How to make Fry Tofu

How to make Fry Tofu

Hi guys welcome back! This is becky. Today, I am going to show how to make fry Tofu. I will make this for lunch, it is really quick to make and delicious. and the following ingredients you will need are. 1/4 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper and this is optional, this is red chili flakes. I’m gonna put in half a teaspoon and I have 2 whole eggs here. I’m going to put in a pinch of salt in here just for taste and a little bit of black peppers. The rest of it going into my Panko bread crumbs. This is Japanese Panko break crumbs. I am going to put the rest in here and mix it in. now for eggs, I am going to lightly whisk it with a fork here. and the Panko just mix it and toss it. okay and then the tofu, it is already padded dry. Ok, so I am going to cut it into rectangular shape. Into three pieces here. do the rest You can also, do into in byte size, if you like. So, you would cut another half like that. for byte size I want them to be rectangular shape okay, so next. With one of my hand, I am just going to coat it really well. all edges and with my other hand, I am going to dip into the Panko Bread crumbs. Make sure you have a good coating. mix it really well here. That looks good. Lets transfer it to the plate. Grab another one and put it in the egg batter. and coat it again do your best and get all sides all around. Just continue until you are done. Ok, this is the last piece. There is actually still some bread crumbs left. you can double dip this just put it back to the egg batter. and re-coat this then you will have a thicker crust once it’s fried. I just used one cup of bread crumbs. The Panko bread crumbs. so, you can have of couple pieces. If you want to use up all the bread crumbs. just double dip it like this. ok. we are ready to fry the tofu. I have four cups of vegetable oil in Wok with high side like this on high heat. So, to check if the oil is ready. I’m gonna put in the chopstick. if it bubbles up like this, that mean it’s ready. so, we going to gently put the tofu in gently down. So, I going to put it on medium heat. add a couple of pieces in at a time. you don’t want to crowd it. so, may be about 5 or 6 pieces. Make you check on it, every minute or so. If you need to lower the temperature go a head and do it. go ahead and do that. The tofu is done. This is really the color we’re looking for. I had it on medium heat, fried it like almost 7 minutes. This is really nice light golden color. So, here it is. ok You can do a lot of thing with Tofu. stir fry, Make soup out of it. even like veggie burger So. you can do a lot of think with tofu. Ok, this is the last one. Turn off the heat. Tadah… the tofu is done. My delicious tofu dish is ready. I usually, you will have rice on the side. and a dipping sauce. Please click the link below and watch the video on how to make the dipping sauce. Please continue supporting my channel by
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  1. thanks so much for this recipe! I saw this video a while ago and I make it at least once a week, it's so good. 😃

  2. food for thought: Eggs are technically, Chicken Periods.

    I'm cooking this, but with the Compassionette, Vegan "Just Egg" Product Instead.

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