How to make Egg Sausages | 15th century cooking | czech

How to make Egg Sausages | 15th century cooking | czech

Hi Random Innkeeper here and welcome back
to my inn where I make medieval food recipe in a modern way. The very first recipe in a medieval cookbook
I read is simply called “the Sausages”. After reading it I found out that there is
no meat in it so it probably was some kind of Lenten meal or simply for a common folk,
who couldn’t afford meat. For making these, you will need:
Eggs Flour
Parsley Sage Butter Raisins Start off with making scrambled eggs. Melt the butter in a frying pan and pour beaten
eggs. I used 6 eggs, which turns out to be for four
people. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to fold the
eggs over and don’t stop moving, otherwise you will make an omelette. Be sure to not overcook the eggs, cook them
quite runny and wet. Oh and add a little pinch of salt. Transfer scrambled egg into a bowl, add all
other ingredients. Parsley, sage, raisins and flour. Add the flour gradually to make a compact
non sticky dough. I started with 3 tablespoons and ended up
with 6 so it should be basically 1 tablespoon of flour per egg. Once you make a dough, dust the wooden board
and roll out the sausages. This part is really up to you, make them big,
make the small, flat, round, make any shape you want. Its a recipe from 15 century so no one these
days knows how exactly it should look like. When you satisfied with the shape of your
sausages, melt the butter in a frying pan once again and place the sausages in. When golden on one side, turn them and fry
on the other side, then keep turning to fry on all sides Take it out of the frying pan and leave to
cool down slightly. Then you can serve it with your favourite
fruit spread, jam or honey. I was surprised, how good it was. It could definitely be one of my new breakfast
recipes. I hope you enjoyed this video, leave a like
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