How to properly rehydrate dried brewing yeast

How to properly rehydrate dried brewing yeast

I’m Geoff from Grain and Grape and when it
comes to rehydrating yeast, this is how it’s done. Successful fermentations begin with the right
quantity of healthy yeast. Properly rehydrating dried brewing yeast can
result in more viable yeast cells than simply sprinkling the contents of the pack on the
top of your wort. I’m taking my information from the Danstar
and Fermentis websites and working with a single eleven point five gram pack of yeast. You can find links to these websites in the
description below. I’m cleaning and sanitising everything that
is going to touch the yeast using the Clean, Rinse, Sanitise, regimen. If you’ve got a microwave oven, put ten times
the yeast’s weight of tap water into a Pyrex jug and cover with cling film. Then nuke it. Ideally, your microwave will be cleaner than
ours at the shop. If it isn’t, or you don’t have one, boil the
water and add it to a sanitised jug. Let the water cool to between thirty and thirty-five
degrees celsius then sprinkle then yeast onto the surface. Leave undisturbed for fifteen minutes before
stirring to get all the yeast into suspension. Then, leave for a further five minutes. Then add the yeast slurry to the wort and
clean up. Aeration of the wort is unnecessary but can
improve yeast performance. Getting it wrong can be worse than not doing
it. If this all sounds like more effort than it’s
worth, sprinkle two packs of yeast from Grain and Grape and help fund my retirement. …and that is how it’s done. For more information on any of the topics
discussed in our videos, click the links bellow. Or, come in to the store and chat to one of
our staff members. We run brewing demos most Saturday mornings
from 9:30. No need to book. Just come on down.

7 thoughts on “How to properly rehydrate dried brewing yeast”

  1. How far out of date can you still expect yeast to work?
    I have packets that are best before 2015 and it's 2018.
    Is there a way to tell if it is no good anymore?

  2. I have a packet of dry yeast that has expired two months ago (says April 2019). I will try to rehydrate it in order to see if it is okay, but it should be alright, shouldn't it?

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