100 thoughts on “How To Make Tacos!!! Crispy Beef Taco Recipe | Hilah Cooking”

  1. How exactly i made this, and just an experience.. im indonesian, and i eat tacos in lombok, well i know its not original but im alwaya craving for some tacos where i can not find easily in my hometown surabaya…

  2. Jeez what a lot of uncalled for vitriol! It's just a recipe fer chrissakes!! If you you don't like her why are you watching and taking so much time to leave stupid Phoebe comments? Instead, go to your mama or abuelita and get her recipe and make your own stupid video!

  3. these are not tacos these are quesadillas, tacos lead corn tortilla but it is never fried tortillas, tacos lead onion, cilantro, salsa Red or Green or guacamole, sometimes he puts pineapple, but only tacos fried lead lettuce and cheese, ground beef is only an option but is used more for quesadillas and should stop eating only tacos and best eat and prove the pozole, enchiladas, ximbo, barbecue and mixotes.

  4. This was the dumbest video I've seen. Never have I seen anyone make a cooking video and look like they don't don t cook and shouldn't even be in a kitchen lol. No deal.

  5. Her ground beef looks probably just like her vagina all nastey and smooshy and without falvor it looks all dryed ewwww!!!🤮😷

  6. No offense to USA people but u don’t have idea about how to make a real taco :/, or even a simple guacamole, u just need ABOCADO, TOMATO, ONIONS, CILANTRO, and that’s all!! If u want u can add jalapeño and lemon 😉

  7. Do you want to do this is how to do who don't want to do this and Tackle is so good like rude I was Sonic was hell

  8. I’m her because I was watching an extreme cheapskates episode while eating a taco…. gotta get my appetite back

  9. I thought I was in the wrong place but You know the tacos have to be good if they have a song like that. "Ca.. Ca.. Ca..krispy tacos"

  10. why she cooking like that …. she's like ''let's make it and upload the damn video i'm sick and tired of it"
    bad video dislike stop it at 1:40 just cuz of the cook

  11. Taco bells is rank if ya want a proper taco find a verygood original mexican diner or just drive down to mexico thankyou for the video tho

  12. Okay I know this video is old and you probably won’t see it but I apologize I read Hila cooking and I thought it was a country or something and had its special way how it’s cooked but then you said it was your name so now I feel stupid

  13. You should never say u like Mexican food if u can make it right, I'm ashamed I even clicked on this vid.

    As a Mexican please don't add water to ground beef
    Please don't add tomato paste…
    There was more that I know what just wrong.. But I'm skipping over to get to my main point….
    Please for the love of god… Do not ever and I mean ever!… Cook your shells like that ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  14. OK Hilah all what need is little rework and re engineering . I got the whole idea since I have Mexican friends but many of my friends did not and they are non maxi cans. Please talk to the global audience or categorically declare your audience. The name of the ingredient are not clear to half of the audience because of the specific pronunciation. And the tacos shell making is not explained very well. the green source probably purchased because it is not explained. If say home made what part of the process is home made and what part is ready made not explained. Good intention but did not reach wider audience and I wish you to reach to everybody. Thanks

  15. Hilah you can cook and sing to me anyday lol, think your pretty cool and dig your personality, keep cooking and send me some lol, I like to cook as well.

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