How to make: HOT CHEETOS TURKEY!!!

How to make: HOT CHEETOS TURKEY!!!

Oh my goodness the meat is falling off the bone look at that guy’s Oh Beautiful mar mars welcome back for God it’s like 10 o’clock right now welcome back to not my kitchen. I’m in my parents kitchen It’s like 10:30 right now It was like scrolling around on my Twitter’s and there was a hot cheeto Turkey And so I’m visiting my parents right now for Thanksgiving And I was like you know what I’m gonna make tonight a hot cheeto turkey, and so that’s we’re gonna make today I’m gonna be excited quietly. There’s gonna be like a some more Thanksgiving Hot Cheetos. Turkey. Let’s get to it I don’t have any ingredients. Okay. Let’s go to the store and I now i am in the store now Takes and a half hours later this beautiful turkey Butterball fresh I got a turkey. Oh my god hot cheetos YUM!!! Never actually cook the turkey before good one Marlin. Let’s have this should be hard right. Let’s just google it all right I know I’m supposed to do these things you guys watch me Cuz you know I know how to cook But I really never cooked the turkey before so do not kill me if I cook this incorrectly But I think the person were supposed to do is clean it Let’s go so apparently were supposed to get it in the state like this I don’t really know what I’m doing, but we’re gonna do this okay? I’m gonna call you butters open this bag. No knife. No scissors need it really towel. Oh, this is cool look Just open its bloody that is a bloody thing. I just did three two through you guys I wish I could touch my camera right now, but I have salmonella all over my hands So I can’t really move the camera, but it’s beautiful. I don’t know my name is butter and today We’re gonna make me I feel fine, and I hope you enjoyed this episode of Marmara in description But in this parents kitchen where I was bursting into this world. I’ve got some contaminating everything. This is my baby now Oh SOC use cold water in the video said cold water alright mister Take your time to give you a nice little bit or think your Molly or greater than our chicken grass with you Ya know, mr.. Turkey mr.. Butterball all right I’m gonna get into little private areas that the video told me I’m supposed to do this to you. Oh my gosh It’s scary in there I’m gonna save this for my mom. I think she’ll know what to do with it. We’re good now. Let’s go dry off It’s very dangerous, though dad like chicken or turkey like raw be careful boys and girls, okay? And now we were going to dry him pat dry Patra Patra Patra, you know really just make sure he’s dry. Yes pat dry patch I betcha I betcha blender I need a blender okay, blender. Are you in here and on the fridge? No. No, okay? Water’s in here though nice cold water great Where were the blender blender blender? gotcha We’re sneaking to do this. Don’t tell anybody what there’s no plug here. Okay. Let’s try the other side. Oh my gosh There’s no plug on this side really kidding me right. Oh, my gosh. There’s a child lock on this I can’t even take this oh mighty sword take off. It’s stuck in there. Okay. Got it. All right. We’re good to go Before I go any further. I’m gonna tell you guys what you’re gonna need for this recipe I just popcorn bags Three sticks of butter that my mom had in the fridge and a brush this recipe I found online You got no hot cheetos is my favorite snack. I can’t wait to just I hope it’s good Please be good right so I have about three bags all Cheetos are here go ahead and go to the blender Oh What the heck is back filled up like this hopeful ender Eddie what this blenders weak? Bro this blenders rich a panhandle becca itõs very few men can handle whole bag of Hot Cheetos, but I can Mmm. Oh my gosh. The fresh bag is so good. I said put one of her mouth. I’m addicted now So good Oh my goodness fuck you oh my gosh. I don’t know if I make this video guys, you know I just watch you Okay focus mom focus I don’t know how to use this I hope I don’t break it so my mom doesn’t get mad at me but uh Hulse What the heck it’s not doing anything because they’re on button Oh what that there really is an on button okay there we go It’s on now guys. This is fully load. This is ready to make some hot cheeto dust My mom’s gonna wake up. Oh hello Sorry I’m just making I’m making Cheetos that Perfect got some flower bowls. Thanks mom this bowl here. This one. Looks good. I like this one so close Hot cheeto powder whoa? Oh, there’s so much. He knows that aren’t done yet you guys could see this one. I’m like pulling out oh Gosh it spilled to the table scraping off the side, so I can blend it one more time make sure it’s very finely blended Guys this is called neck cam because I don’t have a tripod All right, so once you have successfully It is time to your Giant pile That’s most ambitious alright gonna preheat the oven now to 301 Degrees there we go about it and also this video is not sponsored I just want you guys to know I just like hot cheetos, so I constantly use them in my videos And I don’t expect anything back and return And it just keep making stuff that I like it mostly how I am about most my products I don’t really do a lot of brand deals because I really have to like something before I can tell you guys like hey you Should get this like get in here. Uh-huh there. We go open this bad boy up. Yeah get in there You know microwave this take that butter take it how you dumb-butt up in it Okay, still solid still so you’ve got more seconds clear more more power. Oh my butter is licked and melted Okay, that looks good. Okay cool, so how am I better? It’s melted great. I’m gonna do instead of stuffing I’m gonna do flaming hot cheetos Inside the turkey let’s do it I just have to Uncross the legs so you guys just take one foot out of the other and they always cross the legs like that I don’t know what reasons they do that but take a whole bag of Cheetos I’m just gonna fill this crevice right here Cheers You make it a grill hot cheeto turkey a game in their cheeto Okay
It’s also siding up make sure you wash your hands wash anything that this raw turkey comes into contact with because it is Very dangerous you can get very sick if you contaminate and get bacteria on things, and you don’t wash it This is ultimate flavortown right here. Yes must see it my turkey It is filled to the brim with hot cheetos right now oh I’m gonna get to be a little bit sturdier to put this turkey on okay something a little bit sturdier like this I mean you could cook it in this pan, but my mom already had this in the oven so I was like Yeah, swag days. I’m just gonna put the legs back in anyways. Okay, it’s so cute when he presses his legs like that oh I have my turkey right here, and then I have my butter right here I got our butter hot cheeto crumbs okay So we’re gonna do is basically you take a handy dandy brush you like it a paintbrush my mom already had on the drawer It’s like a little brush a brush thing you can borrow sisters paint brush whatever when I dip it in here You want to coat the bird? Like that like you’re painting a beautiful masterpiece on this Butterball turkey ready All right so once I am done coding like this first top part with butter you want to keep going I just love buttering you up mr.. Turkey This is fun And it smells so good Butter so now that we’ve done that we’re gonna go ahead and grab our hot cheeto crumbs right here and just put it on top Of the turkey just keep patting it down and just rubbing it until it’s kind of sticks to it oh
This is looking so good Nikki no Cheetos and Turkey combined because this is gonna be the best turkey Thanksgivings ever seen and I don’t know what rhymes with scenes But this turkeys gonna be lean and mean and one hot cheeto machine. I’m not chicken nuggets Where did that come from I don’t really know, but I’m not good Yeah, any spots you see like it’s not sticking is go ahead and got some But I did just make sure you really coated you’re not making hot cheeto turkey Massage back on oh you smell so good. He’s smells so good already. He’s not even cooked yet guys oh I can’t wait to cook you mr.. Turkey. Okay here. We go go ahead and coat just leg it up This is the hot sheet of Turkey. I’m just filming this part Just in case it doesn’t look like this after I’m done with it on the baking End so I saw I’ll show you guys right now So this recipe is really strange because it has no other season besides hot cheetos It’s a very purist hot cheetos recipe So I’m interested to see how Thielen tastes if it’s gonna have any flavor at all or according to some people says I should make this what’s called a tent for the turkey just to keep heat in and you just Measure the turkey you pick if you don’t want to seal the whole trick you But you want to seal running up a bit And I guess it’s a tent because like the middle is supposed to be like like this Hot you know turkey let’s go Bye baby one utility later, it’s 5:35 yeah, I’m gonna pull this bad boy out now for Oh my god, I can’t wait to try this and there’s like this part. You can see a liquid like should do that I don’t know what happy thing could explode right there, but I’m gonna plate this bad boy. Oh my goodness This is a few hours later guys, and I thought like the bread he would go away, but it is definitely baked on Smells so good that that’s so I tender, but it was stuck for a second, but oh my gosh Oh Guys look at this turkey. This is so beautiful I know you guys can’t really see what the legs are juices just keep coming out never thought I would eat like a hot cheeto Turkey at 5:00 in the morning, but let’s get to it. Do you hear this crunch oh? What’s so hot get it cuz the hot cheeto Turkey. No, but seriously It’s really hot though crispy and tender just like comes right off. Oh Juicy though all that juice in there Jesus who knew cooking hot cheetos and makes things so juicy the leg is like my favorite part So that’s why i’m cutting. This is unreal guys. Oh My gosh it’s so crispy the skin is so crispy it takes the hot cheetos still oh my god They’re so good mmm perfectly cooked and crispy until this is this is gonna be the best dish Give me a good bite of this oh I’m not kidding. Why is hot cheeto turkey is the real deal. Oh my god. This is a thing there’s not a joke It’s for real Oh my goodness the meat is falling off the bone look at that guy’s oh Nothing, sir all you can see it’s all fully cooked I had something hot cheeto flavor in so long, but this really set the bar for delicious hot cheeto things I’ve ever made and this is my first time cooking a turkey. I’m shocked. I shocked to myself. I love when I do this Gosh guys, I can’t recommend this enough. I don’t know why this tastes so good to me right. Oh, but it’s so good I just really wanted to make this video for you guys That’s why I stayed up until 5 in the morning, and I hope you guys really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun Thank you guys so much watching today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed the hot cheeto turkey, and you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving I’m thankful for you guys, and uh What are you guys thankful for it’s leaving the comments below Thanksgiving is basically a holiday where we celebrate what we’re thankful for We join with our family every year we eat things like turkeys and mashed potato and macaroni I am so thankful for you, Marv Marv. Thank you so much for watching today’s video, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow 12 p.m. for another new video

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