27 thoughts on “How to make roasted potatoes from canned potatoes”

  1. I have collected many cans of sliced potatoes, from my food bank after time. Any suggestions what to do with tem? Thanks

  2. I keep cans of diced potatoes in the fridge for a quick throw together potato salad and cans of new potatoes for cutting up in soups and stews when I'm out of russets.

  3. How nostalgic! I remember cooking canned potatoes with butter in a skillet when my kids were little (about 45 years, or so, ago). Thank you for this recipe. I'm going to give it a try!

  4. I go to the grocery store twice a week. I’ve never seen canned potatoes. What brand are those? Kroger or HEB?

  5. When I was a kid, we used to take cans of sliced or cubed potatoes camping and fry them up over the fire in the morning with eggs. Sooooo good and so quick!

  6. While I'm not a fan of most canned veggies, a canned potato will stand up to anything fresh. That's the magic of potatoes! (and canned tomatoes). What a great easy way to make one tasty potato dish!

  7. These look wonderful! I’m going to try them in a baking dish in my air fryer this week. I’ve used the sliced can potatoes to make “potato chips’ in the air fryer and they were delicious.Thanks Stephanie for the fun video/recipe!

  8. I have always wondered how to make canned potatoes taste better.  This is great!  Thank you so much for sharing Stephanie!

  9. Wow these looking great. So simple to do. I need to add this on my channel. Hope you have a great 4th. New sub by the way. 😁

  10. I wanted to invent my own Thanksgiving side dish that was a little quirky so I bought some canned new potatoes. I'm going use your directions and add some Vienna sausage and French's Crispy Fried Onions. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I sometimes put whole canned potatoes in a roast instead of fresh potatoes. They are really good. Just another idea for you.

  12. Thank you for this recipe! I have very fond memories of my elementary school cafeteria serving oven-browned potatoes. I am eager to try this.

  13. Only time I use canned potatoes is when I cook them in my green beans. Never thought to use them any other way lol thank you for helping me with a new short cut to cooking!

  14. Thank ya ma'am! Amazing! 2nd time i tried it, i put the taters in a freezer bag with the melted butter and parm cheese. Got it all good n shook up. Then put it in the fridge over night. Put it in a Pyrex roaster pan with a small bit more butter and parm cheese. Goodness. Thank yea ma'am! Your a doll!

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