How to Make Braised Lamb Shanks with North African Seasoning (Perfect for Passover!)

How to Make Braised Lamb Shanks with North African Seasoning (Perfect for Passover!)

we’re a week away from the first night
of Passover so tonight I’m finally cooking up those enormous lamb shanks
that I showed you that were in my fridge they were very expensive for
whatever reason there’s like almost $25 of lamb shanks in here and I’m really
excited because I’m braising them right now on the stove for an hour and a half
or so and I wanted to talk through with you how I do my lamb shanks because the
recipe is so delicious it’s not officially a recipe I really just kind
of wing it every time but I wanted to talk through the steps with you in case
you want to make them this week in preparation for Passover or in case you
want to serve lamb shanks for Passover which is also delicious for my family I
typically do them before Passover take all the meat off the bones throw the
bones in the oven and roast them again to get that roasted effect and then the
lamb shank bone is what goes on our seder plates what I did to start is I
just heated my pan coated the bottom with oil and seared my lamb shanks just
to get some nice color on them then I put into that same pan I remove the lamb
shanks to drain and rest then I sauteed my one diced onion I
threw in all of my spices and I just measure in my hand what looks right for
the amount of meat and the amount of onion so a big handful of cumin a big
handful of cinnamon a little bit of paprika and a little bit of chili flakes
plus some salt got that all heated through in the oil and the drippings
crushed my garlic cloves into that added my meat back in covered it with
the tomatoes and i rinse my can out with water to get all of the tomato out of it
and to thin the liquid a little bit and then into that i like some sweetness so
I added a generous 1/2 package or so of golden raisins and then if you like to
have beans add a can or two of garbanzo beans that are drained or tonight since
I don’t have garbanzos, I’m gonna use some white beans along with this I am
steaming some rice we eat kitniyot over Passover so it would be fine for our family
to do the rice and the beans with this dish but you could also omit
those things and serve it over like a potato when I showed you last year that
I’m doing as well tonight if I took the peel from my onion that I used in this
dish and I put those peels in here in my pot of water and a little bit of vinegar
along with some eggs and I’m gonna get that beautiful naturally dyed roasted
egg appearance by utilizing my onion skins before throwing them in the
compost pile so that’s all for our prep right here we’re still a week away from
Passover and we have postponed our practice seder with friends due to
illness so I’m not doing charoset tonight but I’ll probably do charoset
midweek and then first night of Passover we’re gonna be celebrating here happy
Pesach preparation and as always thank you so much for being here I hope this
little tutorial about my lamb was helpful to you and I’ll see you back
here on my channel soon bye bye

8 thoughts on “How to Make Braised Lamb Shanks with North African Seasoning (Perfect for Passover!)”

  1. This looks so good!!! Yum!! 😋 Love ur videos. U look like a great cook. And again, thanks for collaborating with me last week too!! Looking forward to next time 🙂

  2. YUM. I can smell the spices through the screen! What an easy delicious recipe! I did not know to do that with leftover onion peels and eggs, so once again thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. This looks and sounds wonderful. I love these N. African/Moroccan inspired flavors. I do a carrot raisin salad and a chicken salad that I call Moroccan b/c of the spices, and the golden raisins I use in them. I made a lamb dish eons ago and was not crazy about it nor the mint jelly I served with it. I've always wondered if perhaps it was mutton instead of lamb, b/c the taste was strong. I'd love to try this/adapt this to a beef dish perhaps..I'm thinking beef short ribs maybe?? Might even work with chicken legs or thighs. I have not seen lamb in any of my local markets. I'd say there is no/little demand.

  4. Hi Melissa, I have been looking for a recipe like this as a change to roasting my lamb. Looking forward to trying this one of yours! Looks to yummy and flavoursome😊💖🇬🇧

  5. Your meals and grocery hauls and snack boxes are just a pure delight to this foodie's soul. You're right! Lamb IS expensive in the store. Our goal is to eventually have a flock of sheep on our homestead. We love the meat, and you can raise more on a smaller plot of acreage as opposed to cows (we have 10 acres). Plus, we'd get the shank bones for our seder plates! Haha So it's just a win for everyone! Haha

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