How to make Fry Bread | Easy Fry Bread Recipe

How to make Fry Bread | Easy Fry Bread Recipe

How to make Fry Bread – Easy Video Recipe Hello and welcome to in the kitchen with matt,
I am your host Matt Taylor. Thank you for joining me. I have an easy recipe for today;
this is an Easy Fry Bread. Super simple to do, let’s get started. Ok for the tools and
the ingredients, we have a rolling pin, we have some flour, we have canola oil, or you
can use vegetable oil, a pot for the oil, a frozen bread dough, they come in a bag like
this in the frozen section at the super market, or you can use home made bread dough if you
like. Toppings, we have some powdered sugar, some syrup, and some strawberry preserves.
But you can use whatever toppings you want, or you can make a dinner fry bread or lunch,
and put taco toppings on top of it, for like a Navajo Taco or Indian taco. First what I
am going to do is start my oil. I am going to take my oil and pour it in here, and it
doesn’t have to be too much, about like that, that was probably 3 cups of oil, it doesn’t
have to be precise. And then I am going to go ahead and put this on the stove and set
it to medium high and heat up the oil, and then we will roll out the dough. Now what
we are going to do is we will just put a little bit of flour down, and then we are going to
divide our dough into pieces. Ok then we just want to roll these out. Get them nice and
flat. And you get them to about that thick, so about a quarter of an inch. And I am going
to go ahead and start piling up on there. Ok once we have our dough rolled out, let’s
take them over to our hot oil and fry them up. Ok we will come over to our oil, and we
will go ahead and drop it in. And it will start to boil like that. And then it will
start to float. And it takes oh not too long on each side, about 30 seconds to a minute
on each side. And you will just flip it, and get it so it nice and golden brown all around.
See that nice golden brown color. Awesome. This one is done. Then we will put it on a
plate with paper towel. Do another one, look at that, Awesome. All right, let’s get some
toppings on these guys. I am going to start with a little bit of strawberry preserves
on this one. Spread it out a little bit like that. Ohh wow, yummy. Yummy. And then just
go ahead and tap some powdered sugar on there. And there we go, pretty awesome. And go ahead
and use whatever toppings you like. All right our fry bread is done. Really simple to make,
super easy, like I said you can swap out the frozen dough with your own favorite bread
dough if you like. And roll it out and put it in the fryer, and do all the same steps.
Bottom line, super easy, makes a great treat, breakfast, brunch, whatever you want to do.
And if you want to make it lunch or dinner fry bread, you can just put different toppings
on it, taco toppings, meat and cheese, and all that good stuff. I am Matt Taylor this
has been another episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, Thanks for joining me, if you have
questions or comments, put them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
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Time for me to dive into one of these. I am going to go after this guy right here. Yummy!

8 thoughts on “How to make Fry Bread | Easy Fry Bread Recipe”

  1. Oh cool, I've never had Indian fry bread, and was a bit intimidating by making it homemade. I'll definitely be trying thus recipe. Great idea for a quick breakfast or snack.

  2. Great Video, thanks. You mentioned in other videos like your FF one, to use peanut oil because it tastes better. Here you are using something else – Canola oil. What oils go best with what types of food?

  3. This is not fry bread. Im chippewa cree blackfoot, if you like my family recipe ill share.
    Also when using bread dough youre supposed to let it raise first before you fry it

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