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How to Prepare Wood Planks for Grilling? Planks come in many different sizes, and shapes,
thicknesses and species giving you different flavors.
Many planks have a smooth side and a rough side.
Quite often I see people just taking a plank and throwing it on the grill, placing a whole
hog on it and cook away, says several problems. It’s prone to catch on fire quickly.
Your food can stick and very possibly there’s impurities on the wood that will get into
your food. And I think I’ve got a better way.
You definitely need to soak your plank. You can use water or beer or any non-sugary
type liquid. Sugar will catch fire and that’s something
you do not want. Cover your plank completely and soak for at
least an hour. And while your plank is soaking, this is a
great time to prep your ingredients and preheat your grill.
If your plank has a smooth side or if you determine what side you’re going to be cooking
on, you want to place this smooth or cooking side face down on the grate.
We are going to temper our board. By doing this we’re going to be burning
off any impurities that might have accumulated. Leave your plank in the grill until you start
hearing those distinctive pops with cedar or it starts to char with a regular wood.
Remove your board and then apply some vegetable, canola, olive oil or whatever oil you might
be using to the side that you just tempered, then place your whole hog on and grill away.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
We’ll have new tips, tricks or technique for you every Tuesday.

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