How to Make Scrambled Eggs | Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe | Hilah Cooking Ep 34

How to Make Scrambled Eggs | Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe | Hilah Cooking Ep 34

Hi there! I am Hilah, and welcome to Hilah
Cooking. So one of the goals of our show is to sort of go over the basics kind of cooking
101 if you will. So today I am going to show you how to make scrambled eggs, super-duper
easy, and it’s a great thing to know how to make if you want to make breakfast for yourself
or you want to make breakfast tacos or any number of things. So I will show you starting
right now. Okay, so basically all you need is eggs and
butter. Some people like to add milk or water to their eggs, personally I don’t really notice
the difference when I do that, so you can do it. I don’t know. I think maybe the extra
liquid just helps you break up the egg more better. I don’t really know. I have heard
explanations, but I don’t necessarily believe it. Anyway, it is important to get some air
mixed into your eggs, so when you beat them, you can use a fork. I am gonna use a whisk
because it’s kind of more fun, but you just want to do it a lot, and it starts to turn
sort of a lighter yellow, a lemon yellow. Get in there air! Get frothy on me.
Then we add a little salt and pepper and we ready to cook. All right, let that pre-heat
while I get my S&P in there, that’s salt and pepper, and mix that up again, and another
very important thing when you’re making eggs is to use the proper sized pan. Since I just
have two eggs here, I am using my little baby skillet because I don’t want them all spread
out and then you end up with sort of a, they cook to fast, and then you get sort of tough
eggs. So I want them to cook slow and kind of deep, and I’ve got on our high heat right
now while the butter melts, and the butter is going to melt, and then it’s gonna kind
of fill them up a little bit, and that’s when I know it’s hot enough it will start to bubble.
One final wham-bam and then I am gonna pour my eggs in.
Okay, now don’t stir them right away. Let them acclimate to their new environment. Turn
your heat down to medium-low, and it’s starting to cook around the edges here, but I don’t
want to mess with it just yet. Now I do. I am using a rubber/silicone spatula. You can
use a metal spatula because I want to be gentle with my baby eggs. Now I can start stirring
them a little more vigorously to break up the little clumps, and when they’re, I like
my eggs fully done, but you want to take them off before they are to the point of your liking,
so like this looks, turn that heat off and just keep stirring them around for just a
few more seconds. You don’t want to overcook, and then there. They still look a little moist
and ready to plate. Go ahead and get them on my plate and perfectly
cooked, scrambled eggs. All right, see here we have large curds that are still moist and
delicious and fluffy. Mmmmm! Perfect. There you have it. Perfectly cooked eggs. Check
out for more episodes and recipes and I will see you later on the flipside

100 thoughts on “How to Make Scrambled Eggs | Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe | Hilah Cooking Ep 34”

  1. Wrong you pre mixed the eggs will be watery, and you seasoned it too early, you use a pot, put it on a generous heat take it off and on the heat, add cream franchise and chives, serve on sourdough toast with mushrooms and tomatoes ALL WRONG

  2. I like that name – Hilah. Is it Scandinavian in origin?
    You don't need salt, though. Every recipe for scrambled eggs seems to call for salt, but you don't need salt.
    I stopped adding salt to my food about 30 years ago. Haven't missed it since. A benefit of going saltless is that my blood pressure is perfectly normal.

  3. Omgd thanks!! This helped me sooo much! I think i even made better eggs than my mom lol! 👍🏼 +Subed

  4. Wow, I was surprised that your eggs didn't stick to your pan since its a cast iron one with no Teflon coating. EVERY TIME, I make scrambled eggs they stick to the pan and I have to be scraping the egg from the center of my pan. And I always use either a Teflon pan or one of those ceramic coated pans, but I always end up scraping egg off the pan. I've tried high heat, medium heat and medium low heat, non-stick cooking spray…you name it but I can't get great looking and tasting eggs like yours! 🤔

  5. how could you eat this bland **? these morons don't even know how food should taste, at least put some chilies or just chaat masala on it & see the difference it makes

  6. PERFECT –  all pointers,  details including,   emptying shells,   hands,  nails,    no shoes,   nice and down to earth lady,    only thing I usually add to the eggs is slight sprinkle of garlic powder – to taste.         highest  regards

  7. I was like "let's git this dun!"
    then she said "breakfast tacos" and then I was like "YOU CAN MAKE BREAKFAST TACOS?!"

  8. You are my new favorite you tube chef, great advice on the eggs, but if you want to take your scrambled eggs to the next level may I suggest checking out the Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs video, truth be told, as a default position, I usually do my eggs like you but every once in while when I am feeling gourmet I will do his method. Anyways great video and thanks for sharing.

  9. Its amazing the amount of people who are like me and need to watch these videos for a bit of technique. I make nice eggs, though I realise my problem over time has been using wrong size pan or wrong heat…Though some say to do it on low heat and she does it on high heat….

  10. No, this is the correct way to make scrabled eggs. NO SALT until eggs are cooked. Compliments of Chef Ramsey.

  11. My mother who was in the Luftwaffe used to scoop out the eggs with her finger that way. The hunger thing. Nice to see her not be wasteful. If you didn't know this: a hand-held milk frother makes short work of beating eggs. Amazon – 15 bucks.

  12. I believe rubber is harmful when used for stir-fry. It is meant for cleaning the juicers after you make a smoothie rather than stiring with hot oil. The rubber is going to melt and get added to the food.

  13. Thank you for taking time to post the video. For every person that likes something there will be someone that does not. These people feel their opinion is spot on and waste no time criticizing. I recommend turning off comments when you make a video. The information is still out there, and you wont have to waste time reading non-constructive criticism.

  14. I tried to be nice.. But no matter how many times I rearrange my words.. The best is always just be honest. Please delete your tutorial.. Some 6 year old can make waayyyyyy better scramble eggs than you. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  15. Oh my God I was intently watching this video for the entire 5 minutes but I don't remember a single word that was said. I guess the topic was cooking or something? Man.

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