How To Make Carrot Marmalade – Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

How To Make Carrot Marmalade – Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends recently we made an
orange honey quick bread and at the end during the tasting I commented that it
would go great with some carrot marmalade on top and then I realized I
haven’t done carrot marmalade on the channel yet so today we’re gonna fix
that so I’m gonna start out by grading these carrots and this little thumb of
ginger you could you could use a box grater if you wanted to but this is so
much faster so take the carrots out now carrot marmalade this is this is an
interesting recipe because it goes back it goes way back to the dawn of the
domestication of the carrot which happened as near as we can tell in an
area that we today would call Persia or would have been called Persia so Iran
Afghanistan that sort of general idea is where this would have where the carrot
would have first shown up and there are several carrot jam or carrot marmalade
type recipes that are found in the cuisines of that area of the world made
a little bit differently than I’m making today this definitely has more of a
European Anglo influence but the recipes there have basically the same
ingredients except they would use honey and it would also be spiced with
cardamom pods and coriander and and a bunch of other really flavorful things
that would add to the carrot I’m making the recipe that my grandmother made when
I was growing up which is very basic very sweet you put it on your toast in
the morning and it’s really just a riff on orange marmalade so the next thing we
need to do is zest the orange and lemon and I’m just using a vegetable peeler
that actually puts it into strips already so it’s already cut into strips
it makes it very nice and easy you know what I’m gonna do this over the pot so
all of the peels fall into the pot as well as all of the oil that’s dripping
out of the peel I want to get all of the goodness okay so there you go the peels
of two lemons and two oranges into the pot I’m gonna put this pot on the stove
and I’m gonna add some water now the earliest European recipes that I could
find for this didn’t use water what you ended up doing was taking a lot of
carrots and juicing them and then taking that carrot juice and boiling it down
into a really thick syrup and that syrup concentrated both the carrot flavors and
it also concentrated the sugar enos of carrots carrots are quite naturally full
of sugar and sweet and so that syrup sweetened the marmalade absolutely
ingenious and there’s a there’s a recipe that I probably will do at some point
that uses that method and it was sent to the British Admiralty and Captain Cook
around 1770 1771 or something like that where the letter writer was touting both
the health benefits and the longevity of carrot marmalade saying that it would be
perfect to take on the ships for Captain Cook’s next voyage which would have been
to the South Pacific because it prevented scurvy and nourishment to the
sailors and it would last almost forever once it’s sealed in a pot as a jam it
will last almost forever so you know juice the lemons the oranges
and I’m gonna put all of that juice into the pot I’m going to bring it up to a
boil and I’m gonna boil it for about 15 minutes you okay so you might notice there’s a whole
lot more going on in the countertop now than there was just a moment ago this is
boiled for about the right amount of time I’m gonna do the last two additions
to it and the first one is a little bit of distilled white vinegar and I’m just
using regular old distilled white vinegar nothing with flavor all you want
is the acid content and the acid does a couple of things it helps with
preservation but it also helps to sort of balance out the sugar flavors acid
and sugar go together perfectly every time you’d want to get it balanced so in
goes that next up is just plain white sugar in that goes we’re going to stir
that in and we’re gonna continue to boil this so you want to boil this until you
reach 220 degrees Fahrenheit that is the set point that’s the point where this
marmalade is going to set up and be thick and spreadable and just be perfect
it’s the difference between being too runny and being too thick so get
yourself an instant-read thermometer and check the temperature it’s the easiest
and best way to make this happen and over in this pot I’ve got water that is
just about to come to a boil pretty close to a boil and I’m gonna put this
rack in the bottom this is where I’m going to hot water pan the jars so I’m
gonna fill the jars and then I’m gonna put them in here bring this to a boil
and boil it for 10 to 15 minutes and you don’t want the jars bouncing on the
bottom of the pot you want to look them up off the bottom of the pot that’s why
I put the rack in there now this pot back here has a little bit
of water in it and it has the lids so the lids are in here and you don’t want
to boil this water a lot of people say you have to boil it you don’t have to
boil it you just want to bring it up just above body temperature the whole
idea is that you want to soften the rubber ring if you boil it you’re gonna
damage the rubber ring and you don’t want that to happen so this is boiling
pretty nicely right now everything is sterilized I am ready to go as soon as
this reaches temperature and home canning and home jam making is really
about time management making sure that you get everything in
place at the right time now if you’ve never canned before you’ve never made
jam at home before you’ve never hot water canned I would suggest that you
get a book and this is the one I’m going to suggest I will leave a link to this
below this is by bernard in’ if you live in the united states it’ll be exactly
the same book exceptional safe ball and they’re the company that makes the mason
jars so lots of recipes in here and lots of information on how to properly can a
great resource and it should be on your bookshelf if you want to can at home and
for people that have never can before and don’t want to invest in glass jars
and this whole process of canning you can still make this marmalade you can
make it as a freezer jam and in order to make it as a freezer jam you just need
plastic containers that you can put the jam into and put it into the freezer you
can just use old washed out peanut butter jars fill it with jam stick it in
the freezer when the one in your fridge is done pull this one out of the freezer
and just keep going keep in your freezer for a fairly long time okay so we’ve
achieved the right temperature now we just fill the jars and it’s gonna be
messy and you want to make sure that you try and fill them without getting any
air pockets inside which what this mixture can be kind of tough because
it’s not very liquid as you can see it is a very very thick marmalade so and
don’t overfill the jar now I can hear some people screaming why are you using
a metal spoon in this instance a metal spoon is fine it’s what my grandmother
always used and I’ve never had any trouble with it plastic or wood is what
most people say you should use so tap down check the rim of the jar and make
sure that there’s nothing spilled on it take your lid and place it on top
and then your ring on top of that just spin it on just about that tight you
don’t want to over-tighten now I take these handy things and I put this right
into my canning bath and move along to the next jar last jar goes in lid goes
on now I just let that boil for 15 minutes we turn the heat off we leave
the jars inside for a little while in the water to cool down a little bit then
we pull the jars out and we let them cool completely meanwhile as is always
the case there’s a little bit left over that didn’t fit into the canning jars so
what I’m gonna do is just sort of part fill this jar and that’s the one that
goes in the fridge that we start eating right away there’s always a lot of
cleanup when you’re canning and making jam but it’s so worth it so worth it well it certainly smells very sweet so
we got three and a half jars of carrot marmalade oh well clearly yep and the
only way to test carrot marmalade is to have it on Toto so yeah it’s all citrusy
and and tasty like glue candy on your toast well that’s it
um the carrot is mostly a little bit sweet flavor and texture and you can
play with that texture in the first boil before I put the sugar in the longer you
boil it in that first boil the more the carrot breaks down until you get it
you’ll you would end up with a creamier consistency than I have I like the
chunks of I like the chunks in my in my marmalade so to me this is really good
but it is just a riff on an orange marmalade it’s an orange marmalade with
carrots stuck in yeah it really is if you don’t have enough oranges you feel
therefore that you can’t afford to enjoy yes you can’t yes it’s a filler for for
the oranges so like I said earlier this is not a canning video if you want a
little bit yeah if you want to learn about canning and preserving get
yourself a really good book I showed you this one earlier you need to know some
very basics and you need some basic equipment that a lot of people don’t
have so if you want to make this I would suggest make it as a freezer Jam and
just reason easy way to do it or just make enough and well that’s it that’s it
this only this one right away yeah this makes a small amount so I mean you can
put it in a bigger jar and stick it in the fridge and it will last a year and a
half well you’ve got some really great gifts yeah let’s say eat right away um I
know that this will show up on my toast every morning for the next little while
because I love this stuff thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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