How To Make Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Truffles | Cooking with Marshmello

How To Make Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Truffles | Cooking with Marshmello

Hello everyone! And welcome to episode 4 of ‘Cooking With Marshmello’! Today’s recipe is a holiday inspired treat! Pumpkin Turkey Truffles!! Marshmello, don’t you just love Thanksgiving A holiday that brings us together, and reminds us to reflect and appreciate all that we have! On that note, Let’s bring out our ingredients, shall we? Today’s recipe includes: Pumpkin bread, butter Whipping cream, chocolate dipping candies, candy eyeballs (spooky!), yellow red and orange fondant, Candy corn, and last but not least pretzel sticks (Love the drop in Moving On, Mello!) Now that we have everything in order, let’s get the process underway. Marshmello, please pour the butter and cream over the pumpkin crumbs, until they’re wet enough to hold together. Next, let’s roll the pumpkin crumbs into a ball. And place in the refrigerator to chill Now please shape the yellow fondant into the beak, and the red fondant into the snood! Alright Marshmello, time to toughen and melt the chocolate dipping candies in… The microwave! Barff Barff Barff (I will bite your head) Marvellous job Mello! Now let’s carefully use a fork to dip the pumpkin ball into the chocolate and set it on a plate! M : Nothing happen here…. Once the chocolate settles apply the candy eyeballs to the front of the ball, Now to add some character! Let’s place our beak and snood on the turkey. And now for the grand finale! Place the candy corns in for the tail, and add the pretzel sticks and orange fondant for the feet. And there you have it folks! Pumpkin turkey truffles! The perfect dessert dish for your Thanksgiving festivities! (Turkey Dance) See you all next week! Please refrain from having any traces of Marshmallow on your fingers before cooking, as Marshmello doesn’t condone marshmallow consumption.

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  2. I watch u everyday bc of the vidcon vid i looked at your named and searched on YouTube i could not live without you (btw your my favorite YouTube channel)

  3. I’m not a huge fan of your music but I like ‘I can fly’ and a few others but I like this series

  4. you're afraid of microwaves,toasters and ovens bcuz they will…

    u: bcuz they will wut…?

    THEY'LL MELT U!!!!


  5. 1:37
    M: hmm let me flip this fork first
    forks flip into the chocolate
    M: O_O
    M: ugh nothing happened here (actually says this in captions)

  6. 1:36
    ❕    LOL!    ❕

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