How to make the best Chinese Roasted Pork at home

How to make the best Chinese Roasted Pork at home

Hi everyone. This is Tony and welcome to Tony and Karen kitchen Today I’ll show you how to make the Chinese roasted pork In additional method it requires a layer of salt but my method doesn’t quite that and the pork will remain crispy and tastes good. let’s see how to make it let see the ingredients first to make the roasted pork. You will need
the meat tenderizer in Hong Kong, you can get it from the kitchen supply store for oversea, you can you use the one like mine showing on the screen when choosing the pork belly. It is always good to choose to pork without a
thick skin like the one I am showing you on the screen.
Don’t get it too thick If you should know butcher well, tell him that you going to make the roast pork and ask you to give the best pork now the water is boiled in the pan we don’t need a lot of water here as we just want to cook the pork skin. Once the skin is cooked It will be firmed. Now we put the pork into the hot water, skin side down wait until the skin is firmed this step may take you about 30 seconds to 1 minute. If the skin is not firmed enough, it is really hard for us to puncture the small holes later on now the skin is firmed. We dry it well with the kitchen towel. Then use the meat tenderizer and puncture the small holes on the skin now the skin is punctured lot of holes.
you can see it has lot of small holes on the skin. When puncturing use some force so that it could puncture deeper into the skin then you will make it dehydration
better so that the skin will be crispier after baked be aware on the edge of the skin when puncturing. As it will move when you
puncturing so that it is hard to puncture so you need to be patient on it.
You need to puncture lot of holes on the skin
just like that have to be dense and everywhere on the skin.
Maybe it is hard to see it now on the screen. But when you touch
with your hand, you could feel that lot the small holes. Then it is perfect.
The next step is to brush the white vinegar on the skin you may wonder if the white vinegar will
make this sour don’t worry about it as I tried so many times Next, we going to combine the marinade altogether. Like Salt… Light soy sauce. And we put combined marinade in a dish like this. Then we put that pork into the marinade We put marinate around the pork except the skin at this stage you want to keep the skin as dry as possible. Then we refrigerate it for 3 to 6 hours we don’t need to cover the pork because we want to dehydrate skin now I have refrigerated it for hours. If you have time, I recommend you to me refrigerate it overnight It is time to bake it let’s put the pork in Halogen oven now and about the marinade. You can discard the rest of marinade as we don’t need it anymore just put on the rack like this now it has baked for 40 minutes. You can see the skin is brown and ready. Let’s cool down for 10
minutes before we cut it otherwise the skin will be easy to fall off now it has cooled it for 10 minutes Let me cut it and show it to you.
Let me try one piece so that you can see how crispy is it listen carefully… you can imagine how crispy is it. Roasted pork is done I hope you enjoy this video
Thank you for watching see you next time

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  1. ♥¸.•*¨)♥Woow..Thank Q so much 4wonderful sharing♥¸.•*¨)♥
    Yes, I will try 2make it and is hope come out very good like your!…
    Again thanksss and have a great weekend also 😛

  2. ni hao! thanks Tony. do you maintain the temp or change half way? do you need to open the oven and brush again? xie xie

  3. Can't imagine you really translate into English as request.  Can you also translate into Indonesia?  Just kidding,  Thanks for the sharing.  Looks great and will try!

  4. Thank you, Tony.  I tried your recipe and it came out great.  I changed the temperature because after cooking for 20 minutes at 450 F, my smoke alarm went off even though I opened up my house ahead of time and with the range fan on high.   I quickly turned off the oven and fan the alarm.  It's a problem with the ventilation at my hours.   It happens every time when I cook something with fat at high heat. After fanning for 20 minutes,  I turned it back on at 350 F and continued to cook for about another 20 minutes.  It still came out crispy and it is delicious.  Next time, I will tent it with foil after 20 minutes and adjust the temperature according to when my smoke alarm activates. LOL!

  5. Hello Tony, thank you for you recipe…I''ve just ordered the meat tenderiser 🙂 and will try once I get it! What temperature is the turbo broiler please? 

  6. Hello Tony, I'm trying out your recipe right now and waiting for it to finish marinading. I would like some clarification before I move onto the next step. On your recipe it says: "Remove the pig from the seasoning and dry it out.  Coat it with the sand ginger powder." I'm assuming I'm just coating the meat and not the skin? 

  7. Tony, my friend and I been trying to find a chef that speak English and can cook Canton food, would you focus on Canton food, I'm sure you will do well

  8. Not sure if i saw correct when you cut the meat it seemed "red" everything looked great until i saw what looked like raw meat, ill try this recipe but cook a bit longer

  9. Hi Tony, for the recipe on your Description website, the seasoning mentions 1L of cold water but the video recipe doesn't show this. Is the website correct? With 1L of water, there's no way it will fit in the sized bowl shown in the video.


  10. I've tried the recipe and it's delicious. Thank you! the only thing I wanna mention is that when I cook it in the oven, there's oil coming out of the roast pork and it kinda pop everywhere in the oven leaving oil spots around it. it's so hard to get rid of the stains and the smell as well. How can I prevent this?

  11. Hello Tony! I love your recipies, and I tried this one yesterday it was delicious but the skin was crispy but sooo hard :S. Maybe did I cook it too long let the vinegar on the porc skin too much hours? 🙁 Can you explain it to me 🙂

  12. Hi Tony, Thanks for the video! It's amazing. I have a question, if I do not have Shaoxing Wine, is there any wine you can suggest to replace that? Will any cooking wine work as good? I am in US and not close to any Chinese supermarket at all! Thanks in advance!

  13. Omg thank you so much, it explains EVERYTHING in great details!! I am looking to make roast pork buns but everyone already has the filling made and that's what I was interested in!!. thank you so much

  14. Nice to see your video Tony, thnx for sharing !I am gonna try it because the last one I made by some other receipt , it was crispy at all 🙁 Greeting from Holland !Liem King Liat 😉

  15. Thank you for this easy-to-follow presentation and the practical method to make this crispy pork belly.
    I had to laugh when you let us hear the crunchy sound of the bites. You're cute !

  16. Hey Tony.
    Where do I source powered Sand Ginger in West Australia…or is there a substitute I can use.. Thanks.

  17. Very good recipe. Made at my restaurant couple times. Everyone likes it. Very hard to have crispy skin unless bake for long time. So I started leaving salt off skin

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