How to Make SUPERB BRAISED CHICORY! ENDIVE Recipe! Sprig Barton Witlof Recipe

How to Make SUPERB BRAISED CHICORY! ENDIVE Recipe! Sprig Barton Witlof Recipe

ooo we’are so happy we have some more
chicory I’ve cleaned it, cut it in half gonna
squeeze some lemon on it and get it going in most frying pan right the first thing you do to the frying pan is put in some olive oil and a little bit of
butter itty bitty butter unsalted and melt it and layout the chicory carefully
with the leaf opened side down and get it took long
enough so it will braise. mmm really good what’s what’s funny about
this is we had it I cooked some yesterday and I’m
cooking mess and then actually the neighbor invited
us to dinner the next day and she had the same patch to vote for
dinner for us there said three days in a row now how can you believe that well and turn them over until the browned on every side just
perfect attorney yeah on they start splitting open a little bit
turkey just got to get them to cook or you can eat them raw like some people
then and the compact and I’m gonna boil them
for a while and get them nice and tender the they get them and I but some sugar on
them because this is a bit better for me 10 sugar mmm the lid on and kick it for a while maybe 10 minutes men I take the lid off and let it cook down until the morning operates and tastes just the
right texture to be nice mushy have with your mean callers yeah on water in there too yes let’s play
with them see if the slant the TV not a month and
a can confirm again okay an hour they cooked enough for you okay about ten minutes now home going really good is named looking great but can you say me %um great and the plate she please subscribe if you haven’t yet if you in Germany lately videos like chicory cooking

5 thoughts on “How to Make SUPERB BRAISED CHICORY! ENDIVE Recipe! Sprig Barton Witlof Recipe”

  1. I like the word Chicory, as I know Endive, like the word Witlof also, comes from the language of Dutch, but endive, or andijvie as it's spelled here (but sounds the same),  is a completely different vegetable. Made me wonder about etymology once more.
    Witlof I guess  translates as White loaf, but I can understand that's not being used.
    Btw like the veggie. Usually wrapped in thin sliced ham and covered in cheese sauce, put in the oven.. over here.
    But maybe you're a vegetarian. Cheers.

  2. Thank you I will try it. I have never eat before because i did not know how prepared it. I eat raw with salad.
    Thank you for simple rescepy.

  3. This came out sooo sweet, I had to go out and get a tarte citron after. And I left out the sugar completely!? Very easy and good. Thanks.

  4. Why sugar? When something's bitter you're better off putting salt on it.. I saw no seasoning in this video at all

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