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  1. Agreed! Broccoli is also good roasted, though I've never tried it whole. I should give that a shot! Thanks, Jay!

  2. Wow, doesn't seem appealing but I may have to try it. Everything is almost always better roasted so I'll have to try πŸ™‚
    I am in love with cauliflower fried "rice" and mashed cauliflower "potatoes" so this is right up my alley. More paleo /low carb dishes please:)

  3. I hate to say it, but if I can't have bread and pasta than i'm out! LOL. I loooove me some roasted cauliflower though. It looks like braaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnssssssss! *zombie moan* BRaaaiiinNnnNnSsssss!

  4. Nice, never thought of putting in the whole cauliflower head! I like to chop up the cauliflower into florets. In a separate bowl, mix olive oil, salt and pepper. Put florets on baking pan or whatever will go in oven, and make sure they are coated with the olive oil mixture. (Can rub like you did). Then, oven!

    I find that squeezing a lemon over cauliflower (after done) makes it sooo good (pairs up well with fish). But I see you made a vinaigrette.


  5. Nice video Hilah! It's fun when you have guests, well, not more fun than without, just different kinda fun! Looks super yum too!

  6. That looks really good Hilah, and what a great way to serve it. Your friend Vic is a nice. Never heard of a paleo diet. Thanks

  7. Grilled Cauliflower is amazing too!!! My family does not even let me bring it in the house, they come out to the grill and eat it.. burning their mouths……

  8. I did not even realize that your opening credits disappeared. I guess you didn't need them. I do not miss them. I am reading Christopher Sharpe's blog right now.

  9. Cool! We have considered adding back in a much shorter intro, because several people have missed it. Not nearly as many as I expected, though. Hope you like Chris's writing!

  10. The vinaigrette really makes it sparkle. Hope you check out my new cookbook when it comes out – it's all paleo recipes. Thanks for watching! πŸ™‚

  11. Hope you try this! It is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. πŸ˜‰
    We're the same about eating – mostly healthy, vegetables and meat but with the ocasional GIANT BOWL OF ICE CREAM. Oh, and too many beers. Oh well. We try.

  12. Mmm. You know, I've never done it any other way. I'll have to try it cut up, too – less time to cook I bet.

  13. Gurrrl, tell me about it! We had pasta for the first time in months last night and it was SO good. Holy moly. But also, yes, this would make a great Halloween food. πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Hilah.
    I finally try this yesterday and… Oh-my-god… It was so delicous. Even the men of the family forgot they were eating veggies !
    I definitly will often try this awesome (and simple) recipe.
    My cauliflower was bigger, so I cooked him about 1h30-45 (I don't remember exactly).
    Thank you !

  15. Yes! I steam it lightly so outer layer gets a bit soft and then I cut it into slices throw it on the grill ( queue music signalling the gates of heaven opening). You can skip the stem or blanch but it could crumble and become cumbersome but I have done it both ways!

  16. It's not any more cooked through than it would be if you steamed it first, though. Cooked is cooked. It's not over-cooked.

  17. Not trying to be argumentative, but it seems like water-soluble vitamins would still be leached out in steaming that would otherwise be retained in baking. Dry heat cooking takes longer than wet heat cooking, true, but I don't think that necessarily translates to more nutrients lost as long as the integrity of the food remains.

  18. Made this two nights ago and it was spectacular. The whole-grain mustard and lemon over top MADE it. Definitely a new favorite! As always, thanks, Hilah!

  19. Just made this yetο»Ώ another time for a group of dinner party friends. A hit, as always. Thx, Hilah! P.S.: Smoked paprika, oregano and basil + oregano transformed the mustard sauce. πŸ˜€

  20. Sorry for bringing up an older vid! I just found your channel and you've got lots of great ideas! I'm also diggin' the hella laidback attitude! Very cool. ;D
    This looks awesome! I'm not a big fan of anything mustardy, though… What would you recommend to substitute the grainy mustard with? =/
    Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  21. Hi! I think I'd just leave the mustard out and add some more pepper or some different herbs. I imagine you could really use any kind of vinaigrette dressing you like on this and it would be good! Thanks for writing.

  22. Was in Tel Aviv earlier this year (tasting some of their amazing breads!) and had one of these roasted in ovens on the street side. Absolutely gorgeous. Cauliflower is a completely underrated vegetable. I will definitely try this. A good winter dish. Thanks!

  23. Hi Hilah, Ruben Here from Reynosa Mexico sharing an easy mexican recipee made with cauliflower. You start cutting the cauliflower into medium bite sizes and boil until tender but not soft of limp, then you have a mix made of beaten eggs and a little salt (like the chiles rellenos one but not too beaten) and coat the pieces of cauliflower and deep fry until golden brown and then serve it in a plate with a sauce made, once again like the chiles rellenos one and serve it with a side of rice

  24. OK, so just found your channel, and apart from an awesome and simple recipe…you have a chopping board with YouTube on it! Brilliant!!!

  25. That's such a rustic kitchen, Hilah. Love your channel and presentations. Suggestion for your book (e-book), include a lot of nice photos of your recipes. Thanks.

  26. This recipe looks lovely. I really do love cauliflower. I like to steam it whole then make a yellow curry sauce but need a shake up!

  27. Paleolithic people had grainy mustard, lemon juice, olive oil and ovens that stay at the same temperature for an hour? Cilantro? Β Salt? Β Heck, was there even cauliflower? It's a product of agriculture. Β  The food looks awesome, but why all this stuff about paleo?

  28. Fist thing "Paleo diet" is not proven to be healthy at all. Second thing "Paleo diet" is not what the early hominids ate at all. They were successful hunters but not as successful as you in the supermarket. Basically just another invented thing to sell you more things that will do nothing to you. Its called a "nutrition fraud" like most of the "diets" out there.

    Cauliflower is great though!

  29. Hilah: just going to "massage" it… hee hee
    Paleo man: Oh ok… (penny drops) TEE HEE HEE!!!
    Teleprompter cues some knowing, secret, 'I get your hidden message' mirth and hilarity all over the kitchen

  30. Omg you re writing a book? Why because you can roast a cauliflower ? Omg so weird. This is a no brainer people have been doing for centuries, not even a recipe. And you re writing a book. And the reactions eating a whole cauliflower, wow. Go to a culinary school , learn how to actually cook then attempt at a book. Jeez, youtube is full of wanna bes. Wow, a whole roasted cauliflower. Some Americans are really dumb.

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