How To Make Salmon Tartare – Best Salmon Tartare Recipe

How To Make Salmon Tartare – Best Salmon Tartare Recipe

[Intro music] This is my take on the classic salmon tartare. It’s a great salmon recipe with lots of flavours. Only use top quality fish as you will be eating it raw. Prepare everything ahead and chop the salmon last. To make salmon tartare with sweet and sour caramelised onions and paprika oil, you will need chopped red onions, chopped capers, chopped garlic, curry powder, chopped parsley, chopped dill, dijon mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, cherry tomatoes and dill to garnish, fresh salmon but previously frozen, sweet and sour caramelised onions, paprika oil, salt and pepper. When you are finished chopping and preparing your all the ingredients for the recipe, then prepare the salmon last. So take the salmon on a cutting board. Cut it into thin slices. Then cut it into dices. Make sure you position well your fingers. Then chop your dices or cubes until it’s finely chopped. In a bowl, place the salmon that you just chopped. Then add the capers, the chopped red onions, the curry powder, the chopped garlic, the herbs- so the dill and the parsley. Add the dijon mustard, the olive oil, the lemon juice- about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Salt- such a good salt mill, it’s a Peugeot, that’s why. And then mix well. And you can see that the salmon has changed colour because now it’s being cured with the lemon juice. Taste. Lot’s of flavours! The onion, the garlic, the curry, but also the lemon juice; the acidity of the lemon juice, a little bit of the dill flavour, very nice. May be a tiny bit more pepper. Before serving the salmon, wait for a couple of minutes then plate it. To serve the salmon tartare, I am going to be using some shapes- rings. So they could be oval, round, square or any other shapes that you may have. Place the mould in the centre of the large plate. Then fill the shape. Make sure you fill all the corners of the shape; pressing down slightly. Then hold it and just keep it in place. Great. Garnish with caramelised onions on the top. You may add extra caramelised onion and serve them on the side because they are delicious. Perfect! Add a sprig of fresh dill over. Garnish with some cherry tomatoes. Add a few drops of paprika oil between the tomatoes. Serve the salmon tartare immediately, you cannot wait may be with toasted bread and a glass of Chardonnay. Bon appétit! Salmon tartare with sweet and sour caramelised onions and paprika oil.

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  1. Tartare is a preparation of finely chopped raw meat or fish, optionally served with seasoning and sauces. Learn this great salmon recipe, prepare everything ahead and chop the salmon last.

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