How to Make Low Calorie Hiyashi Chuka with Shirataki Noodles | Cooking with Dog

How to Make Low Calorie Hiyashi Chuka with Shirataki Noodles | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, rinse the moyashi bean sprouts and trim off the root ends. Place them into a pan. Add a sprinkle of salt and the sesame oil. Cover and turn on the burner. Heat the pan for 2 minutes. Then, roughly stir the moyashi to help cook evenly. Place onto a mesh strainer. Cool the moyashi with a fan to avoid overcooking. Next, let’s make the sauce. Combine the sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and the water. Stir and dissolve the sugar. Then, add the grated ginger root and the sesame oil. Mix it again. Save 2 tablespoonfuls of the sauce on a plate. Now, let’s prepare the shirataki noodles. Rinse the shirataki and cut the long noodles into shorter lengths with kitchen shears. Then, place the shirataki into a pot of boiling water. Bring it to a rolling boil and boil the noodles for about 30 seconds. Now, strain the shirataki and discard the water from the pot. Place the shirataki back into the empty pot. Turn the heat up to high and stir to remove any excess water. This will help the noodles absorb the sauce later. Now, place the shirataki onto the plate. Toss to coat with the sauce evenly. Chill the shirataki and the remaining sauce in the fridge. And now, place the toppings onto the noodles. Add the shredded cucumber and the tomato. This Chinese-flavored barbecued pork is called Char Siu but you can substitute ham instead. Add the Kinshi Tamago, shredded fried egg sheet and the moyashi bean sprouts. Finally, lightly stir the sauce and pour it over the Hiyashi Chuka. You can also add karashi hot mustard to taste. Even if the package says parboiling is not required, we strongly recommend boiling the shirataki. This will help it to absorb the sauce and reduce any unwanted flavor. Shirataki has very low calories so it is perfect for dieting. It is also rich in dietary fibers and helps maintain your digestive system. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. Chef,
    I would love to see a video about preparing a picnic bento. Thank you and I always look forward to your videos.

  2. And here I thought "That is an awful lot of cheese, atypical for how they normally cook." But it was tamagoyaki all along…

  3. Hi, i'm Iris! I recently hit 2,000 subscribers and have a healthy foods/fitness channel. I made a lot of healthy recipes with some organic and gluten free ingredients. If you don't mind, I'd love if you checked it out 🙂

  4. I've never heard of Shirataki noodles. I'm going to go down to Wal-mart(site says they carry them) and try these out. ♥

  5. Is there any way to make the noodles out of the konnyaku block? I'm afraid I don't have the noodles available in my area, just konnyaku pieces. 

  6. Hi,really like your video, thump up . By the way, could make more dessert recipe, since all your recipe is so beautiful.

  7. Thanks for this channel really helps me a lot, so glad that there are stores selling japanese foods/items  here in our country. honto ni yokatta

  8. Might try making this with soba noodles if I can't find the noodles they used. Might also add some shiitake mushrooms, since a store nearby sells them fresh and for a very good price.

  9. i use shirataki noodles for all my asian dishes…cuts out the carbs 🙂

    i also use them in low carb spring rolls….that are rolled using soy wrappers.

  10. This looks amazing and I love that it's low calorie and though it's geared towards diet, it is a complete meal. I can't wait to add this to my list of dishes that you make and that I love to eat. ^_^

  11. Ahhh calories !… 😉  Shirataki, I can't… it is not the taste, very neutral, but consistency… too much rubbery for me !
    Ahhh, les calories !… 🙂 Shirataki, je ne peux pas… ce n'est pas le goût, très neutre, mais la consistance… trop caoutchouteux pour moi !

  12. I've tried konyakku (chopped into bits for a dish) as well as shiritaki noodles and for some reason I just… can't get used to the chewiness and overall texture of it, although I do love how well it picks up flavors. Do you have any recommendations on how to adjust the consistency? Thank you!

  13. How to Make Low Calorie Hiyashi Chuka with Shirataki Noodles しらたき冷やし中華 作り方 レシピ

  14. please, pleeeease adopt me lol i really love that japanese cooking only ever seems to require one or two cooking rings

  15. This episode is so good. Not only is the recipe great, but the overall production quality is improving by leaps and bounds.


  16. I made this dish for my sister and mother and they loved it! It was slightly difficult to find the Shirataki noodles but I'm glad I eventually found the right kind they are very tasty! <3333333

  17. Yay, ever since I saw the promo I looked forward to this recipe, as I bought this in local combinis often when I stayed in Japan. Now I can try and enjoy them at home, thank you!

  18. I've seen these at my Japanese grocery store and I had always wondered what to do with them. I'm going to buy them next time!

  19. So I just looked up Shirataki, and discovered it's not only low calorie, but it has no carbohydrates. That opens a plethora of possibilities for me since I have to keep myself on a ketogentic diet. I'm so glad I watched this. 有難う 御座います! 

  20. I'm so glad you did a shirataki recipe! I'm pre-diabetic and so have to avoid starches like pastas and rice, and it was disappointing since I had started to experiment with Japanese dishes just before the diagnosis. Shirataki noodles have been a good way to enjoy the recipes I used to like but can't have anymore, though finding interesting recipes for it has been difficult. Thank you for sharing. ^^

  21. I'm looking for new healthy recepies and light snacks, thank you for sharing this recepie! I will try to make it some time 🙂

  22. I've gotten these noodles before, but I've never known what to do with them to make them taste good until now. Thank you~

  23. I made this today and the sauce is seriously amazing! I can't believe the ginger and vinegar go so well together ^____^ I also added some boiled eggplant because it could soak up the sauce~ Thank you so much chef! 😀

  24. I had not heard of shirataki noodles, but I went out to my local Asian market and found them hidden away behind the rice noodles. I made this recipe and found them to be pretty good if a little chewy. Thank you for posting this recipe and in turn allowing me to learn about shirataki noodles.

  25. For those who cannot find fresh shirataki noodles (I can in Japanese markets nearby), but I also order dry shirtaki from Japan via Amazon Japan or Rakuten Japan.  Keeps forever and very light to ship. I do this because I don't always want to have fresh shirataki in the refrigerator.  For dried shirataki, just add hot water to soften.  Works like a charm. 

  26. Shirataki are sold in many grocery stores now(publix has them in the south) and they are a great substitute to regular phytic acid noodles. Can't wait to try this!! Thank you!

  27. I love your Japanese recipes!! I've been a fan of Japanese food and culture, in which I hope to be able to learn more Japanese recipes I can put into bentos :3 Cheers all the way from Malaysia!! Hope to see more easy diet food too!

  28. I have this bad habit of watching cooking shows when I'm hungry. I don't know how to stop. This is torture. Somebody help.

  29. I would love to see more recipes for different varieties of Ramen! I have been on a big ramen kick lately and I love to have more inspiration for it 🙂

  30. Proof that an all-around healthy and low-carb meal can be really tasty. Thank you for the recipe, Chef!

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  32. I tried this recipe and it was awesome! Very easy, healthy and yummy! Thanks Chef for the recipe and video! I did not have any freshly grated ginger so I added the preserved ginger (those you eat with sushi) and it works as well!

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