38 thoughts on “How to Make Deep-Fried Ribs | Deep-Frying”

  1. Those look as if they've been pre-cooked or pre-seared at least…. SOMETHING that's put the colour on them prior to flour & batter dredging. What is it that's been done first please??

  2. Have you ever made deep-fried pork buttons? They come in long thin strips with a small round piece of bone about the size of a dime, and they are the most flavorful and juicy type of pork you will ever bread and deep-fry. Cut the strips into one-inch long pieces, coat with egg, and then with regular bread crumbs. Deep fry for a few minutes and you'll have one of the tastiest deep-fried pork dishes known to man. The only tough part is finding a butcher shop that actually carries pork buttons.

  3. I would hope you would put a basket on top of them as it would just be frying if you did not. 1 mistake people just do not understand and that is what the turm deep fried means witch is to fry submerged in oil.

  4. About all he showed was how to put them in the oil Were they pre cooked How did you make the batter what did you season them with what did the inside look like after deep frying Waste of time

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