How to Make Fermented Salt Cucumber Pickles Easy Cooking Class Recipe

How to Make Fermented Salt Cucumber Pickles Easy Cooking Class Recipe

Here I have some amazing pickling cucumbers, and I just washed them and drained them. Drained the water off, and we will make some salt pickles out of these beautiful little pickling cucumbers. Salt pickles are an old recipe, and they made with a slice of yeast bread to help them ferment, so what we will do here, is we’ll take the pickling cucumbers, and I’ll show it to you, and we’ll snap off the top, like chop off the little top, and make an incision like a cross. A short incision on both ends, and then we will fill these pickling cucumbers. I have a wonderful big jar here, and I’m going to layer them in until the jar is full. So, here we are, the next stage for pickling cucumbers, salt pickles. I have four litre, which is about four quarts of salt here, and about a half a pound of Himalayan salt. I like to use the best salt possible, and so use any sea salt or whatever you feel comfortable with. I like Himalayan salt, and I’ll show you here, I buy it in large boxes, ten pounds. And I don’t want to make advertising, but in case somebody’s interested, you can buy it like this, or you can buy it in big rocks, Gamma Salt, here in Canada, Toronto, I guess they are is a great place to get it. So I have, again, sixty grams per one quart, which makes about a half a pound for four quarts. And over here, I have my pickling cucumbers, tip cut off, and then cut crosswise in the bottoms and the tops. You can see it here, and here as well. And here we have pickling spices and some fresh bay leaf, and here I have a piece of horseradish. Here is the whole root, you can buy it in the grocery stores. Some have it. They keep for a long time, and you can actually store them in the fridge in a canning jar full with water, and just stick it in, and once in a while, replace the water. And this one here is about from last fall, and I still have a piece. I’m going to chop this off. And pour all this here into here. All my pickling spices, and there is no real amount to use. I just use half a handful. And I’m going to chop this up, and put it in as well. And now we are waiting for the water to boil up, to dissolve the salt. And then we’ll let it cool down, and then I’ll show you how to finish it off. Thank you so much. So, here are our salt pickles again. I have filled some cool salt water, with Himalayan salt,
already up. Now I’m going to put a little more. And you can see all the pickling spices. I’m going to put a slice of bread in. I bake my own bread, so I use the whole wheat and
spelt bread. That’s what I had, but you can use sourdough, whatever you want. And this is going to, kind of, flop over, but that’s okay. Put a little bag in with some water
in it because that will keep the bread down, and will keep it totally sealed. And now we’ll leave it like that for a couple of weeks, and it will ferment. The bread will help the fermentation. And in two three weeks, we have the most wonderful salt pickles. What we will do then, is we take them all out. Put them into different jars, or smaller jars, or even the same one, it doesn’t matter. We’ll strain the pickling spices out. We’ll boil the water up again, let it cool down, and pour it over the pickles, and of course, we discard the bread at that time too. And then you can just close them and keep them in your refrigerator for a couple of months or so. Okay? Have fun with your salt pickles, and we’ll see you next time. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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  1. Store the horseradish in the fridge with …what kind of water please?
    Great recipe! PS..I loved the tip about putting horseradish in the sauerkraut recipe you gave us!! I was having mold grow on mine, bought some horseradish, and no more problem with mold! I will always use horseradish every time I make sauerkraut now, thank you.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    We have very good water here on Vancouver Island, so tap water is fine, but it wouldn't hurt to use filtered water.

  3. love the idea but am really confused. I heard you say 4 grams of salt to a half pound of himalya salt? Can you clarify salt to water ratios please?

  4. If the bread was baked the yeast is dead, so that could not be the source of fermentation. You would need fresh yeast, right?

  5. I really love that jar. Intresting video, I never knew you could use bread to make pickles. Ya learn something everyday.

  6. wow! I want to try it. I canned my own pickles for the first time last year. but these seem good. no cooking. they must stay crisp huh? also it there a vid showing end result?

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