How to make Stop Motion video (Cooking Vlog)

How to make Stop Motion video (Cooking Vlog)

Hey guys! My name is Alina and this is the Movavi Blog. I’m sure many of you have heard about a technique
called “stop-motion”. But do you know what it is? Stop-motion is a simple animation technique
in which a series of individual frames – photos or illustrations – are inserted into a single
video. Stop-motion was first used almost a hundred
years ago, but it’s still very popular. It’s often used in creating advertising,
claymation and puppet animation, and music or cooking videos. Those last items are really trending right
now. Food has always been a hot topic on the web,
and the number of culinary blogs is increasing every day. I think you’ll agree that watching an animated
video is much more interesting than flipping through a regular cookbook. Stop-motion turns cooking common dishes into
real entertainment. Especially for children! It’s a great way to not only have fun, but
also teach kids something new in the form of a game. All you need is a camera, a tripod, the food
ingredients, handy editing software, and a little imagination. Today, I’m going to show you how to cook
spaghetti Bolognese and make a Stop-motion style video of the cooking process. Want to know how we did it? Then watch this video guide! Step 1. Preparation for shooting To make videos in the “stop motion” style,
you can use an Amateur digital camera, or even a mobile phone. It’s important that there’s enough light
in the room in which you’re shooting. Ideally, a spacious, bright kitchen with large
windows. Our kitchen doesn’t have that much light,
but we can still make it work! Professionals use expensive Studio lights
and soft-boxes. But if you just choose a bright room, wait
for a sunny day, open the curtains, you can easily create the same effect without using
expensive equipment. We decided to use natural daylight. It’s certainly better than shooting at night
with the light from the kitchen chandelier! Set up the tripod, then secure the camera
or phone. Position the products you want to shoot and
remove everything else out of the frame. Remember that even the smallest movement will
be noticeable in the final video. So be very careful, try to move products only
when changing to the next frame, and place the tripod so that you won’t accidentally
move it in the process. Step 2. Camera settings We don’t recommend using automatic camera
settings, because your photos may turn out patchy, and that won’t work in the finished
video. Instead, use the appropriate preset, or, best
of all, manual settings. It’s important that all the photos have
the same white balance. In our case, we simply chose one of the presets
on the camera. It’s also better to set other settings like:
sensitivity, aperture and shutter speed for the first frame and never change them during
the shot. Remember that we need to do lots and lots
of pictures. To make a good video, they should be uniform,
the same style. We also don’t recommend using the built-in
flash, as it creates harsh shadows. Finally, focus on the animation object. And again, manual focus is better than auto. If your camera has manual focus, use it. Step 3. Shooting Now that we’ve established the right camera
settings, you’re ready to shoot! Click the camera shutter. The first photo is ready! Slightly move the objects in the frame. Make a second photo. Keep going in the same way! Remember that in order to form a video out
of all these pictures, you need 24 or 30 pictures for one second of video. For a one minute video, you need to take 1440
or 1800 photos! Yes, it’s a good way to learn patience. Add some human presence. The hand that stirs the food, or holds the
dish, helps the viewer understand the size of the objects and adds a touch of realism. If you take the natural motion of any process,
for example, boiling water, you could also use the high-speed shooting mode on your camera. It will be a little faster. If you have a remote control for your camera,
now is the perfect time to use it! For stop motion you need to make a few hundred
photos, which makes it very easy to accidentally touch the camera and move it from the desired
position. If you have a remote, there’s no need to
touch the camera. Step 4. Installation Open Movavi video editor in “Slideshow wizard”
mode. Now add your photos by clicking on the “files”
button, or load the entire folder at once. If necessary, you can rotate or delete selected
photos. Each slide is a photo. If we want to create a video from multiple
photos with a standard video speed of 24 frames per second, we need to show each slide for
approximately 1/24 of a second. Set the slide duration equal to 0.042 sec. If you create a video with 30 frames per second,
it is better to set the duration at 0.033 sec. Tip! If there are pictures missing and the final
video is too short, try increasing the slide duration by half to 0.084 or 0.066. This will create a rather different effect.,
so try it for yourself to see what happens! Then go to the second step and select a transition
style. For the stop-motion video, we don’t want transitions,
so click “no transitions”. To add an atmospheric soundtrack to the video,
click on “step three” and add music. You can select a track from the built-incollection,
or add your own music by clicking on the “Audio” icon. To achieve the desired effect, the speed of
the slideshow should be pretty fast, so we won’t adjust the slide duration to the tempo
of the music. Click “finish” in the lower right corner
of the window and your video will open in the video editor’s advanced mode. Now you can add captions and titles to your
video, if you want. To do this, click on “titles” and select
any preset. To enter your text, double-click on the added
titles on the timeline. Then double click on the text in the preview
window and enter your text. You can change the size and position of your
captions with the mouse. Now save the project in the desired format
by pressing “Export”. Your cooking video is ready! Mmmm, this looks delicious! Well, now you can create your own culinary
masterpieces using the stop-motion style! I’m looking forward to seeing links to your
videos in the comments! Don’t forget that you can also ask me questions
in the comments – I’ll be happy to answer them! Please leave me a like if you liked the video! And subscribe to our channel, because another
video tutorial is coming up soon, and you wouldn’t want to miss it! As my little treat for you, here is a 30%
off coupon for Movavi video editor! Just use the link I left in the description
when you purchase the program. I’ll see soon you on the Movavi channel!

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