How to Roast the Perfect Turkey  ~ How To Roast A Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Basics ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

How to Roast the Perfect Turkey ~ How To Roast A Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Basics ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone and welcome back to my kitchen today, I’m going to show you how to roast the perfect turkey I kid you not I’ve done it before and many people have tried it and had great success I’m gonna update the video, and we’re gonna show you how to do it one more time so Let’s go see how this beauty all comes together All right, we’re gonna get started. I’m gonna show you how to roast the perfect turkey. I’ve done this before in 2011 I put up a very long video before I really knew what I was doing, but that turkey came out so beautiful and I’ve had so much wonderful feedback from people who had never roasted a turkey before and Who have come back and said they did it this way and? It came out perfect so I know for a certain that it is the perfect roast turkey what I have here is the? Turkey that we brined in a previous video So this is a 19 pound turkey so the first thing you want to do. We took it out of the brine We rinsed it very well in a bath of cold water We wanted to make sure to get in all the crevices because we don’t want any bits of peppercorn or allspice berry in there So just rinse it inside and out very very well, all right now Yeah, you want to Pat it dry, and I did that already with paper towels and then We have a few turkey tips here turkey tip number one We’re going to tuck the wings so what you want to just take your wing, and you’re gonna want to kind of twist it Underneath itself just like that okay, just like that do the same on the other side You’re gonna want to twist it Just like that this is gonna help Everything kind of tuck in and be a lot more even for cooking All right this cavity back here kind of gets a little floppy we have a way to fix that take an apple make sure you take the sticker off of it because you know that’s nobody wants to eat that just take a fork and Poke some holes in it Shove it in the boot This is gonna kind of help even cooking as well You don’t have to do anything you’re gonna eat that if you want to later It’s up to you now. What we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna kind of season this puppy up now I have some salt and some pepper that I put in a separate container before I got started because you don’t want to be have the Turki fide Salt and pepper right so you want to go in here and you want to season the inside of your cavity Take an onion that I peeled but I did not take that The root end off, and I’m just gonna cut this in half This just helps when you want to take it out. I mean just shove that in there I have a few stalks of celery that I have cut into little pieces and A couple of carrots I always cut up more than I’m probably gonna need because We can stick them in the bottom and the aromatics will lend themselves to the roasting process Yes, that was some Apple quarters, and then I have some fresh parsley some bay leaves a Sprig of sage a sprig of thyme or two and a sprig of rosemary now These are my preferred herbs for roasting a turkey Look you don’t have to get fancy. You just need to shove them in there. Okay. There is no science here And I never stuff my turkey like with stuffing. I almost forgot. I have celery tops with the celery leaves And I’m gonna put those in there too because those are really like an herb to me I’m just gonna put the rest of these aromatics in the bottom of the pan and these will also be great because when you get ready to make your Your gravy. It’s gonna. Have a really beautiful Base already I have two sticks of butter that I have had softening and now we’re gonna get down to business here we go I like to put butter underneath the skin on the breast so what you want to do is lift up the skin and Just take your fingers now I’m wearing a glove and I do recommend you do that just get under here, and you’re gonna separate there’s a little membrane that holds the skin onto the meat and You’re gonna want to break that but the one thing I will say there’s a little piece That’s holding it like right here. You can see it You see that Don’t separate that part just separate on each side of the breast okay now. I want you to take some of this butter which is nice and soft, but I’m just gonna give it a little bit of a squidge because It’ll help it get softer, and you can’t use this butter for anything else So just go ahead and plan on putting it all on the turkey So you see how I’ve got some back there and where my hand doesn’t slide all the way back You can just force it back there And once this is in the oven for a little while it’s all gonna melt anyway, and it’s gonna really really Help to moisten the turkey and it’s going to distribute very nicely And you can just kind of press it in there and it’s all gonna be fine, don’t worry about it So just get it in there and kind of press it with the palm of your hand you Do this is also gonna help you if you have a little bit of skin here. That’s separated. It’s gonna kind of help you to Encourage it to stay together now just take the rest of this butter And massage it in your turkey all over Just give it a good rub down As soon as I have that done I’ll be right back, and I’ll show you what happens next we got our turkey all buttered up and Just as evenly as possible like it doesn’t have to be pretty and it doesn’t have to be perfect That’s it’s not it’s gonna melt, and it’s gonna be delicious anyway So you know don’t worry yourself about things like that because this turkey is gonna Take care of itself as long as you do all the right stuff up front the next thing we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna take some more of this salt and pepper, and yes, I took my gloves off But I’m not worried. I God made me washable, so we’re good I Am gonna, just put some more salt and pepper around the outside I have some butchers cut pepper and some kosher salt and We’re gonna season this up Liberally there were about two tablespoons each of salt and pepper in there. I have about three cups of water I’m gonna pour in the bottom of this roast pan My oven is preheated to 450 degrees I’m going to roast this turkey for 30 minutes at 450 degrees And then I’m going to reduce the heat to 350 degrees And I am going to continue to cook the turkey until a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the thigh reads 160 degrees that is how hard it is to roast a turkey now, this turkey is 19 pounds, and it’s probably going to take about Two-and-a-half to three hours to roast that’s my experience a lot of people think of turkey is gonna Take a super long time and it doesn’t especially if you do it this way where you’re setting the skin at 500 degrees or 450 degrees for a half an hour And then you’re gonna turn it down and let it roast all the way through now I will probably add more liquid to this during the roasting process at least a couple of times. That’s my preference I don’t want these things in the bottom to burn and in including a little steam into the oven is always a good thing It’s gonna help keep your bird nice and moist so into the oven this goes for 30 minutes at 450 degrees we will bring you back, and we’ll show you what it looks like Okay our timer went off and who steamed up glasses. I just wanted to show you guys what it looked like Putting it in the oven for a half an hour at 450 degrees really sits the skin and gives it a nice Brown So now what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna keep it in the oven Reduce the temperature to 350 and continue roasting until it’s all good and good our turkey is all finished I Open the oven just a few minutes ago And I took the temperature in both the thickest part of the thigh Without touching the bone as well as the breast without touching the bone very important. You don’t touch the bone It is perfectly done now what we’re gonna do is just cover it with foil and let it rest here for about a half an hour while we prepare the rest of our meal and Our turkey is ready if you don’t like it that dark Then you don’t have to leave it in the oven quite as long as I did It’s not a problem But the meat on this turkey is going to be succulent and delicious and will bring you back into a few minutes And we’ll show you what it looks like I’m very excited about it I’m I’ve never had a Turkey come out bad making it this way and I know that you’re gonna love it when you give it a try So when this is all ready to go We will bring you back, and we’ll show you what it looks like and we’ll give it a taste There you have it our turkey has been cut up and it’s ready to serve When I serve turkey for a dinner for family or whatever I always Serve it like this, and I cut it up into portion size pieces I leave the drumsticks whole and usually I will leave the thighs whole because generally someone will take a whole one sometimes I’ll cut like I’ll slice one thigh up and I’ll leave the other one hole But the breast I always cut off and I cut in slices like this and you can see how beautiful and moist this This turkey is it’s absolutely gorgeous. There you go This happens to be them they’ll get from the underside That’s delicious, it’s so moist and The brining will do that If you brine a turkey even just once you were gonna fall in love with it. I promise Everyone is going to enjoy it so that is how I think you can roast a perfect turkey everyone may or may not have their own version of This and that’s great, but this is how I do it I would like to thank you for joining me today, and if you found this video helpful Please consider giving me a thumbs up and if you are new to my kitchen welcome Always great to welcome new friends in especially at the holidays I hope you’ll stick around by hitting the subscribe button, and if you are a tried-and-true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family Please remember to hit the bell notification button so that you don’t miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give my way of roasting a perfect turkey at try sometime soon And I hope you’ll love it and until next time happy holidays

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