How To Make Worcestershire Sauce At Home – Maybe?? || Glen & Friends Cooking

How To Make Worcestershire Sauce At Home – Maybe?? || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends today in the kitchen we
are going to try and replicate Worcestershire sauce it is not just an
ingredient in today’s recipe it is the reason we’re doing today’s recipe so I
want to try and figure out if I can make this at home
mostly as an exercise in – can I interpret what the flavors are and can I
figure out a way to make it this sort of replicates what Lea and Perrins does and
come up with a flavor profile that fits it fairly closely and then over time can
i play with that to make something that I really like and that’s one of the
reasons why you would try to do this is to make something that you really like
but the first main reason is just a test of how well can I interpret the recipe
and the flavors and replicate it so the first step is of course to read the
label read the ingredients figure out what’s in here and most of the
ingredients are on here and ingredients are always put on a label at least in
Canada anyway with the ingredient that is the largest volume or the largest
weight at the top of the list and the smaller amounts as you go down the list
so once you read this you’re gonna find it that there’s a couple of things that
you can’t interpret and most of that is the last two ingredients which are
spices and flavors so then you start to look at other brands and you see what
they’ve got in them and does it match up do they taste kind of the same where do
we go from here and how do we figure it out and so I think I’ve got a pretty
good handle on a starting point and the starting point is malt vinegar this is
this is number one on the list and it says malt vinegar and spirit vinegar and
spirit vinegar is just regular old white vinegar so I’m gonna start at 1/2 and
1/2 hour roughly half and half and I’m going to link to a recipe or video on
malt vinegar turns out that most of the malt vinegar that we think we’ve got or
we’re using isn’t actually malt vinegar it’s just made in the lab it’s kind of
strange so that goes in first now here’s the deal
lien parents does a couple of things that I’m not going to do in this first
run-through they ferment their anchovies themselves so I’m not gonna be able to
ferment the anchovies today so I’m using a combination of anchovies and fish
sauce which is fermented anchovies so I’m gonna put fish sauce in as well just
to kind of give that umami flavor and I gotta tell you I hate fish sauce
absolutely hate fish sauce on its own love fish sauce in thanks so in that
goes with the vinegars Lea & Perrins also pickles their onions in the vinegar
that they use and then they add the whole thing together I’m just gonna put
the onion in I don’t really have time to pickle the onions and that’s something
that they do over the course of close to a year next in is a piece of ginger hot
pepper out of the garden I know that this recipe sort of pseudo traces its
origin back to India they wouldn’t be using a hot banana pepper this is the
one that grows in my garden so that’s what I’m going to use and some garlic
next in is molasses but I’m sort of torn between putting the molasses in the
blender and putting the molasses in the pot and I think hold on and put the
molasses in the pot clear this out of the way anchovies they use salted anchovies that
are left in giant bins to sort of pickle or ferment depending on what you think
the process is I don’t have that opportunity so in go the anchovies now
lid on okay completely liquefied and it doesn’t
smell as foul as I kind of expected it might so I’m gonna put this into a pot no there there I’m getting I’m getting
the fish sauce and the fish sauce makes it smell pretty foul to me now into this
pot there are a few things that I want to get in here and one of them is
molasses they definitely list blackstrap molasses
on their ingredient list so in goes blackstrap molasses okay
next in is salt mustard seeds and this is where a lot of what I’m doing is just
conjecture trying to figure out what I think I taste inside these concoctions
which may or may not be correct but we’re gonna see what happens
black peppercorns and I’m not crushing any of these they’re going to boil for a
little while and then they are going to sit in the fridge for probably six to
eight weeks before I would consider this even to be done cardamom pods cloves I
definitely taste cloves and some cinnamon bark and this is this is some
pretty heavy-duty cinnamon bark next in I’m gonna say curry leaves this is a
curry leaf has absolutely nothing to do with curry powder but it does come from
India and it is it is one of those things that you often find in a lot of
preparations in India they put the curry leaf in at the very beginning and it
gives kind of a bass note to the entire dish it is the Indian equivalent of a
bay leaf if you needed to sort of equalize it to something that you might
recognize so curry leaves in go
curry leaves next is tamarind this is a tamarind pod and this is what comes out
of the inside of a tamarind pod really all I’m interested in is the paste and I
thought about different ways to get the paste off of the seeds and I realized
that I’m just gonna chuck the whole thing in because we’re gonna strain it
later to get out what we don’t want or don’t need so I’m gonna put the whole
thing in and if you can get tamarind paste or straight up just camera and
paste go ahead that’s what you want so I’m just gonna stir this together and
bring it up to a boil once it is boiling I’m going to turn it down to a simmer
put a lid on and let it simmer for half an hour so after it had simmered I just
left it on the stovetop with the heat off the lid on and let it come down to
room temperature now it smells fantastic actually I was worried at the beginning
what it was going to smell like it smells really good I’m gonna pour it
into this mason jar and I’m not canning it this is going to sit in the
refrigerator for at least another month and a month from now I’m going to taste
it I’m going to assess kind of what it tastes like and it could go for I don’t
know six seven months I know that liyan parents does 18 months of sitting before
they bottle and sell it so this could mellow for at least that long who knows
now it is going to go into the fridge it is not shelf stable even though I’m
putting it in this jar with a canning lid I’m just sticking it in the fridge
so here’s what’s gonna happen this is going to go in the fridge a
month from now two months from now three months from now four months from now
we’re going to do a follow-up video where we finished the process taste it
and then we’ll compare it to the off-the-shelf Wurster sauces I hope
you’ll come back for that one and I really hope this works out thanks for
stopping by see you soon you

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Check out our bagged Milk T-Shirts ( ) Full recipe in the description box above.
    P.s. Pretty sure the pronunciation police will be out in full force on this one!

  2. Your pronunciation is the most common British English version, generally for the sauce we drop the 'shire', but for the place we would keep it to prevent confusion between the town and the county. Either wooster, or woostershur would be acceptable and people will know what you are on about.

  3. Did you watch the "How it's Made" episode on making Worcestershire Sauce?

    And in the UK they can't call it Malt Vinegar if it's not the real thing.

  4. Hey Glenn I'm going to try a KFC clone recipe tonight I'm trying ken version 7 with a little bit of tweaking I'm not going to put any cloves or allspice and I'm adding onion powder and garlic powder.. when are you going to put your next KFC video on? I'm really curious how to do the dredge, I'm going to dip mine in egg wash done seasoned flour and let them sit for a half hour or so. And just deep fry 350 for 15 minutes.

  5. I can't wait to see how it turns out. That said, did you consider maybe starting with a base recipe similar to mushroom ketchup, and modifying from there? Wouldn't be a 'true' replication, but you might achieve close to the same flavor with less wait time.

  6. The blender is awesome, but dont expect a million views from people that can buy this stuff for $1.99. Stick to easy stuff people can use their easy bake ovens

  7. thanks for using anchovies, as some varieties do not use, but they do not taste good in my opinion, only varieties with anchovies is all I have I my house, good luck & thanks for the videos.

  8. Interestingly, Worcestershire sauce in the states doesn't use malt vinegar. I'm guessing Canada uses the same recipe as the UK?

  9. 😭 now we have to wait!!! 👍👍😎 how can we not be addicted to Glen and Friends Cooking!! This is the ultimate cliffhanger episode!😁 Can't wait but have no choice! Thanks Glen!

  10. does anyone in the world like fish sauce as itself and not in things ?
    the frigging thing smell like the liquid my cats spray from their asses when annoyed.

  11. You should have tasted it before aging just so you know what changes happen..
    You said it smelled great , it might be something that's better straight off the cook..

  12. Interesting, as an Indian here are my two thoughts. One, I think the amount of curry leaves you added might be a bit less. Second, I have always tasted jaggery in Worcestershire sauce. Perhaps I maybe wrong, but something worth exploring?

  13. With all that salt and vinegar, I'm not sure anything bad would want to live in it. You'd probably just end up with a colony of lactic bacteria and end up fermenting it some more.

  14. But, you can just buy a bottle for like three dollars and it lasts 5 years. I couldn't put that much work into something that's so cheap and available

  15. In the US, ingredients are listed in order by weight. The FDA asks manufacturers to use simple names such as cream for an ingredient. Cream could indicate dehydrated cream or the liquid that we would assume when seeing the word cream. Some ingredients don’t need to be listed such as release agents (oil) sprayed in baking pans for bread unless they are one of the eight major allergens like peanut oil.

  16. Glen – I'd love to see you give a crack at the barbecue sauce recipe created by the computer Watson. I hear it's very good. Here's a recipe I found:

  17. Glen, I have two Worcester Sauce recipes. One from a 1950 cookbook of traditional British regional cuisine and one from a Sherlock Holmes themed book. Let me know if you are interested.

  18. Heh i think every country have some preferred "brown unindentified liquid sauce" 😀
    Ours would be "magi" called after one of producers names (Maggi) which is basicaly liquid lovage with yeast extract and salt. Glorious stuff.
    Oh found it's proper name Maggi-Würze, but it seem ingredients are diffrent in each country.
    If you like lovage taste and you ever have a chance to get it i can reccomend it, add few splashes to simple plate of chicken soup and it will get lovely, also everyone i know adds it to steak tartare.

  19. I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat fish. Worchestershire sauce without anchovies exist but is not easily found.
    I found that Japanese Okonomi Sauce is just like a thicker version of Worchestershire sauce, but strangely enough it does not contain anchovies. Instead, it has shiitake for the umami. (The Japanese tend to put fish in or on just about everything else … 🙂 )

  20. Fermented sauces really appeal to me — or, really, any food that is fermented, especially ones with little more than the proper ratio of salt. It's like alchemy in your very own kitchen!

  21. Can you please also mention what percentage white vinegar you use. Where i live, you can only buy 9% white vinegar. Every time i try a recepie from youtube or a website that contains white vinegar, it is always a fail coz the vinegar always overpowers everything. No one ever mentions the percentage of vinegar they use, so it is always a guessing game for me. A lot of food and time has gone in the trash. Now if i see white vinegar in a recepie, i just avoid it all together coz that fear is real.

  22. Curry leaves! Love them! Dried ones are useless, fresh ones are gold! So happy and exited that i finally got my curry leaf plant from across the continent. Fresh curry leaves are not available in my country coz people here don't know what they are.

  23. Have a wonderful recipe that comes from Make the Bread Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese it's a little on the sweet side to me but you might like it.

  24. Hey Glenn my KFC clone turned out pretty damn good!! Definitely not exact! But by far the best fried chicken I've ever made!… and that's the opinions of 12 very critical fried Chicken eating family members! That all being said, I could not find coriander seed and cilantro tastes like soap to me anyways.., and I found it best to fry my chicken at 325 for the thighs for 15 minutes ,13 minutes for the drumsticks and finish them in a 250 oven for 45 minutes!! It took me two hours to fry $13 worth of chicken legs and thighs! Definitely not KFC but I guarantee I will never go to KFC ever again! I pride myself in being an expert cook. And I have to say I would rather make Thanksgiving dinner then do this experiment again.. BUT it was by far the best fried chicken all thirteen of us have ever had!!! However.. it was a lot of work to scratch a comfort food itch I can get right down the street! I can't wait to try your recipe when you post it, just remember nobody in the real world has a pressure fryer!!

  25. P. S. S. My cousin does a ton of walleye and perch fishing!! And I told him to use the same recipe half & half flour and cornstarch a can of beer and a heaping tablespoon of baking powder?! He tried it and said it was the best fish he ever made!! My birthday is the 28th of this month and I'm asking for either a set of Detroit style pizza pans.. or much less likely a KitchenAid stand mixer!! I almost never do any Bread or baking But kneading by hand is really a pain in the ass!!! I make some of the best pierogi dough ever made on the planet! blur it up in my food processor and run it through my pasta maker, add the filling fold it over, crimp, boil, and pan fry in butter,, pierogies ever!!

  26. I made Worcestershire sauce years ago from a recipe I found somewhere online. It smelled absolutely awful and could burn the hairs in your nostrils. I put it in the back of our spare fridge and basically forgot about it for at least a year. I found it one day when I was cleaning out the fridge. I smelled it. It was rich and "caramel-y". The flavor was still a bit too salty but a drop or two on a steak was delicious.

  27. I absolutely love Worcestershire sauce, I've been into it all my life, I put it on everything, more so when I was younger but I still love it and it's delicious. Can you PLEASE try to make an energy drink? I'd love to see that and maybe even try it. 💚

  28. Hi Glen, here in Thailand all food products are required by law to show the percentage of ingredients by weight on the packaging. I have a bottle of Lea and Perrins, here's the breakdown:
    Malt vinegar 33%, spirit vinegar 30%, molasses 20%, sugar 6%, salt 3%, anchovies 2%. Which adds up to 94%, the weights of the spices and flavourings are not listed, but it seems a fair assumption that they should add up to 6%.

    Hope this helps if you decide to try another batch at some point.

  29. Glenn, next time you buy fish sauce, read the label. The higher the protein, the better. With our mixed imperial/metric label use south of the border, at least two gram per tablespoon is good. No protein? Leave it on the shelf and buy a deferent brand.

  30. I do appreciate the video buy why make a video now and wait a few months to upload a taste test when you could have filmed the recipe and then wait for the taste test and put them together in a single video?

  31. There's a wonderful story about how this stuff was created, apparently the recipe was created and they thought it inedible so they barreled it up, stuck in the basement and promptly forgot about it. A few years later the barrel was found and when they tasted it they realised it was much better after fermentation. Not sure how much truth there is to that but it's a good story.

  32. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. A little concerned at the long iteration time for this, however. Can't improve things quickly if the feedback loop is so long. A least sample it every 3 weeks as you wait to see how it changes over time.

    Lea & Perrins might be commercially successful, but it isn't necessarily the flavor profile you want to match. We've been making our own Worcestershire Sauce for many years, ever since we saw Emeril Lagasse do it. After we made it the first time, we taste tested again commercial sauces and homemade was far and away the winner. We didn't know how good Worcestershire could be until we made our own. (Compare to Glenn's: Word of caution if you make Emeril's: don't do it if you live in an apartment or don't have a strong hood vent to the outside. It is aromatic in the strongest sense of the word and the smell will linger for a day or two. Still worth it.

  33. thought that worcestershire sauce is made from soy sauce and a few other least thats how i saw asians make it

  34. Hi Glen,

    I love the show. I wanted to ask a question about this recipe. You include tamarind in the recipe. Normally when you can buy whole tamarind in the West, it is sweet tamarind. But when you buy tamarind paste in the West, it's often (but not always) sour tamarind. Sour tamarind is very, very sour, and adding that amount of sour tamarind paste to the recipe would make the sauce extremely sour. Is the tamarind in this recipe supposed to be sour or sweet? If it's supposed to be sweet, adding sour tamarind would ruin it entirely.

  35. I LOVE Worcestershire sauce. Every time I cook with it, I traditionally take a small shot from the bottle for luck. Yea, I'm weird.

  36. Doesn't boiling the whole tamarind (with seeds) makes the broth bitter? Pulp can be easily extracted just by soaking the tamarind in warm water for 10 minutes.

  37. You need Hendo's – Henderson's Relish – not an anchovy in sight!
    All the way from sunny Yorkshire.
    Taste test it – if you can source it – and decide for yourself, if fish is really necessary.

  38. Wonderful to see someone else isn't afraid of homemade sauces. I've been making homemade 'W'sauce for years. I highly recommend reading a book called "Stillroom Cookery" by Grace Firth. I started with her excellent recipe for Wsauce and adjusted from there. Keep creating.

  39. My dad used to make Worcester sauce from a Herters recipe. It was really good. It had green apples, kidney beans and sardines
    The Lea and Perrins stuff is fermented and barrel aged.

  40. A lot might depend on the type of fish sauce you use. To me Nuk Mam (Spelling??) might have a better taste in it. Seems like there was a show on Lea and Perrins, maybe How It's Made??

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