How to Roast the Perfect Turkey ~ Roasting Holiday Turkey for Beginners Recipe

I’m Tess and welcome to my Thanksgiving
video recipe series. Come along and I’ll show you how I prep, season and roast a
turkey. Stay tuned! (intro music) If you haven’t already, you may want to
check out my previous video recipe on how to brine a turkey. I will leave a
link in the iCard above and in the show more section below. And just a reminder
that you’ll be able to find this recipe, and a list of ingredients and much more
in the show more section below. I’ve also included links to where you can purchase
online some of the ingredients and equipment that I use in this video
recipe. If you have a chance please check it out. I’m starting by padding the turkey dry.
Seasoning the inside cavity with some salt and pepper.
Now I’m stuffing the turkey cavity with the mixture of onions, celery, lemons,
garlic cloves, apples and sprigs of herbs. These herbs are from my garden and are a
mixture of sage, parsley and thyme. You can use whatever herbs that you like.
Just fit the veggies and herbs in there as best you can. You want the breast of
the turkey to stand up. Having the turkey cavity full will help cook the bird
evenly. For the rub I’m using a stick of room
temp unsalted butter and some extra virgin olive oil
and this combination will make the skin crispy and make it a nice golden brown.
Adding some salt, black pepper, poultry seasoning and some savory. You can use
whatever seasonings and herbs that you like. Also giving this a squeeze of lemon.
Mixing and creaming well with a fork until all combined. I gently separate the skin from the
turkey by rubbing my hand between the layer of skin. Be careful not to poke or
puncture the skin as best you can and if it happens don’t worry about it.
You may need to break some membranes to get the skin fully separated and don’t
forget the sides and legs. Just get as much as you can. Take half of the season butter and rub
between the skin and the turkey. Get evenly coated as much as you can and
again don’t forget the legs. Rub the other half of the season butter all over
the entire outside of the turkey. Get the turkey well evenly coated.
This will add lots of flavor to the turkey and form a beautiful crispy
golden exterior. I did sneak a couple whole sage leaves under the breast skin
for decoration. I’m placing the remaining vegetables on
the bottom of the roaster so the turkey will set up off the bottom.
Placing the turkey on top, tucking the wings under the turkey and binding the
legs with string (butchers twint). Keeping the legs and wings close to the body and stuffing the
cavity will help cook the turkey more evenly and thoroughly. Adding about a cup of water to the
bottom and I may need to add more as the turkey is roasting. Roasting at 350
degrees Fahrenheit until done. Internal temp of the turkey should be at 165
degrees Fahrenheit at the thickest part of the breast. My 16 and 1/2 pound turkey
took about three hours to cook. And a couple more tips. Rotate the turkey 180
degrees at halfway so it cooks evenly. If you notice the skin is getting too brown
during baking, you can temt the turkey lightly with a
piece of foil. After removing from the oven,
let the turkey rest for about a half an hour or up to an hour before carving. I
know the waiting is the hard part! The resting time gives the juices inside the
turkey time to level out and redistribute before carving.
Remove the aromatics from the turkey cavity, take off the leg strings and
plate for the table. Remember to save all the juices on the bottom and strain the
broth so you can make some turkey gravy. Guess what the next Thanksgiving video
recipe will be?! If you like this roasted turkey recipe
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