How to make crunchy crackling on a pork roast with Curtis Stone

How to make crunchy crackling on a pork roast with Curtis Stone

Now, I have got
the number one tip that you need to make the perfect
roast pork with crackling. We all know the best part
of roast pork is the crackling. Let me show you how to make it. Get yourself a sharp knife and take the whole leg of pork,
which I’ve got here. It doesn’t really matter
which…the cut is. You could use a bit of the shoulder
or even a loin. But you wanna make sure
that these scores – and when I say ‘scores’,
I mean the little incisions that have been made into the skin – go all the way through
to the meat, OK? So just follow that through
with your knife and just make sure that you can sort of separate
the pieces just like that. Now, don’t be scared to cut them
quite close to each other because the smaller
those little pieces are, the more crackling you’re gonna have. Alright, so you’re just
gonna carve it like this. It doesn’t take a minute. Now, it may be done,
it may not be done. But I like to go back through it
and make extra little incisions because the more incisions you make,
the crispier your crackle’s gonna go. Alright, so…you cut
right into that quite a lot. The next thing that you’re gonna do
is take some salt and rub it… Rub the entire thing with salt. Now, the reason you do this is of course the salt’s
gonna add a bit of flavour, but it’s also gonna draw out
some of that moisture and make the skin super crunchy. So be really generous with that salt. All in there
and then give it a good rub. OK, just like that. And that is it. It’s that easy. Now, the most important thing when you’re getting crispy roast pork
with beautiful crackle is that it goes into the oven
as high as your oven will go. I don’t care how hot your oven
will get. Turn it up on full. You want it up about 275 degrees. Take your pork and pop it… Make sure you’ve got
a little rack there so it’s not sitting
directly on the tray. Alright, so once
you’ve given it a good rub, you stick it onto the rack
and into your tray and it’s gonna go into the oven on as
high a temperature as you can get it. So I’m talking 275 degrees
for about 30 minutes. Then you turn it down and for every 500g that your
pork leg or pork shoulder weighs, it’s gonna take 25-30 minutes. So if your pork leg is two kilos, then you’re gonna need about
two hours in the oven. On top of that, the 30 minutes
that it’s in at the high heat. You get me? 30 minutes on high heat. Turn it down for another
25-30 minutes for every 500g. It’s going in the oven. I tell you what, this smells so good. There’s nothing better
than roast pork and if you get the crackle
just right, it’s amazing. Now look at this. It’s been in the oven for,
in total, a couple of hours. I’ve given it a bit of time to rest. You can see some
of that juice has run out. -And listen to this.
-(CRACKING) That’s what you want –
that beautiful crackle. I’m just gonna break a piece off. Ha-ha-ha-ha! And it should
sound just like this. (CRUNCH!) Mmm! Are you kidding me?
(LAUGHS) I love it!

45 thoughts on “How to make crunchy crackling on a pork roast with Curtis Stone”

  1. I live you videos, it's a shame the its to short time in it. I love how you work and you personality you sre awesome

  2. that crackle is shit look at all the crappy chewy parts. theres like maybe 50% good crackling there. youd expect better quality from one of Australias premier chefs.

  3. Hi Curtis 😍. Hi Curtis 😍. Hi Curtis 😍. Hi Curtis 😍😍………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  4. Curtis did that pork come from coles? Pork roasts at my supermarket are vacuum packed in bags and very wet .. hard to get crackling out off…. without drying overnight in the fridge .. they are also usually pre scored

  5. Could you add vegetables such as carrot, garlic, celery, some herbs and perhaps red wine or water in the tray under the pork to make gravy with later on?

  6. If any of your sliced rind does not come up to perfect crispy, store it in the fridge (with its fat layer) for later. When you are ready for a treat, fold the piece/s completeley into a kitchen paper towel (so you do not have spatters all over to clean up), place it on a plate, and into the microwave. With 1100 or 1200 watts you need a MAXIMUM of 30 seconds to puff that morsel and crisp it up. Deeeee-lishus, and you can treat yourself to just half a stick every night for a week (or more) if you like. OR, just yam the whole damned lot at once!!

  7. From the recipe:
    Cook uncovered for 30 minutes at the highest heat, then reduce the temperature to 180ºC and continue cooking for approximately 25 minutes for every 500g of weight.

  8. We followed these instructions last Xmas. I now have a grandson who loves roast pork and crackling

  9. All those people asking what do you turn it down to have obviously never cooked a roast before. About 180C

  10. Good recipe but my crackling was burnt after 20 mins mins in my oven cranked all the way up. Watch this but otherwise all good.

  11. I am 67 years old and I always have trouble with bloody Pork Crackling I am going to try your way wish me luck you cute to

  12. Followed your instructions and wrecked the crackling. I turned my oven to the hottest it will go and by 20min the skin of the pork was cooked black – carbon. If I had left it for your recommended 30min the whole roast as well as the crackling would have been toast – DO NOT TURN YOUR OVEN TO THE HOTTEST IT WILL GO – 220/240 is best.

  13. Don't put the oven to full temp as he says, I did that and the oven almost caught fire, put to 220C for 20 minutes while keeping an eye on it, then slow the cook down for an hour to 160C, turning it uptown 200C for the last 45 minutes. but the way he cuts the fat and adds the salt is spot on, my roast came out great looking just like his, mine weighed 2K, hopes this helps.

  14. Absolutely brilliant Curtis….thankyou
    It was the first time in many years of failed crackling
    So easy & i had no issues with burning having it on the highest heat

  15. mmmm – I don't know what was better, learning how to cook the perfect crackling, or looking at Curtis Stone. They both looked delish 🙂

  16. I'm sorry but I feel I must agree with some other comments here and give some negative feedback. I have an old oven with no window, and did what he said. As a result a lot of the crackling was burnt, and a lot of the meat was overcooked. Also again as others say he didn't mention what temp to lower to ( which I found out is probably 180 from watching another persons post. And that 230 might be a sufficient initial temp) It may seem obvious, but if we knew we probably wouldn't be watching youtube to find out. Disappointing !

  17. I agree with some of the other comments about setting the oven so high at the beginning. I couldn’t see inside the oven for all the smoke. I tried it again later and set the oven to 245deg. It worked a lot better with very little smoke. Still got good crackling.

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