How To Make Kombucha Tea : How to Mix Brewed Tea with Kombucha Cultures

How To Make Kombucha Tea : How to Mix Brewed Tea with Kombucha Cultures

So once your tea has steeped for about 5 to
10 minutes you just remove the tea bags and the tea is really hot and if you know anything
about yeast you know they have to be luke warm. First I’m going to rinse out my jar
you can do this with soap if you like I like to just rinse it out because you don’t want
to over preponderance of the either the bacteria or the yeast you want to be taking it out,
you just move the access bacteria or yeast so that they stay in balance. So we’re going
to pour this mixture the whole thing into our jar and it’s to hot right now for us to
put in the scoby but since this is a short cut, we’re just going to add our sparking
water our fresh pure, purified water into the jar, wait till it cool down. So I’m going
to start swishing it around so I can also feel the temperature to make sure that the
yeast won’t all die once we put it in here. Alright that’s starting to feel good now I
like to let it go to this line right here, alright that’s good, (what size of jar is
that in) this is a gallon size glass jar, it originally held pickles, cause I like pickles.
Now we’re going to take our I always want to put the baby back in to give it more of
a chance, put that in there, and then this one is not to big, so I’m going to put the
whole thing back in, this one is about 2 of them. And it’s important to put the starter
on top as this will help prevent mold from growing, there we go that looks good. And
now I’m going to replace, we don’t put a lid on this jar because it is a fermentation process
this needs to breath, so I’m going to put a cloth on top of it and you might think oh
I will use a cheese cloth but you can’t use cheese cloth because the weave is to loose
and the fruit flies will get in so this is just an old tee shirt. You can use an old
tee shirt, just any old cloth you have lying around the house and then your just going
to take a rubber band and secure that on the bottom here. And last thing I like to do because
I believe this is inviting nature to live into my body I’m going to do give it a prayer
to tell it that I love it and ask for it to bring my body back into balance. There we
go and now your going to want to put this in a cool dark place where it can be undisturbed
through the fermentation process. I would say differently let it go a week and the summer
you may go up to 2 weeks depending on taste. If you want to at any time of the fermentation
process you would just open this up put your straw in and taste it to make sure that the
flavor is to your liking and in winter it will take a little longer say about 3 weeks.
So happy camping.

28 thoughts on “How To Make Kombucha Tea : How to Mix Brewed Tea with Kombucha Cultures”

  1. Did everyone notice that she used (contaminated) tap water to rinse out her jar? Tap water contains ecoli and other contaminates like flouride & chlorine. NOT good for the culture or you! momofbrock the already brewed kombucha is better to use as starter fluid than vinegar. mdhrnan you are right she should use a wooden spoon to stir with and a thermometer to test temperature.

  2. think that the video is informative and gives a good and simple way of making your own kombucha. I have a mother kombucha and a baby which I think I took too soon… it has mold spots on it. can you still drink the liquid or is it necessary to throw it away?

  3. @bruceokellogg KT is at a pH where microbial activity is inhibited. It's like sticking your hand into rubbing alcohol.

  4. @cymonebreathe You are absolutely right!! You must dispose of all Kombucha and cultures that have mold – mold is deadly!!

  5. @momofbrock You can use the culture for 10 brewing cycles. Since you are creating a new layer with each cycle, you will always have enough cultures to make more KT!

  6. You actually can use cheesecloth. I have used it for years. I also like to use a wooden spoon for all of my stirring, as opposed to my hands.

  7. @surfflyfish4striper You can use any tea that doesn't contain oils; i add cinnamon (among other things) to a tea-based sugar solution at bottling time, but i've found booch to be super-forgiving in terms of experimentation. Try it

  8. Why don't you make from tea leaves? It's far less processed, easily available. I make mine from Chinese Green tea, I feel more comfy than using processed tea from tea bags

  9. Good set of videos…. but I do have to question you using your hand to "swish" the tea around. Seems quite unsanitary. Thinking a boiled utensil and boiling water in the bottle to sterilize would be best.

  10. I don't know why people are weirded out by Hannah praying for her tea. I pray for mine often as well. If for nothing less than God allowing me to make and drink it.

  11. Mine takes 48+48 hrs doing continuous brew. Pour out 1/2-2/3 from my gallon jar. This does a second ferment(48hrs)right next to gallon jar. Then add half gal of cooled tea & sugar mixture(1/2gal water, 4-5 black-sometimes 3 black & 1 green, 1/2c sugar) to the jar w/scoby). I don't do a cool dark place, but on the counter, away from direct light, covered w/cotton towel. The woman who taught me kombucha, uses grow pad to maintain a 70 degree temp, but I've found temp in our home to be sufficient.

  12. Perty sure tea bags is alot cheaper.
    But well with that kind of thinking just use any leaf or flower or herb that suitable to making tea.

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