How to Make Roasted Butternut Squash

How to Make Roasted Butternut Squash

Today on The Stay At Home chef I’m
showing you how to make Easy Roasted Butternut Squash I’m gonna show you a
classic basic recipe for roasted butternut squash as well as give you
three more flavor options so that you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.
Now the easiest way to cut and peel a butternut squash starts with a fork.
You’re gonna use the fork to pierce the outside skin. You just want to rotate the
squash so that gets a little bit of aeration going and then as strange as
this sounds we’re gonna pop this in the microwave We’re gonna soften it up and
make it easier to peel and cut by placing it in the microwave and cooking
on high for three minutes. Next we’ll slice off each of the ends
and then slice it down the middle lengthwise and since we have microwaved
this it’s a lot softer than it normally is It makes a huge difference to
microwave at first and makes it a ton easier to cut. Then just like a pumpkin
there are seeds inside so you use a spoon to scoop those out. Then in order to dice
it I’m going to slice the neck off from the bulb portion so that you have two
pieces. Then we’ll be able to dice the neck portion. Slice it in half again and
then we’ll be able to dice into 1-inch cubes Then the bulb side is a little
harder what I like to do is rock it onto one end and slice a piece there and
rotate it until I’m able to dice it into chunks. Transfer all of your cubed
butternut squash to a mixing bowl. Then for the classic base recipe you’ll
drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive oil on there Season with salt and black pepper.
Add in two cloves of minced garlic and give this a toss. Then spread these out
into an even layer onto a baking sheet Now before we roast these I promised you three other flavor options so we’ll go over those really quick. For a rosemary
version, drizzle with olive oil just like before Season with salt and pepper, add
in some garlic. Then add either 2 tablespoons of minced fresh rosemary or
2 teaspoons of dried and give it a toss I’m just gonna roast these on the
same baking sheet as my classic version Those are both classic great savory
options for butternut squash. The next two are for those of you with a little
bit of a sweet tooth For brown sugar roasted butternut squash we’re going to
drizzle with a little bit of melted butter Sprinkle on some brown sugar and
add just a pinch of salt and give this a toss. Spread this out in an even layer
on a baking sheet. The last option is maple roasted butternut squash so I’m
going to drizzle on about 3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup. Add in a little bit
of olive oil, pinch of salt again and toss, Maple and butternut squash are a
great classic flavor combination II’ll put the maple version on this side of
this baking sheet we’re gonna roast these in a 400-degree oven for about 40
minutes or until the squash is tender And that’s it! You’re ready to eat! Let me
know in the comments below which flavor combination you’ll try first, Thanks for watching! You can find the full written recipe in the video description. Be sure
to subscribe, like, and follow and check out the rest of my videos where you can
find hundreds of restaurant-quality recipes you can easily make at home. See
you later!

18 thoughts on “How to Make Roasted Butternut Squash”

  1. Oh yum. Since I can't have garlic and black pepper and don't like rosemary I will just use a bit of salt. How would thyme be, I can have that? I would love the butter and brown sugar, I would have to take it easy with both. That would be second choice. Thanks for the great instruction on microwave and cutting, loved it. Lots of hugs your way….

  2. I make butternut squash all year, I mix together maple syrup, brown sugar, cummin, garlic powder, onion powder. I sautee onions and garlic together, then mix everything together and bake. I will have to try microwaving first because I have cut myself trying to cut the squash 😊

  3. Hi gorgeous
    .. with Thanksgiving around the corner i would love to see you cook a Turkey with your own recipe and then show how you carve it…could you do this?

  4. Omg I am so happy I have found you. My daughter has developed a thing to meat and can’t eat meat no more it literally makes her sick and I have gone through all your videos and found so many easy and no meat dishes. You are a god send.

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