How To Make Meatballs Easy Italian Meatballs Recipe in Dutch Oven

How To Make Meatballs Easy Italian Meatballs Recipe in Dutch Oven

When it comes to the perfect family meal
Sunday meal, meatballs are the best. I don’t know about you, but I was
born and raised in Italy and to me, meatballs are magic. I have very
many different versions of meatball, but this is my favorite also because I
get to cook it in my favorite pot. Oh, mamma mia! it’s an enamel cast-iron
Dutch oven from Marquette Castings. Beautiful, red! Plus red
is my favorite color. But the flavor that it can bring out.
The meatball Recipe is very simple. Let me show you exactly how to make it. What we have in here is some ground
beef and what I have in here is sausage. why? Sausages are already full of spices and
what I like to do is to add the beef and the sausage together so they exchange
the flavors inside. At this point, one of the things that I like to do
is that quite a bit of shredded bread. This is the day old bread that
I shredded in very fine pieces. Then next thing that we’re going to
do, we’re going to go with our eggs, so here we go with the first.
I’m going to put a second. Then the next thing, in spite
of the fact that we have a lot, a lot of flavors already in there, I always like to put a little bit
of pepper and a little bit of salt. If you can, sea salt. Sea salt, in my
opinion, has a much better flavor in. It’s quite conducive. The look, the feel and the spirituality of this
recipe and then here is the cheese. Now the cheese that I’m using is parmesan
reggiano, When you get to this point, where you want to do is mix all of the
ingredients with your hands just like this. At this point we pretty much have what
we want here is when I do make a little bit of addition of breadcrumbs.
Why? Why dry breadcrumbs, Italian style, very simple. These breadcrumbs now are completing
the texture between the softness of the bread and everything else
that we placed in there. The cheese is bringing out this
astonishing flavor. I remember this, the sausage and the sausage
has all sorts of flavor. We’re now ready to make our meatballs.
And let me show you how to do that. What I’d like to do a place in right
here in the middle of my hand and then making a circular motion.
I go around just like this. Alright, all the meatballs are made.
Now let me show you how to cook them. Well we need to do is
to add the tomato sauce and beef stock. And look what I do. I like to put in the container with the
tomato sauce so I don’t waste any of it. And I added back into the Dutch oven. Now turn on the heat and we’re going to
bring this to a soft boil over medium high heat. The mixture
of tomato sauce and beef. Stock has now reached a
fairly vicious soft boil. And this at this point that we do like
to add the meatballs because we want to do is to braise the meatballs in the
sauce. When you do add them very gentle. Don’t just throw them in there. The tomato sauce is gonna splash
back and you will not like it. Sunday dinner with the family. Nothing
better. I make my favorite dish. in my My favorite pot
might my red dutch oven. take a look at this spaghetti.

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  1. we have followed you for years- my sons are now grown and they have your cookbooks and they make your spaghetti and shrimp almost every week!!!!

  2. Definitely, a recipe to try. Thank you for explaining the method. Fun to see new videos here. Keep going, you’re on to something. Who made that gorgeous bowl that the meatballs were mixed in, (looks like Italian ceramic, or Spanish)? Warmest regards. Sincerely, Anna

  3. Is that 4 cups of sauce to 1 cup of beef stock? I have that same dutch oven, so tempted to try your version. I think I'd still want to add fresh parsley to the meatballs. Much easier than frying them though!

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