100 thoughts on “How To Make Gelato! Cooking Class in Florence”

  1. That looks so fun! I hope to experience new things one day, your family has inspired me to save up to travel. I have learned so much through your videos

  2. What's the difference between Ice Cream and Gelato?
    I thought that Ice Cream was just the English translation of Gelato😅

  3. I always get notifications around 2 hours late so no one ever likes the things I say. But you guys are amazing and mean the world to me. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    This ❤️ just made my day

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  5. I didn't see them put any milk or cream in the gelato. I wonder if they purposely made dairy-free gelato or if the milk/cream got edited out. We did see them put in water.

  6. If there is someone who has never had gelato, then I feel extremely bad for them and I hope they’ve had a good enough life without it even tho that’s pretty hard

  7. Real Italian style gelato was a life changing experience for me. I thought it was hype until I travelled to Switzerland a few years ago and tried it. I miss it so much!

  8. Throwback to “boyfriends Male iceream flavours”-Ryland Adams, one of the best videos ever, Love you guys, tell Colleen to defy gravity like never before!

  9. There's a gelato place my family likes in OKC, Oklahoma and my dad likes the mango and I like cookies n cream. It's really good and tastes, in my opinion, better than ice cream

  10. Gelato is usually natural too so, just like the lady told you, it doesnt last long but it looked so cool of you guys to be able to see it and make it

  11. I love ❤️Gelato ice cream it’s my favorite but I can only have a little bit cause I’m lactose intolerant! That was so interesting to watch I’ve always wondered how they do that thanks I finally know now woohoo I also love Vegan ice cream & dairy free !!!
    Can’t wait for the next episode . Be safe over there 👉🏼

  12. Hey, not sure if anyone else has had this happen, but I just got the notification for this an hour ago when it premiered 14 hours ago

  13. My favorite thing as a child was when my grandma got out the homemade ice cream maker!! Talk about the best ice cream ever!! It was a chore to make but Heaven to eat! I wish I had some. Is gelato like homemade ice cream?🍦🍧🍨💟

  14. looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! i know i really enjoyed europe when I went with my family! yall are so sweet and duncan is the cutest! love yall

  15. Hey friends! The difference between gelato and ice cream is that gelato doesn’t have air whipped into it like ice cream does! That’s the last step in making ice cream

  16. idk if its just me but whenever i finish watching your videos and go back to my feed it shows that i haven't watched your videos… which i do everytime they come out… its sad .. so i rewatch twice lol

  17. I have a question, how come your kids are all blonde but you both have brown hair, did they get their hair from any grand parent or what?

  18. I was the Miranda show last night and I saw you in it in Orange county! That was one of the best show's i have ever seen! I was so excited to see Bailey, Jacob, parker, Chris, you, and Duncan who was sleeping. I am so sorry I couldn't make it to the meet and greet I really wanted to go but we came from a show and there was traffic. I hope you like this comment I would really be happy.

  19. This made my day. I had a very horrible, hectic day yesterday. I had a terrible cold turning into a horrible headache. I started feeling like I was gonna puke in the afternoon. I really felt sick at night. At 20:20 I started gagging. My mum put a towel on my bedroom floor and I puked on it. My mum dragged me into the bathroom and I threw up even more in the toilet. I am feeling much better now but this made my day.

  20. This is Episode FIFTEEN of our new series: One Suitcase, Four Kids!
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  21. We love making it at home when we get bananas and we don’t eat them quick enough that is what I make with them or bread lol

  22. I love how excited Jessica gets at the beginning of the video when she realizes she’s gonna get to eat the gelato after making it!

  23. Hihi even the weighting off ingrediënts is different in the USA! I think it’s normal in whole Europe to weight instead off using cups 🙂 (but we use other measurement things for fluids :p) (said by a girl from Holland :))

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