How to Make Bok Choy Stir Fry, ft. Mike Rugnetta

How to Make Bok Choy Stir Fry, ft. Mike Rugnetta

Here’s an idea… Let’s stir fry some bok choy. Hello, I’m Adrienne, and this is xoxo cooks the weekly cooking show where we make recipes that make you feel great. Today we have a very special guest who you may recognize from the internet– Mike Rugnetta! Hello! So who are you? Who am I? Yeah, who are you? I’m Mike Rugnetta, I make this YouTube show, it’s called Idea Channel for PBS Digital Studios. It’s good. Aw, you are too kind! Amazing! So today, we’re going to make some things in his wok. So I thought like, ok, it’s the thing you make stir fry in, which is what we’re going to do, but you can also deep fry things, braise things, smoke stuff. The thing that I make the most often is stir-fryed bok choy. It’s so fast! Preparation takes like 5 minutes, and cooking takes maybe 3. I love that. Yeah. That will fit into my life and your life. Oh yeah. Let’s do it! So the first thing you do is, cut off the bottoms of all of the bok choys. And then you want to cut it into about 2 inch chunks. And then, at the end, you can slice up the end of the bok choy, but I kind like leaving some of the leaves pretty big. The recipe just calls for three slices of ginger. And then, the seasoning. The base of which is a quarter cup of veggie broth. This is how often I cook this, that I actually just have it in my notebook. Though not, I guess, often enough that I remember exactly what it is. Can you eyeball a tablespoon? Say when… There you go. You think? I don’t know. You tell me. That’s fine. Can you eyeball three quarter teaspoon? Ready. Did you say teaspoon or tablespoon? Teaspoon. Done. That’s good. Uh, and, oh no, how am I going to do this? Good luck. Ok, good. You want a spoon or something? We did it. Now, let’s stir fry some things. And you let it hang out and you know that it’s fully hot when you flick water on it and it just evaporates. yeah. It might splatter if it’s really hot and you just sort of swirl it in. Like so. This is always the thing about cooking with the wok, is that the house gets really smoky. And then you add in your three slices of ginger. And, you generally are supposed to let it just kinda hang out, and become aromatic for about 30 seconds. I really like this part, so I kinda do it a little bit longer maybe than I’m supposed to. So then after it starts to smell a little bit like ginger, you just add in all of your bok choy. And you can serve it directly out of the wok, or you can put it in a bowl. If you’re having a traditional Chinese dinner, you would serve this with maybe three or four other dishes of this size that you have also stir fried. Usually when I make this, we just eat this by itself. Sometimes in ramen is really nice, Finish it with some sesame seed oil. And this you do not need a lot of sesame seed oil. You need just, and I struggle, with putting the smallest amount possible. Bok choy cheers? We did it, cheers! I like to put Sriracha on this, but that’s not because of this specifically, I like to put Sriracha on most things. You know, it’s not part of the recipe, it’s like a life choice that I have made. If you like videos like this, please give us a thumbs-up. We have a weekly recipe for you every Monday. And let us know what you think about this Do you have a wok? I don’t have a wok. You should get one! Everyone should get a wok apparently. They are so cheap. Amazon, maybe $14. Amazing. We’ll put the link in the description below for his chosen wok. Great, let’s taste it. I’m using chopsticks, I always worry using chopsticks in front of other people that I’m doing it super wrong. If you have anything to say about my chopstick technique, please correct me. What do you think? So this is good. I can’t even tell that it’s 20 degrees outside right now. Well thanks to Mike Rugnetta for coming over and being on this show! Yay, thanks for having me! Please subscribe to his channel Idea Channel, come say hi! It’s so good. Did I mention that it’s good? And happy bok choy. Have a great day, bye!

12 thoughts on “How to Make Bok Choy Stir Fry, ft. Mike Rugnetta”

  1. Just in time to detox from a month of holiday junk food, learn how to make easy and delicious bok choy stir fry.

    Featuring the always fabulous @Mike Rugnetta  from @PBS Idea Channel.

  2. DELICIOUS and simple! I love bok choi but am never sure how to make it. Maybe you've stirred courage in my heart. Maybe.

  3. Awesome collab!! Bok choy is my fav. The wok I have is super heavy, so I might get Mike's recommendation. Coincidentally, I'm uploading a bok choy recipe tomorrow, too whoo!

  4. Found my way here from the pbsideaschannel subreddit. Nice lookin' channel. Tidy. Aromatic. I like that. Subscriiiib'd! 😀

  5. Damn you Idea Channel for always showing me new and awesome things that I have to follow! I only have so much time to sleep haha!

  6. My wife and I are concerned you are going to cut your fingers off, @Mike Rugnetta.  Please consider using the "claw" technique when chopping vegetables, as in this video:

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