How to Make Water Kefir – Fermented Home-brewed Soda – 3 Flavours

How to Make Water Kefir – Fermented Home-brewed Soda – 3 Flavours

Hi friends,
It’s Teenuja here and today I’m sharing the easy and fun process of making water kefir
soda at home. If you’re wondering what is water kefir and
why you would want to make this. Well, water kefir is a fermented beverage
full of beneficial bacteria and probiotic to keep the gut healthy. It has a pleasant tangy taste and is sparkling,
quite similar in flavour to a fizzy lemonade. Most of the sugar is consumed in the fermentation
process and this makes water kefir soda a healthy alternative to commercial sodas and
can even be enjoyed by small children. Water kefir soda is achieved by a two-stage
fermentation process that is really quite simple. The first stage introduces ‘water kefir grains’
into sugar water. And the second stage is the flavouring and
this is when the carbonation happens to create a fizzy beverage. The water kefir grains are not actual grains
like wheat or rice but they are referred to as such only for their appearance. They in fact look like little clusters of
translucent crystal-like gelatinous structures. You can buy them online or in certain health
stores. I’ll leave you a few links in the description
where you can purchase them from. Fresh and clean water should be used when
fermenting water kefir. You may use tap water as long as the chlorine
is removed it. If you use filtered water, I urge you to check
out the link to the blog post where I talk more explicitly about appropriate water treatments. For the sugar, I’ve found that organic blond
cane sugar produces excellent tasting water kefir. For some extra minerals, I add a little Rapadura
to keep the grains healthy. You can also use sucanat, coconut sugar or
jaggery in small amounts. So here I’m adding four tablespoons of blond
sugar and one tablespoon of rapadura sugar to 4 cups of water at room temperature. Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved
before adding it to the kefir grains. Using a plastic or wooden spoon, try to avoid
metal, add two tablespoons of water kefir grains in a clean jar. I have two jars here, so two tablespoons in
each, then fill each jar with 2 cups of the sugar water. You can multiply or reduce this quantity depending
on how much kefir grains you have. Basically the ratio is for each tablespoon
of kefir grains use one tablespoon of blond sugar, a pinch of rapadura sugar and 1 cup
of water. Cover the jars with a cloth secured with a
rubber band and let them sit in a warm place at 24-26°C (75-80°F) for 48 hours, although
in summer you may find that the fermentation is much quicker and less than 24 hours is
enough. After the fermentation, pour the mixture through
a strainer and set the grains aside for your next batch. If you’ve done the fermentation properly,
the water kefir grains will grow and multiply after each batch. When you start having more than you can use,
you can give them away to friends or check out the blog post, the link is in the description,
for some tips about how to store them. Now here’s the fun part which is the second
stage of the fermentation and the flavouring. I am sharing 3 flavour ideas. You can experiment on your own and have fun
with different flavours. And if you do, leave us a comment below and
share your favourite flavour combos so we can all be inspired by one another. I almost always have fresh ginger root on
hand so it’s one of the flavours that I most often make and if you love ginger beer, you’ll
probably love this one. Today I’m combining the ginger with some dried
hibiscus flowers. You can use other herbal teas as well like
lemongrass or lavender. So add these to a clean bottle. We need a small amount of sweetener to help
with the fermentation so stir less than a tablespoon of maple syrup into the fermented
water kefir and pour it into the bottle. Leave about an inch or so at the top to account
for the carbonation. Otherwise as the pressure builds up, the bottle
may explode. I am using bottles with a screw top. You may also use the ones that have a swing
top. Just make sure the bottle is tightly sealed. Leave this to ferment for 24 – 48 hours. For the second flavour option, you can use
fresh fruits. We filmed this video when cherries was still
in season but you can use any fruits that you like. Just cut them into small pieces and pit them
if needed. You can also use unsulfured dried fruits too. Raisins, dates and figs are great options. Drop the fruits into the bottle and fill with
2 cups of water kefir leaving a little space at the top. The fruits already contain their natural sweeteners
so there is no need to add any more. Seal and leave to ferment for 24 – 48 hours. The third option is fruit juice. I love freshly squeezed orange juice but you
can also use store-bought juices like apple, pomegranate or grape juice. Try to add as little juice as possible to
get the flavour without diluting the water kefir content too much. I usually add about 60 ml (or 4 tablespoons)
of juice to 2 cups of water kefir. Seal the bottle and leave to ferment
for 24 – 48 hours. After fermentation, slowly open the lid on
the bottle. Be very careful as there is probably a lot
of carbonation inside and the liquid may fizz up and make quite a mess if you open the bottle
too quickly. Now you can start the process all over again. That’s all there is to it. It’s basically just mixing sugar water and
then adding in your favourite flavours. I hope you’ll have fun experimenting with
flavours. I do recommend that you read the blog post
for some additional notes that may be useful, if you want to make this at home, the link
is in the description. If you’ve enjoyed this video, don’t forget
to give us a thumbs up and if you’re trying different flavours, do share them in the comments
for inspiration or take a picture and tag us on Instagram @veganlovlie #veganlovlie We hope you have fun and enjoy great health! Bye

33 thoughts on “How to Make Water Kefir – Fermented Home-brewed Soda – 3 Flavours”

  1. Hey friends, it's been a while and we're pretty excited to share a video. We hope you'll enjoy this one and will try making water kefir at home. Please do check out the blog post here – as we've included some additional info like troubleshooting (kefir grains not growing or going mushy), what to do with extra grains etc…

    We drink water kefir on a daily basis and it's much much healthier than store-bought sodas, incomparable even!

    If you've ever made kombucha at home, then you'll find water kefir so much simpler to make. Once you get the hang of it, the simple process becomes a breeze and soon you'll have an endless supply of healthy tasty probiotic drink to enjoy everyday while maintaining a healthy gut.

  2. Awesome! This is the clearest and most comprehensive video on water kefir I've seen on YouTube yet. Thank you for all of the great information, I cannot wait to finally try this out <3

  3. I make regular kefir. Are the water kefir grains also a living bacteria?
    Sometimes I flavour mine with turmeric powder, honey, and cinnamon. It might be nice in this too. Especially for Christmas.

  4. Thank you so much for this very timely and informative video: just this week I have been researching water kefir. Your instructions are lovely and clear and you make it look straightforward so I am definitely going to be making some soon. [PS: For whatever reason, the above link to your blog post isn't working for me from here.]

  5. Wonderful video Teenuja. I used to make Water Kefir a lot a few years ago but it was exhausting after a while to keep making it since my kefir grains kept multiplying like crazy, I think at one stage I had 5 bags of kefir grains in the freezer lol. I did love the taste so I would love to try making it again. It was a lot easier to make than Kombucha for me. Thank you for the fruit flavor combinations.

  6. Dear Teenuja and Kevin: I have just read your extremely thorough blog post on this and wish to thank you for sharing so much expertise — you have covered every eventuality brilliantly. Your spirit of sharing is extraordinary and beautiful.

  7. I didn't even knew the existence of water kefir, so thanks for this! My dad and granddad both made normal kefir though, and I know kombucha, but this looks like it's more my thing after googling about it. Definately going on a search for a water kefir culture. Hope my house is warm enough 24/7 in winter to make it.

  8. Great video, thank you! I've been drinking water kefir for a couple of months now and love it! My favorite flavor combinations are apple juice+ginger, blueberry+rosemary, ginger+lemon, orange+cinnamon+ginger (for cold days) and also raspberry+basil :). Sometimes I use hibiscus tea for the first fermentation process, but it'll stain the kefir grains a little.

  9. I've been trying to cut traditional soda out of my diet, this may be the answer! My only concern is that I'm currently pregnant and I keep seeing so much info both for and against it 😓

  10. Question, do you keep the cherrys inside all the way through, or strain it after a 12 hours or so? Won't they go bad?

  11. I love your instructions. Thank you.
    I have a question though, where is the video that you said explains more about the filtered water please?

  12. Hello. I noticed you put the ginger in the water after the 1st fermentation. Is there a benefit to doing it that way instead of at the beginning?

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