How to Prepare a Steak for the Grill | Easy Grilling Tips

How to Prepare a Steak for the Grill | Easy Grilling Tips

Do you prepare your steaks properly? Or did you just throw on the grill?
So when you buy a couple of steaks that typically look like this with labels, of course, and
then what you do with them? You throw them in the fridge.
But there’s a better method. Unwrapped that steak, and put it on a rack
because we’re going to air-dry it in our refrigerator. You can air-dry for 8, 12 or up to 24 hours.
If you air-dry more than 8 hours, put a towel over it.
After several hours your steak will look like this.
It’s deepened in color and the outside is dried, intensifying the flavors.
To wrap one, looks like this, a little mushy, a little moist, pretty typical.
You need to let your steaks, then rest for at least 2 hours to come up to room temperature,
then sprinkle some salt and some pepper on both sides.
Of course you could add your favorite rub if you’d like.
Throw them over a bed of hot coals and start cooking.
And that’s just another way to prepare your steak for the grill.
If you give this technique a try, let me know in the comments below.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
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4 thoughts on “How to Prepare a Steak for the Grill | Easy Grilling Tips”

  1. Hey Gary thanks for the tip. Just a question about air drying the steaks in the fridge. Would the steaks collect or give out a odour from the other food that's present in there also? I mean uncovered as you say

  2. I have actually done this, although I let them dry for several days (wrapped in paper towels which I changed in the middle), I thought it made a big difference in the flavor of my steaks! Thanks for your videos.

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