How to Make Hayashi Rice (Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

How to Make Hayashi Rice (Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Let’s make the roux. Drop the butter (10g) in the pan over low heat. Let the butter melt in the pan. Add the sieved flour (2 tbsp) to the melted butter. Stir-fry the flour thoroughly with a wooden paddle. Stir continuously for more than 10 minutes to brown the mixture. Be careful not to burn the mixture. When it becomes brown as shown, turn off the burner and place the pan on a trivet. Dilute the mixture by adding a quarter of the bouillon broth (50ml). Continue mixing vigorously, gather and place the roux on a plate. Let’s cut the vegetables. Cut the onion in half. Remove the basal plate, the part of the root attached to the onion. Make a shallow cut vertically along the outer layers. This will help cut the onion into even pieces. Slice the onion across the shallow cut, making half inch slices. Cut the carrot vertically into 4 slices. Stack the slices on top of each other and chop them into fine strips (3.5cm). Slice the button mushrooms into thin slices. Let’s make the hayashi sauce, similar to a thick demi-glace sauce. Lightly sprinkle the beef slices with the salt and the pepper. Add the vegetable oil to the heated pan and swirl to coat it with the oil. With a pair of tongs, spread the beef slices on the pan with the seasoned side facing down. Sprinkle the pepper and the salt on the other side of the beef. Let the beef cook on high heat without stirring until brown and then turn them over. When both sides become brown, place the beef on a plate and turn off the burner. Tilt the pan toward you and remove the excess oil with a paper towel. Add the butter (1 tbsp) and olive oil (1/2 tbsp) to the pan and turn the heat to medium. Swirl the pan and let the butter melt. Put the chopped onion (150g) and carrot (40g) in the pan at once. As with the beef, don’t overstir while browning the vegetables. Cooking thoroughly at this stage increases the flavor of the vegetables and shortens the cooking time. Add the chopped garlic clove and stir lightly. When the aroma grows stronger, add the sliced button mushrooms (50g) and mix. When the mushrooms begins to wilt, add the tomato ketchup and toss to coat. When the vegetables are well coated, place the beef slices back into the pan and distribute evenly among the vegetables. Add the red wine (3 tbsp) to the beef and vegetables and reduce the liquid on medium heat. When the alcohol has evaporated completely, add the rest of the bouillon broth (150ml), canned diced tomatoes (100g), honey (1~1/2 tsp) and bay leaf to the sauce. Turn the burner on high and lightly stir with a ladle. Skim off the foam with a mesh strainer. Reduce the heat, cover with a lid and simmer on low heat for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove the lid. Drop in the roux and dissolve it in the sauce with the ladle. Add the green peas (2 tbsp), salt (1/2 tsp) and Japanese Worcestershire sauce (1 tsp) to the mixture. While occasionally stirring with the ladle, reduce the sauce on low heat until thickened as shown. Test the flavor of the sauce and add salt and pepper to taste. Add the soy sauce (1/2 tsp), lightly stir and the hayashi sauce is ready to serve. Let’s serve the Hayashi Rice. Open the rice cooker and add the butter (10g) to the fresh steamed rice. Lightly stir with a rice paddle. When combined, stuff the rice into a cup. Serve the rice on a plate. Ladle the hayashi sauce and the beef and vegetables beside the rice. Sprinkle on the chopped parsley. Finally, pour a dash of whipping cream onto the hayashi sauce. Except for carefully making the roux, this is a simple recipe requiring only to combine the ingredients in order. This homemade sauce is smooth and delicious and there is no need to purchase packaged demi-glace. When you make the roux, it becomes very hot so we recommend using a wooden paddle to mix it. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. Chef-san, I have a question:
    Why do you skim off the foam when cooking? I've always wondered this and I'm not sure why. Thank you!

  2. I tried out this recipe a few weeks ago and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! I was even able to make that cute little rice mound! A+ will make again!

  3. Thanks so much! I will only know how good I did when I taste actual Japanese Hayashi Rice, but I followed  your recipe and it turned out delicious! <3

  4. Chef! I just made this recipe tonight. My god, it's so delicious! The homemade roux definitely makes a difference in the flavor and texture!

  5. Chef i have a question.
    Why do you soak up the oil with a paper towel and add butter and vegetable oil afterwards. Aren't all the flavors of the beef in the oil?

  6. ワイン入れるとコクと深みが増すんでやんす。だからこういった肉の煮込みとかには赤ワインは必須なのでやんす。

  7. Made this today and I can confirm it tasted AWESOME. I didn't have button mushrooms so I just used the long stringy kind?? I had in the fridge, also added eggplant.

  8. I have made this dish countless times and have even memorized the process. It goes really well with basmati rice and it's perfect to serve to guests. They will love the abundance of flavors and the rice creaminess.

  9. It' easier to make home-made roux in the microwave (doesn't burn that easily). Just microwave butter and flour on high heat in short time intervals (like 30 seconds) and stir inbetween until it's brown.

  10. Is the Japanese ketchup different than that of American. It looks like it has a different consistency and effect on food

  11. I made a vegetarian version of this by replacing the meat with additional mushrooms (usually just more champignons but I think a mixture of mushrooms would definitely also be good), and replacing the stock with a vegetable stock. Tastes nevertheless fantastic! It's hard to imagine that such a tasty dish can come from such simple ingredients and steps.

  12. OMFG I did everything here. I thought this would overwhelm me but… I did use chicken bullion instead of beef (better than bullion – it's the best) and I had to use canned mushrooms vs fresh ones. I wish the carrots were a little more tender but maybe I need to cut them even thinner. My roux didn't quite darken at 10 minutes on low. But anyways this was FANTASTIC…foodgasm! 5/5

  13. Wonder why it's called Hayashi sauce when this recipe has clearly a lot of european influence. Probably someone who brought this taste to Japan.

  14. I always watch all of videos but one thing i learn is japanese dishes don't have many spices. Its just around soy sauce pepper salt sugar mirin sake or vinegar n ketchup. And they use so little amount of salt.

  15. Before watching thr vid i though that they were about to cook the dog(good thing they didnt)

  16. As someone having health issues and has been directed by my doctor to eat low fat, this recipe made me cry. So much butter. Looks so good!!

  17. I (quite anxiously and nervously) made this for my Japanese friends. They loved it and have asked me to make it again. Thank you chef!!! 🇯🇵 🇺🇸♥️

  18. 6年前の動画なのでこんな事言うのもどうかと思いますが、台所に犬を立たせるのは不潔だし、料理にばい菌等が入ったら病気にもつながります。

  19. I have never eat Hayashi Rice before (It's quite hard to find here in Thailand) but I guess it would taste kinda like beef stew which also very good with rice!

  20. I just found this video today. It’s funny that most Japanese comments are complaining that letting a dog in the kitchen is bad for hygiene while most English comments are complementing how delicious this recipe is. I’m Japanese but I don’t mind cooking while having a dog as a companion so I thought it’s very interesting.

  21. I'd probably never cook it myself, too many ingredients, but whenever if I see it in a restaurant, just take my money.

  22. I remember seeing this videos for the first time and thinking that roux was some kind of magic that noone really made at home. This was one of the channels that really motivated me to improve my cooking and it was the first channel that I ever subscribed to.

  23. I have made this dish several times and every time it reminds me Francis, truly missed. Please Francis teach the angels to make hayashi rice!

  24. WHAT CUTE DOGS?!?!
    I could only imagine dog ass and dog's stool
    …and chinese people cook dogs as food in some regions
    My friends says that dogs don't taste nice

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