Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making our own candy lollipops, spirals, candy with a pattern on the inside
and sherbet filled candies. What you’ll need to make these is some sugar,
glucose syrup, water and some cream of tartar. Put the sugar and the water into the pan with
the glucose syrup. Place that over high heat. If you’ve got any sugar crystals on the sides
of your pan then you just want to wash those down using a wet pastry brush. Turn your oven on to 100C or 210F and place
a tray lined with non-stick baking paper in to warm up. Let your sugar mixture boil until it reaches
150C or 302F. Turn off the heat and stir through the cream
of tartar. Now we will follow this same basic process
for all of our candies. For the sherbet filled candy add yellow food
colouring and stir it through. And then pour that into a warm tray that has
been lined with baking paper. Now to protect our hands from the heat we
are going to use .. silicone gloves but these are not going to be enough so we are also
going to use cotton gloves underneath them. Oh, and let me show you my nails while we
are here – these are one of the designs in my own line of wraps that I’m doing with Jamberry. These ones are called YUM and they have cute
little icecreams on them and I’ll link to them below. For those of you who asked last week what
are wraps? They are bit like stickers made out of nail
polish, and you use a little bit of heat to stick them onto your nails. And they last up to few weeks. We are going to put these ones through some
rough treatment today with heat and gloves and in and out of gloves. Fold in the edges towards of the hot sugar
towards the centre and then lift it up and begin to pull it out and then fold it back
in. The more you pull it, the more shiny and opaque
it becomes. If you want it to be transparent then don’t
pull it much at all. Place it back in the tray and flatten it out
as much as you can and then put it in the oven to warm up again. Now that it’s warm you can stretch it into
a rectangle. Now usually when chefs make this sort of candy
they have a heat lamp shining on the candy that keeps it warm while it’s on the counter
so you don’t need to keep putting it back in the oven, but they are super expensive
so this is the way to do it home. Place a generous amount of sherbet down the
centre of your rectangle and then bring the sides up and around to cover it. Push down each of the ends to seal in the
sherbet. Squeeze it to make a cylinder shape and then
place it back in the oven for about 30 seconds to a minute, just keeping an eye on it because
you don’t want to overheat it. Once you can just stretch it when it’s soft
enough to stretch, pull the candy to make a long snake. Working quickly before it hardens make firm
indents along the candy so that you are sealing in the sherbet into each one. To make lollipops we’ll need a few different
colours in the one batch. So place strips of foil along the tray and
then cover it in baking paper. Prepare the candy just like we did before
but this time add a few drops of essence, I am using a fairy floss flavour. You can buy all different ones and then just
flavour your candy. Pour some hot mixture into each of the sections. And then to get you pan clean all you need
to do is fill it up with water and leave it to soak and the sugar will just dissolve off. Add food colouring to each section in the
colours that you are after for your lollipop. And then using scissors, cut along the baking
paper so you can work with one colour at a time. Fold it into the middle and then stretch it
until it becomes opaque. Make it into a snake and then set it aside. Repeat that with the blue. And the red
And the yellow and the clear one as well to make it white Then warm them slightly again in the oven
and place them together to make a cylinder and squeeze them so that they stick together. Cut the cylinder in half and leave some to
keep warm while you stretch the other half. Twisting as you stretch so you get that pretty
pattern. Take a lollipop stick and poke it into one
end then wrap the mixture around and around pressing it into place. And you can keep going to make your lollipop
as giant as you want it to be. To make the spirals remove the mixture from
the heat and add in flavouring, for this one I am using musk. Split it into two sections and add red colouring
to one half and blue into the other. We are going to take the blue half and pull
it and stretch it to make it opaque but with the red half we are just going to leave that
and not pull it all. Keep pulling the blue half and twisting it
so that you can see there the more we pull it and the more we twist it the more opaque
and shiny it becomes. Don’t pull the red half just cut it in half
to make two long cylinders. Pull the blue into two long snakes too and
then stack them up to make a square. It looks a bit like toothpaste. Squeeze them together to round it out and
then cut that into two. Working with one half pull it and make it
thinner into a nice thin long stick. And you can slice it while ti is warm to make
individual candies OR to make the spirals, wrap it around a thick skewer. Once it is all the way to the end you can
just pull the skewer out and leave those to cool. See how the pink there is totally transparent
because we didn’t pull it and the blue is opaque. The other thing you can do is roll some of
this mixture into a ball and make round lollipops and just put a stick in one end. And you can make as many different candies
as you like just by flavouring and colouring each one differently. And now for something which is going to be
hard to do without a heat lamp but I reckon we can do it. We’re going to split the mixture into three
and colour some red, leave some plain and colour the last section green. Pull each of the colours just like we have
done before to make them opaque. And then stretch the red one to make three
long snakes, return one to the oven to warm up. And once it is soft and pliable, place it
across the top of the two red snakes and shape it at the top into a point. Add some white along each side of that triangle
and then flip it up the other way and add a strip down the centre on the top. And then finally add more white so that the
red is completely covered. Warm your green, and stretch it out and add
it over the top of the white so that it goes all the way around. Now you are going to need to place that back
in the oven to warm it up because those two red ones are quite cold by now. And once it’s warm you can just stretch that
candy out into a long strip. Now to cut it without it shattering it needs
to be quite warm so return it to the oven until you can bend it like this. And then quickly using a sharp knife, chop
off pieces to reveal the little heart inside. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy
sweet creations, Click here for the recipe and here for my
chocolate truffles and here for my YouTube channel. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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