How to Make BREAD BEER – Kvass Recipe – brewing with bread | Fermented

How to Make BREAD BEER – Kvass Recipe – brewing with bread | Fermented

(‘Recognized By Accident’ music) Greetings my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy. Welcome back to another episode of Fermented, where I toy and experiment with things that are fermented. If you’ve missed the other episodes in the series, I will put the link up above and down below to the playlist where you can see other bubbling, fizzing, things including kimchi, and… what else have I made that’s fermented? Oh! Sourdough experiments… But today I’m going to be making a beverage, a beverage called kvass. So kvass is a fermented drink and as a result of the fermentation process alcohol is produced, but is produced in such small amounts, it’s about 0.5 to 1 percent alcohol. It’s kind of similar to drinks like kombucha where it is present, but not high enough in amounts where it’s considered alcoholic. So kvass comes from the Slavic and Baltic regions of Central and Eastern Europe. It’s been produced and consumed for hundreds of years all the way back to the Middle Ages. Fermented drinks like kvass and beer were safer to drink because they had undergone a fermentation process. Also, the fermentation process often requires the water to be boiled, killing many of the pathogens that were in the water. So it’s interesting to think that fermented drinks like beer and kvass were safer means to get hydrated during the Middle Ages. Brilliant, right? So, so interesting! So today I’m gonna be making kvass, and the reason why I wanted to make it is because it’s super simple to make, and it is made of only three ingredients: water, sugar, and bread…bread! So there are many different recipes and techniques to make kvass, some use additional amounts of yeast with the bread, some use fruits, some use this kind of flour paste Lots of different recipes – some even use beets Basically we need some kind of sugar that needs to be fermented, we need a source of yeast, we can add additional manufactured or commercial yeast Or we can use naturally occurring yeast, which exists everywhere kind of similar to sourdough But today I’m going to use the simplest process, I love the idea of just using stale bread, water and sugar to make some kind of beverage So stinking cool! And in that sense this is related to pruno which is the prison hooch or prison wine that’s made in prisons using some kinds of sugar, kool-aid, ketchup, and the bread mixed together with water, allow it to ferment, and you got yourself some prison hooch That is a prison recipe that I have not made – if you’re interested in seeing that one, please comment down below the recipe that I’m gonna be using today I found from the Beets & Bones blog and I will put a link down in the description So the first thing you’re gonna do is take your bread I’m using a very dark rye bread or pumpernickel bread So place the bread on a rack and allow it to dry out Some other recipes say that you can also toast this to get a really dark color that will also make your kvass a darker color So, after a day the bread was very very crisp and dry and I cut it into small pieces and we’re gonna need two cups of that So bring six to eight cups of water to a boil and once it comes to a boil you’re going to take about two cups of that and add it to one cup of raw cane sugar You’re gonna stir this up until the sugar is completely dissolved The sugar water needs to be at 130 degrees or less, we don’t want to add it immediately to the bread because it will kill the yeast And the reason why we’re using hot water is that the hot water will extract more of the flavor from the bread Once we’ve added the syrup, we’re just gonna close up the jar, put it in a warm spot and allow it to ferment anywhere from three to seven days Every day or so you want to open the jar up and allow it to burp a little bit because carbon dioxide will build inside of the jar It’s been six days for me and now we are ready to consume our kvass So we’re going to strain it I should also mention, this is not the first time ever had kvass I had my first tasting of it I believe in my ‘Emmy Eats Serbia’ video I also had the Estonian version of kvass and it’s called kali, and that was in my ‘Emmy Eats Estonia’ video and I will put the links to those videos down below So, let’s see how mine compares: open up my container Ooh! Can definitely smell the Rye it smells a little bit anise-y, kinda sweet Alright, here we go Now this soaked bread we can save and actually use this as a starter for our next batch of kvass Alright, I’m gonna have to get a second jar Okay, I’m gonna seal this up and place this in the refrigerator because kvass is generally consumed cold Doo doo doo! Because this is not completely cold, I put this in the refrigerator, but it’s not completely chilled I’m going to speed things up with a glass of ice So, let’s try it like that (ice cracking) I love that sound of cracking ice It smells good, you can definitely smell the rye in there. Alright, let’s give that a taste – cheers! Ooooh! Hmmmm! That is interesting, that tastes really different than what I remember the kali and the kvass that I tasted in the cans It’s just slightly effervescent, just a little bit Actually, the kali I tried wasn’t very effervescent at all, but it was much darker in color, and as I remember it was called, oftentimes, Estonian Coca Cola Because this was the drink of choice before colas and Coca Cola and sodas and soft drinks invaded So it’s slightly effervescent, there’s a little bit of tanginess to it You can definitely taste the bread the rye flavor is in there, it’s a little bit anise-y, a little bit kind of licorice and it tastes of bread and there’s a bit of sweetness to this, that tastes kind of caramelized but the color is really different than the kali that I tasted — the kali was much much darker in color. This is almost like a ginger-ale in color. Hmm! Not bad! I like it’s actually really refreshing when you have it cold. The kvass that I had in my Serbia video was also very dark in color, and had a similar kind of bready flavor, but it didn’t taste as much like rye bread as this one. And the glass that I had in the can I remember was much fizzier than this one. And I’ve read that you can make this fizzier by adding just a pinch of commercial yeast to this about a day before you’re ready to strain the bread out to give an extra little bit of carbonation. But I kind of like it like this — just barely barely a little bit of bubble in there. This reminds me a little bit of kombucha, it’s not nearly as vinegar smelling or vinegar tasting as kombucha. I love kombucha, by the way, if you haven’t seen my kombucha video, I have a very old video on how to make it at home. I’ll put the link above and down below. This reminds me of that a little bit because it has a little bit of a kind of a slightly fruity flavor to it But, it’s more tangy rather than being really kind of vinegar-ed But this has a very strong rye bread flavor to it, very interesting drink and when you iced it, Very. Refreshing. So, there you have it homemade kvass or bread beer If you’ve got some leftover pumpernickel or rye bread around definitely try making this it’s really fun and I love the process of fermentation! It’s absolutely fascinating natural and alive There’s something about this energy that happens when something is fermenting, you can hear it fizzing, you can see the bubbles bubbling and gurgling, it’s just absolutely delightful Alrighty, I hope you guys enjoyed that one, I hope you guys learned something, please share this video with your friends Follow me on social media check out the Fermented playlist and…yeah! Like this video, subscribe, and I shall see you in the next one! Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee! (giggles) (Sprightly outro music) (‘Recognized By Accident’ music) kvass kvass kvass kvass kvass KVASS! (burp) You knew it was coming! (snare drum)

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  2. Emmy you have to make prison hooch! You also should try recreating Jenna marbles corn dog recipe she just uploaded ! It was such a fail but I feel like you can do it!

  3. Now you may try okroshka – Russian cold soup. You chop boiled potatoes, fresh cucumbers, radish, carrots, peas, onions any other vegetables to your taste, and then just pour kvass into this "salad", salt/pepper to the taste

  4. In my town we call this "Hooch" or "Buck" or "backyard" or "creekwater".lol actually just had some last weekend made from bread and raw strawberries . Down here in the south its way more potent %

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    God bless you & your family ❤ XOXO

  7. thank you so much for sharing this recipe, although i already saw the version of "Life of Boris". More people need to hear the message of квас. You will never have to throw away your stale bread ever again.

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  10. Word of warning to anyone who doesn't know. Don't drink a boatload all at once – it's a live drink and it will give you the runs. Drink a little at a time – lasts longer too!

  11. I need to try making homemade kvass. The storebought is way too sweet for me.
    Btw did you try making simä before? It's a fermented drink from finland.

    And on the topic of rye bread and beer, maybe give øllebrød a try. I was personally not a big fan of it hahaha.

  12. Hey how come so many other people also posted about Prison hooch and I was the only one trolled???? No fair!

  13. I make my own kombucha, and when It has fermented for about a month, I then taks some of it and add blended berries… right now I am drinking strawberry kombucha with blended strawberries.. I mix about 20% berries in to the buch and a few spoons of sugar.. let sit for 2-5 days and vola! Chill and serve 20-70 % with fizzy water, gingerale or drink straight… shake it every day to stop the fruit from drying out…

    I like fruit in my buch:
    1. pine apple
    2. 4 berry frozen belnds… strawberry, blackberr, blueberry, raspberry…
    3. Mango
    4. strawberry
    5 red berries… strawberries and raspberry
    6. dark berries.. blueberries and blackberries
    7… mixed with fruit juice

  14. Wonderful content! My husband saw it and said, "She reminds me of you!" … I'm like, yeah, she IS awesome!! 🙂 Love your whole, you! <3 barbee

  15. When I went to Russia I was so excited to try Kvass because I love beer. OMG, I took one sip and I almost threw up. It was horrible. Stick with vodka my comrades!

  16. Youre so beautiful and engaging. I hope you live a wonderful life. You absolutely glow in a way that you deserve the best. I'm sure you're just being you but there are too few overly-kind people. Its okay if you're a horrible individual off screen because I'm going to believe thats not the case.

    Its just refreshing coming across someone that is so pleasant and joyful. Most of your recipes are scary to me but that doesn't define a person. I'm honored to be one of your beautiful lovelies.

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    Love your videos, this recipe is really simple and cheap, I'm gonna try it! Cheers!

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  19. I make bread using beer, Irish bread use self rising flour a little baking soda and a 🍺. I believe it may be called Irish soda bread also

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  21. So, I am a bit of a germaphobe and I tend to be fairly freaked out by most fermented foods. I can't get over the idea that they are basically rotten… I know silly considering that this is a method used across the world since the beginning of time. However, this is the first recipe that actually seems interesting and doable for me. YAY! I am going to get some nice dark bread from one of our local bakers and make it this week. 🙂

  22. if you like fermentation, something you might be interested in is buckwheat bread! three ingredients: buckwheat groats, salt, and water. the mucilage of the groats is the binder instead of gluten!

  23. The best bread for this is a sour dough bread that you made yourself. It gives the beverage a unique flavor (and it's the healthiest version of it anyway 😊).

  24. I'm so confused about fermenting things at home. Like how do you not accidentally grow some bad mold or something in there? How do you know if safe?

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