How to Make – Roasted Pork Leg – Crispy Cracklings

How to Make – Roasted Pork Leg – Crispy Cracklings

Hi! welcome to Pachi the Colombian Cook and to
my Magic Realism Kitchen. Today, we’re gonna transform this beautiful leg of pork into
delicious healthy feast for all of us! I am cutting the skin of the pork about half
an inch down I’ll show you in a minute as I turn it around because this side is cooking
without going thru the meat but this is gonna help me season the pork it’s gonna be set
in the refrigerator over night and that way it will flavor the meat from the top and from
the bottom. Look at this it’s amazing. We’re gonna melt
all of this fat. It’s going to soften the meat and it’s going… We’re gonna get rid of it later. but it’s
gonna have a beautiful look and a wonderful tip. We’re gonna cut crosswise. Start here. You need a very sharp knife and go slowly. There’s no rush. This is not taking hard to
make many cuts but you really want to separate the pork skin. This delicious crack Work later on with crackings.
They’re gonna be great! What we’re gonna do is take all of these quartered
onions. 4 quartered onions and we’re gonna place in the bottom of the pan. They are gonna
be aiding our delicious…… Place them here. We’re gonna need some fresh
peppercorns. Add some cabernet salt. One and two. So we’re gonna add the second sprig of fresh
peppercorns and the third teaspoon of cabernet salt. We’re gonna add a whole cup of dijon
mustard. The whole jar. We are going to add 4 garlic cloves but we
already have some garlic paste. 4 cloves of garlic and now we’re gonna add
half a cup of minced cilantro. Parsley We are gonna add some thyme. Fresh from my
garden, picked this morning. Thyme goes great with pork. and then again we can do one sprig of rosemary.
It takes everything and everything is so fresh that’s it’s gonna be delicious. So let’s take this mix it first. We’re going
to rub it on the pork specially on the cuts then on the bottom side. Here in the cuts. I’m gonna use my hand in
here. I just want to show you in case somebody doesn’t that they’re gonna go into the crosses
that we have in the pork so it seasons it everywhere. It goes through the meat and the
we’re gonna do the back. you don’t have to base it, you don’t have to look
at it, you don’t have to do anything but just wait for the time to go and do anything you
please during your day. Somebody stays home, you can leave it in the
oven, go to work and when you come back, wow! big surprise. it’s gonna be ready to be baked. Ok now, last but not least is the ginger.
That you add at the top of this right before baking. I love it. it’s about two inch piece
of ginger that I have grated in a handle style grater. Delicious oh my god! the smell is amazing.
I’m gonna leave a piece in the bottom of the pan so that it mixes with the orange juice Our pork in this, air cooker then I got my
children so I gotta make sure that it works great. So I’m gonna add a cup of orange juice
first, I’m gonna place the onions in the bottom, the seasoned pork in the back and in the front
right on top of it and just add the rest of the onions on the side. I think we can do
this for atleast 2 – 3 hours while some of the fat comes out I have to, rendering a little bit
of the fat. I’ll open it up. Remove the fat, add more orange juice and
keep cooking. So that we don’t over flood. This is a pretty big leg of pork. It’s 14
pounds. So, here we go. I’m gonna wash my hands and come right back. First time using this oven and I know the
bottom is simply a collecting rack and it’s plastic. I’m gonna place it right here because
I’m felling it up to the rim and it’s gonna start rendering some fat. That way, I don’t
have to open the oven at all again after we start cooking. and let’s place the top of
it. So this side is right exactly the size. and I place it in 300 degrees which is 90
here and let’s go start. Now we have are pork ready and the way to know
is you put a thermometer in and it has to show 160 degrees. You open it up. Look at this beautiful color how the meat
separates from the bone it is so so tender. The skin how crispy it is the cracklings are
amazing. Some of these black is herbs that have over
cooked and burned but you can take ’em off and look at this the cracklings are complete
and you can remove all of the burnt part from it and enjoy some marvelous pork cracklings
together with your meat that we’re gonna try in minutes. Now we’re gonna try this delicious…… which
is our leg of pork it has a bone side look how tender it is and I am gonna try a little
bit of it Look at the tenderness…. of this pork it
is amazing. It’s almost gonna become pulled pork. mmmm! Perfect! I’m gonna try this crackling too. mmmmmm!!! this is a once a year thing but
it is perfect!

19 thoughts on “How to Make – Roasted Pork Leg – Crispy Cracklings”

  1. How about you mention in the description that you were not going to use a conventional oven also your scoring of the meat at the start was way too deep.

  2. That was well seasoned Jamaicans don't eat meat that isn't seasoned properly. Scoring was too deep. And what was that contraption?☺

  3. the contraption is an inexpensive oven for people without space or good kitchen appliances, that at 120 US can make a 18 pls leg of pork or even a 24 pound turkey…it is called a NUWAVE oven, I do not get paid to show it, I got it years ago for my daughters.

  4. Lets get married you are beautiful and wonderful cook I will do what ever you say and I am very rich I luv you GOD BLESS and stay safe !!

  5. I don`t have a fucking air cooker.. put it in the description,, I`m sure your getting some sort of a payoff from the manufacturers.. Won`t be coming back soon, in fact never again. Enjoy your privileged life xx

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