How to make gimbap (aka kimbap: 김밥)

How to make gimbap (aka kimbap: 김밥)

(chopping) (upbeat music) – Hi Everybody! Today I’m going to make authentic gimbap, seaweed rice rolls. So rice and delicious colorful ingredients rolled in seaweed paper and
cut into bite-sized pieces. We call this “gimbap,” delicious. It’s a really really these days, the weather is awesome. Soon everybody wants to go on a picnic. This is a perfect dish for picnic. Let’s start! I’m going to transfer
this rice to large bowl. Add half teaspoon salt, sesame oil around one or two teaspoon. And let’s mix. Smells so good, sesame oil. I’m going to let it cool. In the meanwhile, let’s prepare all the ingredients. Cut into… Instead of a carrot you could
use artificial crab stick because for the red color. But today I’m going to really
follow the authentic way. (chopping) One and half cup, get little bit salt. And mix this. Let them sweat. My rice is all a little
cooled down, still warm but I don’t want to make it dry so I’m going to wrap this one while I’m preparing other ingredients. This is danmuji, yellow pickled radish. I cannot make gimbap without this, made with daikon and then
it’s sweet and also salty and a little sour. Crispy, like a pickle. Little bit left over like this. And then… (slicing) This a cookie cutter. (slicing) I’m boiling water to blanch my spinach. It has long stems. This is good to make gimbap. (simmering) (stirring) It takes only 30 seconds to one minute, just until spinach is withered. Okay, I’m going to turn off. (water running) Squeeze out the excess water. (slicing) We are going to season this. Garlic cloves, minced. (chopping) Salt and sesame oil and mix. Today I’m using skirt steak. It’s beef, but you
can use a ground beef, but usually I use ground beef but today I’m going to make a really special upgraded gimbap. (water running) (slicing) So trim the all fat. Skirt steak is really
delicious, whatever you make. But in the gimbap it’s
really really tasty. (slicing) I’m going to use my knife so that it’s not going to shrunk much. And one garlic. This is a large garlic, so
you may use two garlic cloves. So a little sweet and
salty I’ll make this. Ground black pepper and sugar and mix. Let’s make egg. (cracks egg) Some salt. (beating) Let’s cook. Put some cooking oil here. And then I’m going to lower the heat. Just wipe off a little bit like this. (sizzling) I use hands but you guys can use spatula. So I’m going to let this sit here and still little, little cooking. So meanwhile I’m going to
stir-fry other ingredients. Carrot and beef. Which one first? Carrot first. So another pan, add some cooking oil. The water is coming out because we salted a little bit. (sizzling) I just did exactly 40 seconds, stir-fried and then let’s put it just
right next to spinach. Beef, over medium-high heat. (sizzling) Okay, done, turn off. Our egg’s cooled down. So cut this thin strips. This is seaweed paper, “gim.” I use five. Roast this way over low heat. Bamboo mat to make gimbap. So I’ve been using this for a long time. But if you don’t have this,
you still can make gimbap just using your hand, I’ll show you later. Then gim has a shiny part and rough part. The shiny part down, so let’s do this. And then rice. Here. This rice is a little less than one cup. It’s going to be a really nice size. And spread the rice really thinly. As you see, there’s around two
inches I’m just leaving out. Two inches. Just press down so that when it’s made it’s not going to fall off easily. Like that. Carrot, how ’bout that. It depends on your mood,
choosing which one first. Yellow, danmuji, egg and spinach. Just lift this together
and then this edge part is going to edge part of the rice. So that exactly the ingredient
is going to be in the center. And then just tightly grab like this. And then, this guy, lift. And then roll it with your right hand. Again, like this. Can you do that? Wow, so pretty, eh? And the next one, spread the
rice with rice scoop first. And then, later using
your fingers like that. In Korea we always make
this special gimbap on the So-poong Day. “So-poong” means my Korean
children’s school picnic day. And then we make extra
delicious gimbap for teacher. So for my own children plus teacher. So I used to make this
for my children’s teacher. In Korea when I lived there,
the beef was so expensive but on So-poong Day, like
picnic day is exceptional. I buy the best best quality
beef and make this nicely with a lot of effort and then
to make really pretty and then give it to my children’s “Oh, give it to your teacher!” (upbeat music) My last gimbap, as I told you, if we don’t have mat “Oh I
cannot make gimbap without this.” No, you can make it. So I’m going to show
you just using my hands. When I travel usually I just
use my hands, like this. And beef. Juicy, juicy. Look at this guy. Press, press. (wrapping) Okay, done. To make more shiny and tasty
I usually add some sesame oil. (rubbing) So when you cut this, you need
a little wet cotton cloth. I’m just using paper towel because you need to keep cleaning the knife. (slicing) This is my lunchbox. When I was in high school I used to use this kind of lunch box. (slicing) And then, just lift this, transfer here. And then even when I travel,
when I open this one, it still look really appetizing, so I usually sesame seeds. (foil crunches) So before I go on a long trip, I always make this lunchbox
like this, cooking foil. I always prepare one apple for dessert. This gimbap is very easy to eat. Simply you can pick it up,
even you can use your hand. Or just chopsticks like this. (upbeat music) Very very delicious. Today we made Korean classic gimbap. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

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  1. Merci pour la traduction en français. Je suis malheureusement obligée de renoncer à certaines vidéos de cuisine par manque de compréhension.

  2. I tried it and its soooooo yummy exactly like the ones i used to have in korea. (Living in perth actually)…i cant thank you enough .😍😍😍

  3. HELLO GUYS !~~~ IF U season rice with sault and sesame oil , kimbab will have wonderful taste.I like her passion and cheerful mood when introducing korean food ^~^

  4. best part of making sushi and gimbap is people only want the pretty pieces…leaving the "ugly" ends to me.

    Fine by me lol.

  5. I'm traveling to Korea in October to become a teacher… it's awesome to know I might get some kimbap gifts while I'm there!

  6. I made it today… I got very beautiful and delicious Gimbap…
    wanted to try since I saw this clip… But I couldn’t find Danmuji at any Korean Groceries store in town area.
    By the way all Seoul Marts in Singapore are closed. Finally able to buy it by online from HarinMart. Mission accomplished!!
    Thanks a lot for your simple way of sharing Maangchi….

  7. 우왕 소리가 너무 좋아요♥저희 엄니가 소개시켜주셔서 구독했어요^^ 김밥은 참 예쁜것 같아요. 조곤조곤 목소리도 너무 좋으시고 끝까지 보게 되네요.

  8. Instead of the seaweed "GIM" can I use Nori for rolling the ingredients? it's just is the only thing that I can't get the one she uses in my country.

  9. 와 진짜 잘만드셔요 ㅠㅠ
    사실 영어 공부를 할려고 보는건데 요리를 너무 잘하셔서 영어 소리가 안들려요 ㅠ 💧
    그리고 영어 진짜 잘하시네요 부러워용

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    친정엄마가 알려주셨어요 무튼 너무 맛있어보여요 !! 김밥 좋아해요 >3< 진짜 은박지에 싸야 진짜죠~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ너무 잘보고 있습니다아

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    영어로 들을수 있어 또 좋네요.
    좋은채널 알게되어 행복해요♡

  12. You can also try boiled hot dog, make 4 slices by cutting twice and add yellow reddish, crab meat and egg, and another way to get good taste of egg is make a little thicker than maangchi and it comes out more in flavor of egg

  13. 한국 김밥 전문점은 모두 김 발 없이 싸는데 정말 못하시는게 없네요 김밥 제일 좋아하는 음식인데 ~ 가족들은 넘 행복할 것 같아요

  14. what I like more on Kimbap than on Sushi, is that it's bigger, more stuffed, more different fillings AND because the rice isn't made with vinegar it just tastes better for me. Honestly, vinegar destroys it all for me. But here? It's plain rice with salt & sesame oil.

  15. Здорово вы умница ! Пришлите мне посылку корейских приправ .люблю корейскую кухню .

  16. Maangchi, I made this Gimbap yesterday for dinner. I even made my own pickled radish, which was so tasty. I couldn’t find the long stemmed spinach that you showed in your video, so I substituted spinach for watercress. I prepared watercress same way as you prepared the spinach. It turnout really well.
    My husband likes sushi, but he doesn’t like the flavor of seaweed, so he normally eats sushi with rice on the outside of sushi roll.
    However, when I made your gimbap sushi recipe at home with seaweed on outside of the roll, my husband was so in love with gimbap. He said this recipe took away the after taste of seaweed that he doesn’t like. He said everything went well together and it was super delicious that he couldn’t stop eating gimbap.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, I will be looking forward to making more of your recipes at home.

  17. I tried it and it’s so delicious! To my surprise, it turned out be the same with the ones I bought from Korean food market! 😃 😃 Thank you Maangchi!!! Now I can make it by myself. 😋 😋

  18. I made this for my 5 year old daughter as she loves your videos and although she doesnt know how to cook yet she watches all your food videos. We both absolutely loves this korean gimbap dish.

  19. Meus parabéns, Maangchi, apreendi muito com você, o vídeo foi muito bem feito com a tradução , tudo bem organizado e limpinho ,gratidão garota vote sempre obrigado.

  20. Me and my friend are joining the educational tour this month and my friend is thinking of what to eat for lunch and I suddenly said “ how about we make kimbap?”
    Thats why we are excited to go to the educational tour because of kimbap😂

  21. I have fifty million things I need to be doing around the house however I’m going to make Gimbap instead. It would be much easier if y’all adopted me. Then I could eat your cooking everyday. Thanks for the video!

  22. Llegué aquí por La Cooquette ^^ soy de Perú~ estoy tan feliz de haber encontrado su canal~ ^^ también he empezado a cocinar comida coreana hace unos años ^^
    Voy a aventurarme a preparar nuevos platos ^^ muchas gracias

    I arrived here by La Cooquette ^^ I'm from Peru ~ I'm soooo happy to have found your channel ~ ^^ I've also started cooking Korean food a few years ago ^^
    I'm going to venture to prepare new dishes ^^ thank u very much~

  23. Hi maangchi. Can you recommend other substitute for yellow pickled radish? Its hard to find in my place 🙁 thanks! Hoping for ur reply maangchi 🙂

  24. French caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you so much!

  25. Always came here again when i want to make it… Bcs i frgt the recipe bcs too enjoy watching maangchi cooks lol😂😂

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