How to Raise Cory Catfish Fry

How to Raise Cory Catfish Fry

Apparently your cory catfish have been, ahem, gettin’ busy, and there are white little eggs all over your glass. Babies! So what in the world do you do now? Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about raising corydoras fry. Hi, this is A Gamer’s Wife, here to share relationship advice and pet care tips – so you can take care of all the members of your family. So if you’re new here and wanna see more, consider subscribing to the channel and clicking that notification bell. Okay, for most of you, breeding corydoras was probably an accident, but here’s what you can do to encourage it. For me, I had a 20 gallon tank with 6 adult-sized albino cory catfish. To get them in the mood, condition them by feeding lots of good food, and then do some water changes with water a few degrees cooler than normal. Next thing you know, boom, everyone’s gettin’ frisky The males are chasing the females and doing the T-shaped position, and then the female lays sticky eggs on any ol’ flat surface around. If you leave the eggs alone, it’s like a natural form of population control because most of them will get eaten. However, if you want maximum survival rate, remove the eggs with a credit card or your finger and put them either in a grow-out tank or use a smaller container with no holes that floats in the main tank. Add an air stone for gentle water agitation and put a few drops of methylene blue to prevent fungal growth. And then perform daily 50% water changes as needed. The fertilized eggs turn clearish yellow-brown, whereas the unfertilized eggs turn solid white. Remove the unfertilized eggs so they won’t grow fungus that spreads to the fertilized eggs. After they hatch in 2-5 days, clear out the methylene blue from the water. I’ve used both breeder baskets and grow-out tanks, and I prefer the latter. My plastic breeder basket had slits at the bottom that the fry kept falling out of, and the mesh breeder basket had corners that the fry kept getting stuck in. The grow-out tank I used was just a 10-gallon clear plastic tub I normally use as my quarantine tank, and I feel like the larger volume kept the water cleaner and gave the fry more swimming room to avoid stunted growth. To keep the water quality high, I did 50% water changes three to four times a week with a large siphon that was covered with a filter media bag and thick rubber band to prevent casualties. To remove fish waste or uneaten food, you can use airline tubing with a chopstick tied on one end, and then clamp the other end of the tube into a net or bucket so you can catch any escapees. In the first 1-2 days, the cory catfish are still feeding off their yolk sac so don’t give them anything to eat. After that, I feed the fry about two to three times a day. Each week I introduce a new kind of food and then alternate between the different foods for greater variety and nutrition. Week 1: I feed Hikari First Bites, which is a very fine dust-like food you can find from Petco Don’t use your fingers. Just stick a chopstick in and swirl it around in the water to make the powder sink. I don’t use egg yolk because it’s too messy, and then crushed flakes seem to float too much for the catfish fry to reach. Week 2: I add frozen baby brine shrimp, which looks like pink liquid when you feed it to them because the particles are so small. Week 3: I introduce the straight-up raw powder form of Repashy Community Plus gel food. I don’t bother making the gel until they’re a little bigger. Week 4: I introduce frozen daphnia from my local fish store. I couldn’t find any frozen cyclops, so that’s what they got. Once fry can eat adult food and they’re too big to be eaten by the other fish They can join the adults in the big tank, maybe when they’re 1.5 to 3 months old Just note, the longer they spend in the fry tank with no competition for food, the faster and bigger they’ll grow No one likes to talk about culling, but if a fry has a genetic defect that shouldn’t be passed on consider euthanizing that fish I had an issue where one of my biggest fry had a crooked spine and while it didn’t seem to hinder him, I couldn’t in good conscience allow him to spread the disorder to future generations With my first batch of eggs, I ended up with about 15 healthy fry that were big enough to join the community tank However, that means my aquarium is kind on the overstocked side So if you’ve got a population boom consider giving away fry to friends selling them through your local fish club or Craigslist or giving them away to a fish store where you may or may not get store credit Question of the day: What’s your favorite type of fish to breed and why? Comment below so I can get some ideas for my next breeding project If you like this video, hit that subscribe button and follow me on Instagram for daily updates Good luck with your cory catfish and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. What’s your favorite fish to breed and why? Comment below to give me ideas for my next breeding project, and follow me on Instagram for daily updates!

  2. Congrats on the Cory fry! I’ve got shell dweller fry right now. I’ve done nothing different than if they weren’t there. Apparently the parents feed the babies. They’ve survived for over a week so far as free swimmers.

  3. I have top fin 5 gallon and I did your back with the tank but I feel like it’s not getting clean enough what should I do

  4. Awesome video! I've raised green corydoras, panda corydoras, guppies and endlers. I would love to see something about pea puffer breeding. Mine are mating and I don't find much about how to succeed with fry. Thanks for the info.💚🐡💚

  5. Okay 1st love your Cory’s, 2nd love your content 3rd love your channel NEW SUB heard about you from Jeremy’s Wild Studio.. Hes right great channel, Sub back so we can keep in touch and spread the Love and Aloha through our channels 🤙🏽🐠🤙🏽

  6. my favourite fish to breed are guppies, because I like the fact that you never know what you'll get and they are always unique. Once found 6 random pleco eggs at the bottom of the tank and had to grow them up. They were also fun to keep.

  7. I had a male with a crooked spine but have had no birth defects with his offspring. I think it might have been an injury as a fry rather than a birth defect that made him bent.

  8. I really love corys. Eggs are a bit more of a challenge. My hatch rates haven't been good, but the fry are doing very well, even those numbers are super small. But my parent.corys are still young , ( about 10 months) and so i expected low numbers as they have only been spawning for 2 months. They spawn every water change. I even tried slightly warmer water to get them to not spawn and no success. But i feed good food all the time and this may be why they spawn so often. I assume egg numbers and hatch rates will increase as parents get older. But I'm only raising the fry for my self so likely will not be collecting eggs again if the fry I have now all make it. very great video. May i suggest adding some live food options to the fry feeding list. Especially the first week. My first batch did not do well with the first bites , refused to eat pretty much, and died . So i did an infusoria culture for the next 2 batches. As i said not many eggs and hatch rate has been horrible so very few fry but with the infusoria over first bites I had success in getting them to the 2 week old food. I now have some at 22 days old, 7 days old , and one that hatched today. As in previous collections were i only got a few eggs away from hungry danios i don't think the rest will hatch. Out of a dozen I get 5-6 that don't turn white , you can see development clearly under magnification but for some reason they don't hatch. I'm getting just 1-2 fry per batch of 12-15 eggs. Even tried softer water. this is fine for me as I'm only raising for my own tanks. So only need a few. But what is an average hatch rate for good clear eggs with development? Can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm just not getting a fair number of eggs due to other fish in community tank to beat the odds. Lol 😁

  9. I bred peacock cichlids before and the fry are a joy to watch
    the sad part is out of the 30+ fry you get, you have to cull about half due to tons of inbreeding

  10. I didn't get cory's egg yet, but for my fishes, i use ramshorn snails and shrimps to eat dying eggs, they eat only the bad ones, and lives the other ones.

  11. I kinda want to get albino corydoras but I don't want them to have kids. Would it be easy to get a few of the fish in the same gender or would that be too hard to identify? Or is there a way to prevent them from multiplying?

  12. Awesome crash course in Cory breeding. You won't go far wrong if you follow this advice. In fact you won't go wrong at all.

  13. Great video, I appreciate the info! Do you recommend putting the eggs directly into the growout tank or into a bowl first while they hatch? Thanks!

  14. My female just started laying and the male died a bit ago. So the eggs will disappear since there is no male to fertilize them

  15. I like breeding wild type Guppies because you can sell them and if you can't you can take 3-6 fry and feed them to angel fish (it's a part of nature)

  16. I got a question… how do I clean out the uneaten food and poop from the bottom of the fry tank? They’re so small I can’t suck it out with an airline cause I’ll suck them up. I don’t know what to do

  17. I’m a little late to this video, but it was really interesting and informative as I plan to put some cories in the new tank.

    Right now I have platties that are breading me out of tank space. I do nothing and in less than six months four platties have over populated the aquarium. I’m going to separate the males and females into different tanks.

  18. Can I feed them Banana/Micro/Grindal Worms? I have some cultures for my Betta Fry so I wonder if I can feed them to the Corys.

  19. Good video! I have a batch of cory eggs right now..Some appear to be fertilized. I'm currently keeping them in a betta cup afloat in my main tank. I will be adding methylene blue tomorrow. in the past, my corys have laid eggs but they were not fertilized. This spawn looks different. Some have tiny dark spots inside which appears to be life.

  20. ugh. culling due to a "crooked spine"…ugh. sorry I just HATE seeing people talk about killing their pets.

  21. Ohhhhhh I have a tip for you use a marina hang on the back breeder basket it has a tube you can put a air pump in so it flows water over the fry its awesome

  22. I like bettas because i find that that there pretty easy to breed actually woth just 1 pair i have now over a hundred hehehe

  23. I was looking at my aquarium today, and I noticed 1 of the 2 albino cory catfish were fatter than usual and appeared to have a clutch of eggs in its abdomen. My house is already too crowded to open a separate fry tank. Interesting device at 1:42, I think I'll have to buy that. As for the baby fish, if my kid brother's friends won't take them, I'll just give them to the pet store I got them from. Of course I'll keep a few.

  24. I will be following the advice provided in your video with my latest Corydoras catfish spawn – they haven't stopped spawning despite me not doing anything different. So, here we go!

  25. i got about 50 right now and i keep losing them before so hoping not to lose these this time i've had them in the tank now nearly a week no deaths but scared to change the water just in case i kill them

  26. Nice video!
    Subbed!..u may wanna check my videos and leave some tips and suggestions, will appreciate it!

  27. I literally did nothing when mine had babies. They had babies, I let them grow, and sold them 😂😂 I wasn't trying to breed them though

  28. Thank you for the great advice!! Should I put a heater in my separate tank for the eggs? My first lot of eggs was hatched today I am so excited!!

  29. is there any substitute for methline blue, or do I need it because it is not accessible to me and my corys just layed eggs. thanks for the help

  30. Great video. Just had eggs now babies, not intentionally, but great tips. New subscriber and Like from Norfolk England

  31. My female guppy had babies not even 3 days ago… what do I see this morning when I wake up? Cory eggs. So much work 😂

  32. hi ! i just noticed i have eggs from my albino cory catfish do you really ned to get them out to let them hatch ? or can i just let them be on the glas ? (even if it might decrease the chance of them hatching) i didnt even know i had a couple .. lol

  33. We noticed our Cory's were acting werid…more up in each others business then normal..and now I see they're having babies! We LOVE our Cory's so yay!!!

  34. In your 20 gallon tank did you use gravel or sand because I’ve heard gravel isn’t good for Cory catfish and don’t wanna get the wrong one btw awsome video I’m binge-watching your entire channel!!! It’s soo good!

  35. Hi! Found my first batch of eggs. Didn't expect it at all!
    I collected all the eggs I could find, put them in a clean jar, drop of MB, and air stone but they are just clear and turning white. It's been about 30 hours since removing. I figured I pulled them out too early? Not sure
    When cleaning my tank tonight, I found another batch that were more beige so I collected them and treated the water with MB, put the air stone in those and it is now floating. I hope I can get something out of these.
    My question is – are these eggs fertilized before they are laid? Just wondering if I need to wait until they are always beige in color before pulling them out. Thanks!

  36. Thanks so much for the video. It is helping me a ton. Is instant baby brine an ok substitute for frozen baby brine? I can't get it locally and I was wondering if it could work.

  37. i have zebra danios and cory catfish in the same tank and they both decided to breed at the exact same time but i only have one fry tank. would it be okay to put the fry together? is there any risks involved by putting them together as they grow up?

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