100 thoughts on “How to Make Deep Fried Turkey Balls With TJ Miller & Andy Windak”

  1. Is T.J. gay and his "personal chef" is his…boyfriend?They literally just don't care about putting their hands all up in there and taking a bite from the same ball.All nasty and shit.

  2. Can you guys do more episodes with Matty and those two black guys (the one from the Seattle video and the one from the eggroll video) instead of putting pretentious hipters on here all the time

  3. Is there anyway I can get TJ to kiss my turkey as well? I think it is a crucial ingredient to the recipe

  4. that guy is so insecure. he must be. look at him trying to deflect with his pilgrim hat. i want to give him a hug

  5. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

    "Two of them are friends one's more of an acquaintance."

    What's the other one ?

    Illuminati Confirmed ?

  6. "We'll have children when we're ready, Debra 😬😬"
    "Who's Debra?"
    "She's.. my aunt."
    Im laughing uncontrollably 😂😂

  7. This has become a Thanksgiving tradition for me, going on three years in a row. On year three, they all become Debra's.

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