How To Reuse Unburned Charcoal For The Next Grilling- Get The Most Use From Charcoal

How To Reuse Unburned Charcoal For The Next Grilling- Get The Most Use From Charcoal

how to reuse unburned charcoal can I use unburned charcoal to barbecue how to use leftover charcoal hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you enjoy cooking
with the Weber kettle charcoal grill you know that the
charcoal sometimes is leftover it doesn’t all burn
completely away to ash well you can rescue and reuse unburned charcoal coals if you want and here’s the simple
technique I use I have like like a frying basket I got at a thrift store and it is just right for nestling around in the ashes and scoping out the unburned charcoal coals and then I put them
in a can and save them for next time let me show you once your fire is completely out you want to slide off your lid and remove your grate anything that’s big enough doesn’t disintegrate after I shake the ashes off goes into my can now I can continue
cleaning the bottom once you have cleaned out the bottom as much as you’d like then you’re ready for the next cook so what I do is I put whatever rack I am going to use begin with the old charcoal and then when I
start the fire I’ll do it on top the old coals the old coals will be the bed for the new fire and they’re going to burn faster catch on easier and help keep your
fire going try scooping out the leftover charcoal the next time you clean out your grill and use them to start fire the next time please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

8 thoughts on “How To Reuse Unburned Charcoal For The Next Grilling- Get The Most Use From Charcoal”

  1. Good idea!  I use a mesh potato sack instead. First extinguish the coals immediately after the fish is cooked: Bury them in ashes (that I have saved from previous session). Top on.
    Next morning: Unburnt coals n ashes into the potato sack, shake to clean off ashes.
    I find it's important to clean the coals well: Cleaner coals ignite faster….

    Hard part is locating a sturdy plastic-mesh potato sack: not much used anymore.

  2. Be carful here, because the old coals only have a fraction of the heating ability.  If the percent of used is too high,  the heat will fall off quickly.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Lately I've been reusing charcoal, and it's been fine, except my last cook I believe I used too many partially burned coals and it handicapped my temps. I need to get some kind of can to store my partially burned coals.

  4. i use a cat litter scooper from the dollar store and wrap the unburnt charcoal in a few sheets of newspaper. I'll stuff the package in my chimney firestarter with a few pieces of new charcoal.

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