'm gonna stuff this here beer can up his a** when I get em! Sorry, after a couple Pacifico tall cans you make it feel my response is appropriate. 👍🏻
    Show em who's boss!

  6. ………..Why?! You beer can! Efficient?! Listen to him talk….Fucking Elon Musk over here….with a beer can!

  7. Actually an awful idea. Aluminum beer can's interiors are lined with a plastic coating… i would be sure these chemicals heat up and seep into your chicken…

  8. I'd rather spatchcock (remove the backbone and flatten the chicken) the chicken on the grill. Less aluminum and paint in my system.

  9. One of the most ridiculous ways and waist of beer, boiling point is 212 do you really think you even get the inside of that chicken to or even close to that temp LOL drink the beer next time while you watch the chicken cook

  10. That's a real famous grilled in Monterrey México (& Texas USA) They called it Raped Chicken (Pollo Violado) & they even have a Metal base to seat 2 or more chickens @ once, U can check it out here on YouTube, it's funny to see & I gotta tell ya, my friend, Always use a Mexican Beer, that's where the taste is coming in the steaming!!!.. Not offence Budweiser!!!..

  11. ……and the paint on the outside of the can which is full of chemicals is getting cooked into the chicken. Smart one real genius.

  12. When you rinse chicken meat, all you are doing is spreading bacteria around your kitchen sink…. all of the bacteria on chicken meat will die when cooked…. so why rinse it and spread bacteria all over for no reason?

  13. "What I like to do is just generously rub this guy" did you offer a happy ending after?

  14. Mr Pereira are you looking for a new best friend? if your ever over in Ireland it would be a delight to see your work in person 🙂

  15. Lol you never use Budweiser you get the cheapest malt liquor you can get. I use 211 in the black can and bigger chickens. And why aren’t you wrapping your tips in foil?

  16. This is worst cooking method for chicken… How will moisture reach all that interior that is covered by can? Beer will never reach steaming temp, interior of chicken normally cooks inwards, now heat can only reach from exterior

  17. Take a fucking can of beer. Drink half the shit
    Put a fucking chicken on it. Put it on a red fucking jot grill 2-4 hrs.

  18. Only problem is the coating on the inside of the can, same technique use stainless steel instead

  19. I mean good video, but dude, "don't open it every 5 minutes"…proceeds to open every 15. I think that's overkill. For anyone who doesn't understand "if you're lookin', you 'aint cookin'", temp your oven one of these days. If you preheat it to 350, it will go up to 400+ because as soon as you open that door, you almost immediately lose 50 degrees. Temp it out and keep opening that oven, you'll go from 350 to 250 quick and it takes a few minutes to get back up to temp (and remember that's with the oven overcompensating to try and make up the heat).

    Not a knock, again, great video and thumbs up! I'll definitely be using the tips (especially the temp and run time): constructive criticism!

  20. Want to know why there is a debate whether this works or not? There's a reason he didn't notice a difference on beer used.

    No way the beer boils. As you cook, both the meat, which is 70% water, and the beer, which is 90% water, heat at about the same rate. When you are done cooking, when the meat hits 165°F, the beer will also be about 165°F, well below the boiling point of water which is 212°F. Now some of the beer at the bottom of the can may be hotter, but the cooler beer above will mix with it via convection, so there is no way it will come close to the boiling point. There is still some evaporation from the beer at that low temp, but very very little. So, hardly any moisture escapes the can. So how can it moisturize the meat ? And anyone who says it crisps the skin, which is separated from the can by at least 1" of meat really has been smoking more than chicken.

    All beer can chicken is, is rotisserie chicken. Standing the chicken lets it cook evenly. You'd get the same result without the beer.

  21. I understand the rub on the outside. And I can understand people using injection needles and also marinades. But why would you put an aluminum can in there with dyes that aren't approved by the FDA? Just season it and don't over cook it that's it you don't have to put aluminum in there with dye.

  22. I’ve watched a few videos now on people who put acid around a coke and late they can lift the soda that remains in a thin plastic container that is inside the metal can….I wonder if this plastic liner inside the can is hazardous when melted by a oven in this fashion?

  23. Extra melted paint moisture from the can and not to mention all aluminum chemicals. DONT DO THIS DUMB SHIT! IT'S TOXIC!!!

  24. This is pretty stupid. Aluminum cans have a plastic inner layer and are covered in ink. Why would you ever even do this? Mmm I love when my chicken tastes like burnt aluminum, plastic, ink, and shitty beer. Glass bottles for beer exist.

  25. Yah , that chicken ought to be damn good for you….. except for the plastic film lining the inside of the can , the paint and the aluminum alloy all outgassing from the BBQ heat and releasing carcinogenic ( cancer causing ) fumes to be released into the meat. Think I'm kidding ? Also , when you poke the chicken with a fork and the juices run clear does NOT mean it is fully cooked ! Your old friend Salmonella can still be a problem even if the meat is hot ! All metals used for roasting inside a heat source are designed with metal that does not outgas. Beers cans are not one of those metals…..Now , if you still want to have some fun with your food buy the biggest roasting chicken you can find and a small , THAWED Cornish game hen. Shove the Cornish hen inside the chicken and cook to completion (using a meat thermometer ! ). Then when you take it off the BBQ make sure the kids and women ( and any girly man friends ) are close , open up the bird and say " there's something wrong will this chicken ! Then pull out the Cornish hen and proclaim loudly " My God , this chicken was pregnant ! " Guaranteed to freak everyone out !!!

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