How To Make Kombucha Tea : Kombucha Culture & Brewing

How To Make Kombucha Tea : Kombucha Culture & Brewing

This is a prepared batch of Kombucha what
you see here are, I like to leave, like I said I like to leave a couple of the cultures
in and this is the baby this one here on top. I’ll show you that more in detail in just
a minute. Now if you can brew tea you can make Kombucha it’s just that simple. I do
a short cut method where in I instead of boiling the whole gallon of liquid and waiting for
ever to cool down, I just do one quart, so this here is 4 cups of water. We’re going
to start that boiling and before that comes to a boil I’m going to add 1 cup of sugar,
a raw organic turbinado sugar and I’m going to stir while I do that so that the sugar
crystals don’t stick to the bottom, so they don’t caramelized cause if they caramelized
that can be harmful and also have a bad flavor, so I’m just going to stir this all looks dissolved
into the water. And once we’re done with that we’re going to move over and take a look at
the scoby up close. Alrighty here we go, so now we’re going to take our jar we’re going
to come over here, come closer, again glass is really important that the brewing vessel
and all the materials touch the Kombucha is made out of glass. Metal is absolutely a no
no it will leach toxicans from plastic, so it’s really important that you use unlite
glass. Now if you don’t have I use a gallon pickle jar from Cosco cause I love pickles,
so you can use a pickle jar, you can use a large bowl just anything that’ll hold a gallon
of liquid. So here let’s take out our baby and see that there kind of attached, I’m going
to ripe it off and there’s our baby. This is a celluer structure that the bacteria needs
build so that they can live in this. And you can see these back here these are the little
yeast, they make this little brown glops, put that in there, we’re going to take out
our other 2 that are stuck together and you’ll see that there a little older, there a little
browner and text in color, but there still good. Now your going to need a culture and
your also going to need starter which once you start brewing you can get your starter
by pouring off from the top about a cup of liquid to cover it up. And this will be your
starter for the next batch, I’m going to cover that with the towels so that the fruit flies
don’t get to it, and now we’re going to move to the bottling process.

50 thoughts on “How To Make Kombucha Tea : Kombucha Culture & Brewing”

  1. Help! I started a kombucha tea last week, and when I looked at it today, it is all brown, and the tea is still sweet. I think I killed it! I was so looking forward to making it.

  2. I get a strong buzz from Kombucha. Just drank half a glass of week old mate/brown indian sugar base liquid, and I feel fantastic.

    Love Kombucha, beautiful pile of bacteria and yeast!

  3. @ponkkaa It is not recommended to use herbal teas. What you CAN do is when the Kombucha is ready to drink, make fresh hearbal tea, LET IT COOL to room temp, and add a bit to your Kombucha to give it a bit of different flavor. I have done that and my kids love it! Search on the net for more info on what type of teas work for Kombucha. You don't want to kill the beneficial bacteria by using the wrong tea. Usually the safast are green tea, ceylon (black tea) and some chinese teas work well. GBY!

  4. There's not good evidence that Kombucha tea delivers on its health claims. At the same time, several cases of harm have been reported. Therefore, until definitive studies quantify the risks and benefits of Kombucha tea, it's prudent to avoid it.

  5. @justintrayford The evidence has remained in the anecdotal realm because pharma won't pay for clinical trials on something it can't patent. Since Kombucha is found in nature, you can't patent it.

  6. @chingchong54 That debris is usually yeast strings – if you mean the snot glob, then yes, you can grow a culture from that, though I'd recommend only doing so from an original, unflavored Kombucha

  7. @tangopoder The sugar isn't for you – its for the culture – it uses it as fuel and transforms it into healthy amino acids

  8. @bagman4175 The close captioning is optional and can be turned off. Simply click on the arrow at the lower right hand corner of the screen and then click on CC. Hope that helped.

  9. @BrokenRRT she could mean that it's harmful to the process of making kombucha. Or harmful to her own interest since it would "stick to the bottom" of her pot.

  10. @KidMilly

    some people don't like it, i myself like the taste of the tea. it has a sourish, slight sweet, soda water flavor. it's also naturally carbonated.

  11. is it me or when she pulls it out of the jar and says ''and heres our baby'' am i the only person who finds it unappetizing?

  12. Srsly though, great vid. I'm about to head out to find some of this stuff so i can try my own. Thanks for the info! ~pickles!~

  13. @creamsodaistasty – You might want to watch the rest of the series. Ths is only one step. You will make a green tea and sugar mixture. Then you add the scoby and the liquid from the bowl and let it sit for a week. I jsut made some and it is delish.

  14. how long should you leave the cloth on?? I have a gallon glass jar that came with a glass jar, should I put that on there after a number of days of the cloth around the mouth of the jar?

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