How to make Dal Fry Restaurant Style l Dal fry restaurant style in hindi ll Cooking with Benazir

How to make Dal Fry Restaurant Style l Dal fry restaurant style in hindi ll Cooking with Benazir

PEACE BE UPON YOU Friends Dal Fry is cooked in every indian home. But how would it be if you can cook restaurant style dal fry in an easy and simple manner? So lets make Restaurant style Dal Fry in our own kitchens and that too in an easy way…. Friends if you have not subscribed my channel i request you to please do so. and if you have any queries you are most welcome to write them in the comments wash them and soak them. wash them thoroughly and soak for half an hour Pigeon peas have been soaked now we need to boil them. now we will pressure cook on a high flame till one whistle then on a low flame for five minutes. Till the dal boils lets make the TADKA you can also use the long dried chillies if you want. saute for half a minute. We will not make the onions brown just a little golden i can smell the aroma of onions and ginger. please keep the flame on high fry till the onions turn golden. keep stirring on a high flame so that onions dont burn. This is the exact color of onions required its perfectly light golden. we will not add more red chilli powder because we want restaurant style color stir on a low flame do not increase the flame or else the spices will burn. Add water gradually spices are fried and a nice aroma can be felt. i have used a small tomato if you have taken a big tomato just use half. finely chop the chillies with hand or use a grinder. i have used three green chillies you can increase the quantity according to your taste. be careful while adding salt here because it was added in the dal so use as per your taste. mix on a low flame cover and cook for 5 minutes till the tomatoes are cooked well you can keep a check and if need be use a little water if required . Till the tomatoes cook let us check our dal. Dal has softened in a nice manner you can use a blender to blend if you want. but i like it just as it is. i will not blend it i will just add it to the tomatoes dal is ready let us check our tomatoes you can see the tomatoes have been cooked well now we will add the dal to it. mix well on a high flame you can adjust its consistency according to your likes. you can make it thicker by cooking more or by adding some water if you need more liquid form stir on a high flame and let it boil cook for 2 to 5 minutes more so that it becomes thicker. its boiling now. Reduce the flame and some butter for taste (optional) cook on a low flame for one to two minutes by the time the dal will be ready to serve.

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  1. Assalamualiakum mai 2-3 weeks se aap ki recipe dekhne lagi hu aur mashaallah Dal Fry. Chicken bhuna masala chane ki dal chilli chicken Butter chicken banaya bohut laziz bana baccho ne shokh se khaya please couliflower ki koi recipe bataye

  2. Asslam walikom… Agar aap tuar ki bajay masur ki dal lete tho aur badiya dal banti…aur hadees me bhi masur ke dal ke bare me suna hai…

  3. From India. Our family has become a big fan of CWB !
    Simple recipe, clarity of description and the final result yummy taste are the hallmarks of CWB !!!

  4. U r recipes is good masha allah…b4 some days daily i am trying u r recipes …or Allhamdulilah acche ban rahe h…jab se mujhe acche lgne lage h recipes..mae koi or recipes dekhti hi nae ..
    be nazir is the best😚👍👍👍

  5. Ma'am am a cook but not like you I want learn how cook masala dal for 30 people so I want your help please help me,

  6. Salaam Alaikum sabse Pehle recipe Bataye se club Salam Kijiye aap Muslim hai na tab Salam kijiye Salaam Walekum sabse pahle recipe batata Ne Se Pahle Salam kijiye

  7. Maine kal banaya that isse mere husband ko bahut pasand aye ye deal fry kha kar Wo bahut khush no gaye love di

  8. Aap plz Yeh mat pucha karo k kaisi lagi aap recipes bcoz aapki har recepies bahot bahot acchi hoti h…

  9. Hi mam many curry recipes r there but nonveg plz share sm veg currys I have done ur non veg items it's all awesome super mam

  10. Asalam alikum mashallah Alhumdulilah sis ur all recipes are to gud sis mashallah gud bless u forever stay blessed love u sis

  11. Madam kya aap hame beater ka faraq bata sakti hai
    Ordinary beater ka cake ka beater
    Mujhe lena hai
    Konsi si company ka acha h
    Aur 2 in 1 beater bhi hota h kya

    Ek alag se video mei samjha dijiye pls

  12. आपने यह डाल फ्राय
    बहुत बहुत बढिया बनाए हैं, वाह !मझा आ गया !!
    Keep it up mam!!!

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